Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

A Story by Allison David

During pregnancy weight gain is healthy and normal occurrence, which offers nutritional support for growing baby.

Throughout the journey of pregnancy pregnant women experiences mood swings, exhaustion, food cravings, sleepless nights and last but not the least weight gain. During pregnancy weight gain is healthy and normal occurrence, which offers nutritional support for growing baby. If you are suffering from obesity while you are pregnant, then you can talk to your doctor whether there is need to lose pounds during pregnancy or you need to try to maintain that weight. The body of the pregnant women and her developing child has some nutritional needs, which are specific. Dieting increases the risk of nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy. It is very important to talk to your doctor before and after pregnancy for developing an exercise program and healthy eating routine.

After experiencing the happiness of pregnancy, you enter the realm of motherhood. There are many questions that will come to your mind. Are you wondering that life will be changed and not the same anymore? Will you get time to stay connected with your friends? Will you get full night sleep? Will you get your previous body shape back? Post-natal exercise can help you mentally and physically in getting back to your pre-pregnancy life. Exercise after delivery helps clearing your mind, staying fit, releasing endorphins, and also helping in shedding those extra pounds that you so badly wish to lose. Losing weight after pregnancy gives you a sense of well-being.

It is advisable to consult your doctor for the exact time for joining the post natal exercise classes. Once you feel relatively strong, you can usually start. Initially, it is beneficial to start with some gentle exercises for three to four weeks. Subsequently, you can start with some vigorous exercises after the completion of six weeks of delivery.   

It is very important to give sufficient time for healing especially, if you have a caesarean delivery. Discussions with your doctor for joining post natal exercise classes can be done to gauge whether you need to adapt or wait for exercises. If you find difficulty in doing the exercises taught at the post natal classes, then you can consult an exercise physiologist, a physiotherapist, or any other certified fitness professional. You have to aim for gradual and slow weight loss. It is good to drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise. Types of post natal exercises includes cycling, light weight training, low-impact aerobic workouts, yoga, swimming, brisk walking, etc.

There are some warning signs that must be considered to slow down your exercise plan. Some of these signs include muscle pains and aches, increased fatigue, heavier lochia flow, etc. Joining post natal class is extremely beneficial to lose weight and get back in pre-pregnancy shape as soon as possible. Remember to speak to your doctor, so good luck with planning your exercise program. Most post natal exercises are very easy, but if you have some pain in your body, then you will have to stop the exercises immediately. There are some very serious problems that can happen to your body if your workout during pain. To be on a safer side, you should always opt for safe pregnancy exercises.

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Added on October 7, 2014
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