A Poem by Allie Esora

Sparked into existence after the thought that, “Surely, other things can be as profound as pain...”

Mellifluous and buttery, bubbles bound upwards, 
with burning brass buoyancy, and--oh? 
An eyebrow peaks, and, spontaneously--! (no blinking)
Meeting like a brief squeeze of hands, 
spheres soften for a moment, 
hotly melting into psychedelic curvet-clouds, 
clustering glass decadence--
Ah, velvet-loved fruit. 
Blown from flaming pink-sugar sand, 
they wind thickly, twisting about copper-gold springs. 
In light of unstoppable grinning-- 
they squeeze closer, bounce apart--
a porpoise dance, diving with heart 
into glittering beams that shine, 
bursting, through love-red glass.

© 2022 Allie Esora

Author's Note

Allie Esora
Written: January 17, 2022 at 4:56pm
Felt: January 10, 2022 at 4:40pm

Heyo! Please tell me my feelings! Bubbly, wry, euphoria is the vibe. Like, can’t help but stare at her face with a stupid grin energy, but no real desire for ~romance. I think. Also, I wrote this super super fast; it’s pretty much unrevised.. don’t judge too harshly!

Love you, thank you, hope you have a good day!

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yes you definitely got bubbly with the images of bubbles, spheres, bouncing and buoyancy and then the work porpoise kind of bounces with the words then into a "dance." which kind of works well because the whole poem kind of feels like that, starts bubbling and bouncing until is shatters into the heart's dive, the glass and beams bursting, which I just feel works nice with the
"they squeeze closer, bounce apart--
a porpoise dance, diving with heart" like i can feel the bouncy, "o" filled words slowly decending as it enters "dance" "dive" and "heart" and you can feel it flow and fall and no longer is bubbly but soft, floaty and euphoric as you said.

also I wasn't going to comment on this but I feel I need to say this in your authors note... "can’t help but stare at her face with a stupid grin energy, but no real desire for ~romance." I have the exact same thing, wtf? I don't understand it either, I had once written a poem about it but it was so bad. what the heck? like is this common now and no one talks about it? I have no clue.
emotions are weird, and that's what art is for! lovely poem, simple yet also detailed and crisp :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on January 18, 2022
Last Updated on March 4, 2022
Tags: Love, squish, crush, aromantic, aro, ace, sexual, platonic, laughter, smiling, positivity, euphoria


Allie Esora
Allie Esora

Austin, TX

I’m very new, but I’ve found that writing poetry has been a really positive outlet for me. I haven’t shared my work with anyone, and honestly I’d be scared to show it to someon.. more..

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