Fly Away

Fly Away

A Story by Amanda Goodman

This story is about a girl who gets beat on my her moms boyfriend and eventually becomes forgotten.

Hi, I'm the girl in the corner that nobody notices. I'm the one who sits in the bathroom at lunch time to cry. I'm the one who wears long sleeves even in summer just so nobody has to see what I have become. I sit and I wonder, does anyone love me? would anyone care
if I were to get wings and fly away. Who would care if I were to fall of the earth. I do have a problem, if I were to die i'd still be alone, see, hell is filled and hevan wont let me come in.
Coming home from school is the worst part of my day, everyday I come home and I go into my room and I write. I'd write about times when I felt like I was to blame for my parents divorce and I would write about my day that I had with words of people beating on me. Then my moms boyfriend would come home and she would sit on the couch while he came in and hit me.
Everynight the tears would stream down my face, and after that I'd put the blade to my wrist hoping it would take the pain away. Yet, the pain never faded away. One night I took a yogurt into the living room and I got caught. Over and over again his fists struck my body. My nose bled and I was knock unconscious for an hour or more. I woke up in agonizing pain I got up went and looked in the mirror. Covered in bruises, blood, cuts and scars, I began shaking and crying. I washed the blood off of my face and waited for everyone to leave the house.
Once gone, I took another look at myself in the mirror and I punched the glass. it shattered and my fist became torn up and bloody. I ran into my moms room searching through drawers and boxes, any place that it vould be in. Then I found it, I loaded the bullets and I sat down to write my note. All I wrote was "it is my time to go, there is no reason for me to stay any longer. I must say goodbye."

I pulled the trigger.

I'm the girl stuck in between hevan and hell, the one who still doesn't belong. Though now I am freed from the chains that bound my heart to the ground. Half Angel and half demon, I remain watching over the life I left.

© 2013 Amanda Goodman

Author's Note

Amanda Goodman
ignore any gramatical errors. please leave reviews.

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Added on August 13, 2013
Last Updated on August 13, 2013
Tags: suicide, teen, cutting, life, beating, abuse, hard times, divorce, angel. demon, heaven, hell, stuck, fly away


Amanda Goodman
Amanda Goodman

houston, TX

im amanda im 16 :) more..

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