The Light

The Light

A Poem by Lauren Beth

Stretch out your arms, reach for the light

It’s OK to follow it, everything is alright.
Don’t hold back any longer, it is time to let go.
They will cry and mourn now and for awhile,
But soon enough they will come to see
You are safe now, at peace here
Your spirit secure here with me.
Your earthy deeds are all complete,
Time to discover your true and blessed destiny.
Those you leave have more growth and learning
So they must remain, but you will reunite
In another world, on another blissful day.
At this moment it seems so grueling to turn and leave,
But you will shortly realize that it had to be.
This bodily pain, suffering will be forever gone.
You will soon understand what it was all for,
The purpose of all the hurt, sorrow,
And so much more….

© 2010 Lauren Beth

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Embracing the light found in death.. this is a hard one for me.. though I do believe in afterlife and heaven.. death is a scary thought. You did a great job of making death seem so inviting and heavenly.. it's certainly everyone's future destiny and not something we can deny. By embracing it we are not victim to fearing death itself.. this is a great those struggling with the emotions of loss or illness.. very tranquil!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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I am curious once death comes for me if I will have a light. I have always been curious about the light since survivors of death have always seemed very passionate about seeing a light. Regardless, I do hope there is somewhere to go after death, it would be a shame if there wasn't. Great write, great read.



Posted 10 Years Ago

Warm light that moves over us.. giving us a sense of freedom.. Even pain will one day melt away and all will be well.. life with be blessed bliss.. A beautiful read to start the day..

Posted 10 Years Ago

WOW! This is a Great Poem! You have done a brilliant job here realizing that we all have lessons to learn and some of us have learned enough. I believe we should embrace our return to the great energy pool of the universe. Well Done!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wonderful perspective on death. Has so much hope in it. Nicely penned. Love the picture!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Heaven on earth: accepting what is inevitable. Why are we so in awe of life, celebrate it, yet, fear death as if it were torture?

Your poem is like a comforter, telling us welcome into some beautiful place far greater than we can ever imagine .. to know day is to experience night. ' .. You will soon understand what it was all for,'

Trouble is we fear death cos we fear losing people we love .. and yet, they are undoubtedly in that most beautiful place, waiting to dance and sing with us: ' .. on another blissful day.'

This is beautiful ..

Posted 11 Years Ago

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This was beautiful! Very inspiring. I love the picture, too, by the way. It fits this poem perfectly!

Posted 11 Years Ago

a very deep and filled with emotion but very beautifully done... overall i liked this piece alot and though you did an amazing job on this... very nicely done!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

I try to live with my feet here in this life and my mind in the next, but the pain of separation at death of loved ones seems to always land me both feet on the ground here. I enjoy things like this that help me reach back up to that world.

Nicely done.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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a very uplifting, bright and full of life kinda poem!!
loved the picture...added to the essence of yo poem...
its always good to welcome change...however it is...
very nicely done...

:) Love,

Posted 11 Years Ago

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A reassuring, calming, an imminently practical poem of transition.

Whatever changes may come to the soul-mind without the ballast of a gross body, navigation and destiny is no doubt enhanced by an attitude of deep acceptance and grace.

Your lines re "purpose of all the hurt, sorrow" remind me of something I read attributed to Jesus, speaking to his disciples, can't recall source: "If you had known how to suffer, you wouldn't have had to suffer."

And the mystics' injunction: "Wake up, and drop dead!"

Meaning, assume the tonality of calm acceptance and grace NOW, so one is prepared for anything.

Thanks for the poem and the important reminder.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Lauren Beth
Lauren Beth


I enjoy writing poetry, usually just what comes to me. I write for me, it's like just something that I need to get out. Whatever hits me at the moment I start jotting down, on sticky notes, napkins.... more..

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