The beginning

The beginning

A Chapter by Emily

1. The dream
I awoke shaking; only barely breathing. As I looked at my surroundings, I realized I was still in my bedroom, on the ground floor of the two story orphanage I lived in. I instantly looked over at my nightstand, searching for my book, my glasses, and my book light.
When I had finally found the items I was looking for, I realized that the book on my table was not the book I was reading, but a book I had recently read called ‘the call of the wild’.
Having a book mix-up was greatly discouraging, so I got out of my small, creaky bed, and walked over to the small bookshelf I bought at the second hand store down the street. It had a small amount of books, and yet still almost as many as the small library our pitiful little building had when it came to fiction.
When I finally reached my destination, I suddenly remember the dream I had just awoken from. It reminded me of the book I was reading, ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ I kept seeing people and things I had never seen. I walked into a cave instead of falling through a rabbit’s hole. The cave had a light at the end, but the light was not like that of a normal light bulb, but it had a slightly bluish tint. I as walked toward the light, I saw a man walking ahead of me.
“Sir!” I called “Sir, can you help me!” but all he did was turn. He didn’t even meet my eye; he was looking more at what I was wearing then anything else, as If I was a girl who wasn’t good enough for him. Snapping out of the memory, I grabbed the book and proceeded to make my way back to my bed, turn my book light on, and continue reading.
After about one hour of reading a voice alerted me that I was no the only one awake.
“Allie, turn the book light off. For once I would like to sleep at night.” it was Camry, the worlds largest brat. Sure, she seemed innocent enough, but once you stood in a room with her for two seconds she would start pointing out every single little flaw you had. She acted as if she was an angel sent to find peoples flaws, when really she was the devils daughter, or in other word, my magnetic opposite.
“No” I said in tone that just reeked of ‘I hate you’ “no I will not. If you close your eyes, you can’t see the light, you should try that.”
Then Camry’s sister, Mary awoke due to our not-so-quiet fight. She sounded a loud yawn before saying anything at all.
“Honestly Allie, are you really still reading? Guess it doesn’t surprise me though, whatcha reading this time?”
“I’m reading the same book I read yesterday. You know, Alice in Wonderland! its one of my favorites right now.”
“Both of you shut the hell up, I’m trying to sleep!”
It was Madison, my best friend the ‘nerd’ who spoke next:
“If you ask me, sleep is way over-rated. Why do you waste your night sleeping, when you could do much more important things instead?”
“Yeah, well no one asked you creep.” Camry then turned over and attempted to ignore the sound of my pages turning. If I had any friends besides the ones in my stories, they would definitely be Madison and Mary. We went everywhere together. We were our own little group of people at school, and to most people, such as Camry and her friends, we were outcasts, but that didn’t bother us one bit.
Then I started thinking, what if I was popular, what would I change, and would I make people do. I had asked myself that question many times, but I always seemed to get the same answer. I would make every one read every single book I had ever read, and make them write book reports on their least favorite ones. Then slowly the cogs in my brain stopped turning, and I feel asleep just after marking my page and turning off my light.
My second dream of the night was a dream I had all too often after reading at night. I would be sitting in my desk at school, bored yet again from a lesson that I had learned weeks ago in GT, and I would take out a book of poems about books. I would open the book and read a poem from it to myself. The poem would always be different, so I write down the poems when I wake up because my brain wrote them by itself, with no help from me accept for my love of books, and most of them are pretty good. This time a read a poem called “thanks to books”
“If we didn't have books, then no one could read,
If no one could read, then no one would write,
If no one would write, things would be forgotten,
If to many things were forgotten, we would forget who we are
If we forgot who we are, we would forget how to live,
And if we forgot how to live, then we would all die,
That's why I love books. “
But soon the dream changed to one I had never had before, a dream in which I was running from someone I couldn’t see. He was male, and had a very deep voice. His voice sang a laugh, I pictured him a threat as I ran, panting, dripping in sweat from head to toe. I soon realized I wasn’t actually running forward, but I was on a giant treadmill the even had moving scenery, an amazing contraption I thought to myself. That discovery soon followed another, I was running in place. My energy was being wasted, so I slowed down slightly. I then felt something cold touch my back, as if I had fallen backwards into a pool of water.
I awoke with a start to find the cold thing that touched my back was my book light, and remembered failing to put I on my nightstand. I looked over at the clock, and found that I had only woken up five minutes early. As I continued to look at the clock, I was given an idea. Why can’t I wake everyone in the room up but Camry, and then turn the alarm off, causing her to wake up late? But I decided against it, and went to go get ready.
As I looked into the mirror, I saw my reflection. My black hair almost in a giant knot, my eyes with huge bags and my black braces almost invert against my white teeth. I winced the entire ten minutes it took to brush my hair. But when I finished, it hung down straight the way it was suppose to, and that was good. I then flung myself to the kitchen, where I poured myself a bowl of cheerios. Finishing quickly, I walked back by to my room, and put on my clothes, which I had laid out the night before. As I was putting my pajamas in the hamper, Mary woke up, startling me when she yawned.
“Good morning Allie.”
“Hey Mary, how are you? Sorry if Camry and I woke you up with our fight. She just doesn’t understand how important books are.” She tilted her head to the side, as if she wanted to know how important books were, because she didn’t know. “if we didn't have books, then no one could read,” I explained “and if no one could read, then no one would write, If no one would write, things would be forgotten, If to many things were forgotten, we would forget who we are If we forgot who we are, we would forget how to live, And if we forgot how to live, then we would all die. That's why I love books.” before I had even gotten the whole thing out of my mouth, I knew that I had just said the poem in my dreams.
“I thought you liked books because you’re a dork who loves to read.”
“Well I guess it’s that too, but it might be because…” I was soon after hit with a sudden dizziness causing me to faint and hit the floor with a sudden series of thuds.
When I awoke for the second time, I was not in my room as I had expected to be. I was in a starch white room, with fluorescent lights burning eyes, so I quickly closed them again. Not being able to examine my surroundings frustrated me, but the lights burn was unavoidable, because my arm and legs weren’t obeying me. As I held my eyes closed, colors appeared before them, almost as if the color of my eye lids were changing. I soon noticed a pattern; red, black, orange, gold, green, and pink. The sequence kept repeating as I listened for sounds that would tell me were I was.
I didn’t have to wait long, before a female nurse spoke to me.
“Allie, are you awake?” I couldn’t seem to find words, so I just groaned. “Can you open you eyes for me, I need to see your mind is still functioning at its normal rate, in-case you have a concussion.” Slowly, I opened my eyes, bracing myself for the light. When my eyes finally cracked open enough for me to see, all I saw was blackness, so I opened my eyes faster. “that’s good.” the nurse said, shining a flashlight in my eyes, “can you wink,” finally finding a sting of word that I wouldn’t just gurgle out, I talked to the nurse in my room.
“I’ve never been able to wink my eyes, can I have a book? I don’t care if its “Horton hears a Hoo,” I want a book! ” but the nurse just laughed, shook her head ’no’ and continued her interrogation.
“What’s two plus two?”
“Four hundred fifty-two?” The nurse started to run to get a doctor, when I motioned for her to stop. “I was being sarcastic, is it really that hard to have a sense of humor in a hospital?” My comment was unneeded though, because a doctor walked in to the room looking as if he had just heard the funniest joke in the world.
“No, it’s not. It’s actually sometimes all to simple”
“Can I go back; I want to get back to my friends, my books. Can I have a book now I’m not dying?” he also shook his head ’no’ which greatly annoyed me. I just stared at him, arms crossed and frowned. He did nothing except burst out laughing, and walked away. The nurse had left as well, as if the doctor had never come in. I was alone, and I didn’t like that. I never liked being alone, it meant if you died no one would know. But I also didn’t like hospital, so this really just wasn’t my day.
Looking around the room, I realized I wasn’t alone. There was a small girl sitting in the corner, but I was stricken with fear when I saw that the girl was transparent. She looked up at me, and our eyes met before she spoke.
“Yes, Your awake, that’s good. The Dresden-belle said you would awake soon. He would like me to tell you he is sorry for having to make you fall, but he would like to meet you. He says you are of interest to our goal.”
“Who are you, how do you know me, Are you a ghost, what are you talking about?” a million things were going through my head, Gamilac? Allimians? What was this girl talking about?
“ I am Enaca, the daughter of Dresden-belle. I am not a ghost, don’t worry. right now the bond between our worlds is not strong enough for me to fully materialize, so I appear ghost like. Everyone knows who you are, you are the one who will connect our two worlds, and allow us to live in peace. You will know what I am talking about soon, but for know I cannot tell you. Will you come willingly, or will force be needed?”
“I have to know one more thing, will there be danger?”
“More then you can even imagine” was all the girl said. I got out of the bed, now having found control of my limbs. As I walked toward the girl, I stumble a few times, but made it successfully. The girl then held out her hand.
“Take my hand.” was all she said, so I did.
“Father, call me home. Bring me back from the land of the future.” As she spoke, the room started spinning. The floor was out from beneath us, and we were falling into an abyss. As we were falling the girl became clearer and clearer. Soon, however, I yet again lost consciousness.
Throughout my unconsciousness, I watched the doctor and the nurse walking into my now empty hospital room to find a large scorch mark in the corner. Confusion wrapped around them like a snake around its prey. I tried to talk to them, but my attempts were futile. Even though I knew this, I tried. I wanted to tell them I was okay, that they shouldn't worry. I wanted them to tell Mary I loved her, and Madison that I would never forget her. Questioning my own existence, I began to wonder what the scorch mark was from. Were these people really as powerful as they claimed to be? Was this not all just a dream?
I awoke, and instantly began to feel the vertigo rush toward my head. Remembering what happened earlier this morning, I kept my eyes closed, and listened carefully. At first I heard only the wind rustling, crickets chirping, and the birds sing a sad slow melody. Then I slowly started to open my eyes, and finding little light, I opened my eyes faster. Looking around the room, the first thing I saw were the millions of books on the shelves which covered the walls of the large room. Having no idea where I was, and none of my surroundings seeming any way dangerous, I attempted to stand up.
As I tried, I found myself again unable to stand up.
“What’s wrong with me?” I shouted, but nobody answer.


© 2009 Emily

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