The End.

The End.

A Story by Lune

This a writing inspired by the saying "a throne of darkness". I wanted to put this into the form of a short story and so, this is my perception of this saying.. Hope you enjoy my writing.

As I sit on my throne of death, ruling a crooked kingdom and wielding a broken sword, I thought to myself, 'was it all worth it?'. It's a question that I've always had an answer to yet today, as you lay in my arms but in an another realm, I felt true regret for the first time. You were the only life I had left to live.
The kingdom had always just been a way to power, a way to protect you. But now, I learnt the meaning of a meaningless word called love, and why I would destroy the world for you, and you only.
We always claimed 'us against the world' but that lasts no longer. Now, its me. And I promise to make sure that you reap the taste of vengeance.
I grabbed my sword, engulfed in darkness, illuminated by the occasional strikes of lightning, and I knew what needed to be done.

 It all ends now, with you.

© 2024 Lune

Author's Note

Suggestions and criticism is very appreciated.

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Added on April 25, 2024
Last Updated on April 25, 2024
Tags: angst, fiction, fantasy, romance, darkness, die together




I am a young writer who finds solitude in writing and I'm exploring multiple different genres at the moment so my writing style still varies. Hope you enjoy my writing. more..

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