A Poem by ~amanda~

meeting an old friend


 You called me last Monday,

You were in town for a week,

And wanted to say hello,

Maybe see each other one more time.

I watched you roll a joint in your bedroom,

A funny new habit you picked up,

Along with the meth and cocaine.

You did lines while I finished your joint,

Perfectly rolled in your experienced hands.

We took a bus to Hollywood,

Both of us too stoned to drive.

We waved at the tourists,

On their double decker busses,

Maps to celebrities’ homes clenched,

In their eager hands.

You got one more tattoo,

A quote by Lao Tsu,

Permanently etched into your skin,

Would you even remember,

I was there with you holding your hand?

We ate at a sandwich shop,

Maybe it was pizza,

I couldn’t remember if I tried.

And called some friends,

Mostly yours,

And yes, that included your dealer,

Mine has never been my friend.

None of them were in Hollywood,

I didn’t think they would be,

You needed more people surrounding you,

All of Hollywood was'nt enough.

So we made our way back to the bus,

The ugly orange one,

We made fun of when we were kids.

I stopped one block away from my house,

Bid you goodbye,

And found my way home.

I still cant believe you got a tattoo,

That you do coke,

And that you’re still so tall and gorgeous,

Like I always wanted to be.

I  think you’re leaving tomorrow,

Maybe we’ll celebrate with one more adventure,

Chances are I’ll never see you again.

But at least you’ll always have Lao Tsu,

To remember me by.



© 2008 ~amanda~

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Featured Review

A story poem. Really well written and bitter sweet throughout. We often find ourselves in this position with friends and loved ones we do not see very often...sometimes it feels like they haven't changed a bit (whilst we have) and sometimes they've changed so much it's hard to fathom but there will always be a connection once they remain the same in their hearts..
I enjoyed this and the imagery and emotions it conjures. Food for thought too.
Well done.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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A story in poetic form! There is a wistfulness to this and a feeling of apprehension. I enjoyed reading!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I added this to my favorites just so I could come back and listen to other ones... I wish you well wherever you are ... take care.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This was beautiful in its sadness......Well penned my friend.....Whisk

Posted 10 Years Ago

So much is lost when drugged...

Posted 10 Years Ago

This made me get teary eyed.
I honestly couldn't stop reading once I started.
Amazing write.
A true story"?

Posted 14 Years Ago

Great work, a beautiful, yet sad piece. As Mimozi said, bittersweet. It's always sad to say goodbye to someone you love.

Posted 14 Years Ago

"We ate at a sandwich shop,
Maybe it was pizza,
I couldn't remember if I tried."
This part was my favorite. Though it contextually places itself a week ago, the work still feels like a vague memory, each of the pieces falling into place only as you speak of its predecessor. I felt like I was actually going through your experience while I was reading it, great work!

Posted 14 Years Ago

This felt very real. I felt like I was an emotional tourist witnessing all you describe. There is a wistfulness about the poem also. You are glad to see him, but seem startled by how things now are. He is the same, tall and gorgeous, yet not the same, coke and tattoo. I like 'Perfectly rolled in your experienced hands' ... matches up with the ... maps in the tourists hands later also. And experienced hands could be passionate hands. But then, sadly, he is too stoned to remember holding your hand now. Ach, the glamour of drugs. Also like 'The ugly orange one'. Orange is such an optimistic colour...Orange County...yet it becomes ugly here. Is that the flip side of the poem? There is a casual hedonism which fits with an outsider's view of how Hollywood is. Does the bus symbolise this? 'Chances are I'll never see you again' rings of the transiance and unimportance of it all. Bitter sweet. Bitter sweet. I have no idea what to say about the drugs. A joint would make me cough my guts up. And I imagine coke would... Actually I have no idea what affect it would have on me as I have never tried it. Enjoyed the read. Like the title, which i read as a verb cos I loves verbs.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Fine descriptive writing, mood-capturing yet precise in detail. i'll tell you what though, Amanda, I hope the real men in your life are better types than the subject matter of the three poems I've so far reviewed. I'm sure they are - just not as interesting?
I can't fault this - leave it alone and write us another,

Posted 14 Years Ago

adventure? sounds like an odyssey to me haha! but i really enjoyed this read...certain lines made me smile while reading..."I watched you roll a joint in your bedroom,/A funny new habit you picked up,/Along with the meth and cocaine." lol, nice!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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