All About Post Natal Care Tips

All About Post Natal Care Tips

A Story by Allison David

Most pregnancy classes in London design specific exercises depending on the health of pregnant women.


Few years ago, exercises during pregnancy was not recommended, but these days healthy pregnant women are being encouraged to continue a modified fitness program in order to prepare themselves for the demands of caring and labour for a newborn baby. For women who have never exercised before being pregnant, exercises can benefit a lot from adopting an appropriate exercise program while pregnant, and even after the birth of the baby.


Weight gain, frequent trips to the bathroom throughout the night, and hormonal changes will often make you tired during pregnancy. However, there are many benefits of joining pregnancy exercise classes London. For a majority of women exercise during pregnancy is a rewarding and safe activity along with helping them to improve the recovery time from birth.


As the body prepares to give birth, a woman’s body does change. With the ongoing health of the fetus, these changes, it means that the pregnancy exercises must be performed in shorter periods, and they should be less intense and stopped when discomfort occurs. Usually, most women take up some not heavy exercises during pregnancy. Some of the popular forms of exercises include swimming, walking, water aerobics, yoga, tai chi, exercise bike, pelvic exercises.


Most pregnancy classes in London design specific exercises depending on the health of pregnant women. There is a need to consult the doctor, if you are in doubt regarding any form of pregnancy exercise. There is a need to be extra careful in performing exercises or may even discontinue if you have pre-term contractions, placentra previa, anaemia, high blood pressure, persistent vaginal bleeding, twins, poor growth of the baby, heart disease or pelvic instability.


For the health of new mums, post natal exercises are very essential. For different people post natal exercises mean different. There are many benefits of post natal exercises which includes weight loss, reducing risk of stress incontinence and strengthening pelvic floor, regain or correct good posture, improve techniques in daily tasks, increase muscle tone, endurance and strength, enhance self confidence, increased stamina and energy. Post natal exercises must be started after taking the doctor’s advice. Generally, you can start exercise once you feel pain-free from the delivery whether it is the abdominal stitches or perineal and feel strong relatively.


Initially, you can start with some gentle exercises during the third or fourth week and continue some vigorous ones after six weeks of delivery. It is quite natural for most new mother to plan for losing weight after having a baby. But, initially starting with the post natal exercises can be tough. For at least three months the joints and ligaments are loose, hence there is a need to avoid high-impact exercises which need rapid direction changes. Some of the recommended post natal exercises include swimming, brisk walking, aqua-aerobics, cycling, light weight training, low impact aerobic workouts. It is very important to also visit for regular check-ups and don’t miss on any one of them.

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Added on August 25, 2014
Last Updated on August 25, 2014
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