The Ice Cream Truck

The Ice Cream Truck

A Story by Amy Couture

This is a horror story I wrote for my English class.


I heard the screen door slam shut. Moments later I saw her small shadowy figure running across the front yard though my window. The ice cream truck stayed in black stillness and as it played its cheery tune. My head turned to my clock and my heart raced as I saw it was one in the morning. I ran to my window and my heart dropped as I watched her eagerly looking through the truck window. I bolted out of the house slipping on my blue cotton slippers. I stopped on the porch in panic as I watched.

“Reese!” I screamed, she turned to look at me, she crinkled her eyebrows, confused to why I was panicked. All she saw was an ice cream truck, but I saw a face painted clown looking out from behind the truck. A scream was caught in my throat as the clown quickly grabbed Reese. She began to kick and scream. I sprinted for them and reached them in record time. I pounded my fists into his back, yelling, screaming, begging to let her go. He pushed me off not wanting to bother with me as he chucked her into the back of the sweet smelling truck.

“Taylor! Taylor I just wanted ice cream!” she cried, crawling for the door, but it was slammed in her frightened face. My tears flowed as I lunched for him, I pounded my fists into his back as he walked for the drivers side, my fists became weaker and weaker. I gave up on him and made a dash to the back. I pulled at the locked door, Reese looking through the glass separating us. She screamed and pointed behind me. I spun around just in time to see a frying pan, as it cracked into my head.

I woke up to a slow blood curdling scream, and a grip so tight it was almost suffocating. My head was in slow motion and spinning as I took in the dark room around me. My eyes became fuzzy and I blinked a few times, shaking my head. I frantically looked around for my sister, but I only saw a sheet of black. I tried to move but the grip the ropes had on me didn’t move. I was sitting in a metal chair, trying to control my breathing when suddenly a single light bulb I was under popped on, blinding me from being able to see the dangers around me. I heard steps echoing from all around.

“Reese? Reese!” I screamed as I took in the horrors. Human bodies kabobed on metal poles one after another, perfectly gutted corpses hanging from ropes tied around their necks dangled from the ceiling. Intestines wrapped around necks like scarfs and blood replaced clothing. All there faces were fixed into screams and blood dripped from their mouths. Teeth hung by threads from their mouths as they stared into nothing, some had no eyes, others only had half of there once full circular eyes. A man who looked to be standing up straight was held up by a rusted pole through his stomach. Our eyes meet and when he tried to speak, blood gurgled up from his throat and out of his mouth making my stomach sick as it splashed onto the ground.

The steps finally reached me and the clown smiled at me. His bloody hands reached for my chair and I eagerly shook my head saying no, no no no no no. The clown spun my chair around with ease and I screamed in disbelief as I saw my little Reese. Sweet innocent little Reese hung from her wrist from the ceiling. Her other arm was sawed off and her foot was sewed in it's place. Her cheeks had huge holes and her blue eyes filled them. Her hair was dyed red from blood I was hoping wasn’t hers.

“Reese.” I weeped and the clown came out from behind me with a belt full of tools. He pulled out one of the two pairs of pliers. His smile grew as he reached for my arms tied to the chair. He gently grabs a nail, then ferociously ripping it out without hesitation. I scream. He does it again, but pulls agonizingly slow until all ten of my nails have been ripped off. His reaches for a clear water bottle on the ground showing me a toothy smile as he slowly slowly pours it over my ripped skin. I bit back a scream as my skin burned from the salt water.

The clown reaches for a knife and I beg him to stop, but he just slips the knife deep down into my arm, making a big long gash. Tears flowed from my eyes as he walked way, his feet making little noise. He came back a few moments later with loud heavy steps with a creaky rolling table, with more tools. He reached for a bag of salt and took a generous handful. I looked away as he pulled back my skin apart and shoved it in forcefully, rubbing the salt against my bone. My arm felt like it was on fire. I squeeze my eyes shut but Reese’s body is frozen in my mind.

“Open your eyes.” The clown demands. His voice sounded tuff like tar. When I didn’t open them, forcefully opens one. He pushes my head back dropping salt straight onto my eye. Not one grand missed. I eye watered trying to obey the drying salt. I hold back sobs as I felt more knife slashes all over my arms. When it finally stopped I let my cries slip, but I heard him laugh then a stabbing pain in my stomach.

“Open your eyes’ pretty girl.” he crowed. I shook my head no. “Awe come on, please? I want you to see this.”

“No.” I said confidently, and I was almost glad I didn’t when a wooden stick pierced through my other eye.

“And all because your little sister wanted ice cream.” I heard him say, as I blacked out.

© 2016 Amy Couture

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This story was well written and well presented and executed. I can actually see that you could follow this story on further with expolsive results. I always like the dark side of writing, no scrap that , I love it.

Yor paragraphs were nicely spaced, just right and your dialogue skills were good and flowed nicely.
There were a couple of errors but nothing to really taint this great little piece.

Kudos to you .....I enjoyed this a lot.


Posted 7 Years Ago

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