My Son's Keeper

My Son's Keeper

A Poem by Tate Morgan

My son how I love him.


Little Tate and I



I am my life's sole keeper

in the garden of my dreams

Within it dwell the great hopes

along with all my schemes


Why for me only the hard way

has taught my mind since youth

Does it seem could be no other

than a fact and cold hard truth


I chose the road that I tread

from my bold disdaining action

I would never listen to another

except to my own satisfaction


Lucky that he knows me not

for my sadness hides regret

As they who think to know me

know less the nearer they get


My son how I do love him

touching most his dreams within

But all I want for his heart

is to not go where I've been

© 2019 Tate Morgan

Author's Note

Tate Morgan
How often we look back on the road that wound through our lives? Only to find it would have been much better if we had taken the easy way. But perhaps some of us are destined to blaze trails yet unknown. It was so with me. And yet I can't but think how much I wish something different for my own son. None of us wish our children to hurt others .Nor do we want to see them in pain.

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Featured Review

so I try not to completely shower the writer with praise
when I write a review
but oh my god..
I'm such a crybaby lol I'm welling up.
That picture for starters
just looking at it
while reading this
but the way you ended it..
oh my goodness.
I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff. My favorite song is With Arms Wide Open by Creed...
the power of a parents love for a child.
in short
I loved it
:) You're an amazing writer
They say that in order to write well,
you must write about what you know.
What you're familiar with.
This is a spectacular piece coming from an emotion you know well.
Pity this thing won't let me rate over 100.
You'd have a 110/100

Posted 9 Years Ago

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We all hope our kids grow up not doing what we done. I've had my hard roads in life and I hope it is all fixed now. This is very heart tugging. Makes one think.

Posted 3 Months Ago

Tate Morgan

3 Months Ago

Thank you Almost all of my poetry involves others and myself in stories from my own life as i believ.. read more
Another in my competition good luck again I like this

Posted 5 Months Ago

Tate Morgan

5 Months Ago

Thank you Julie
Haha, I've been told I've taken the hard or long way on various things, so I understand completely about how it would've been better taking the easy way. But then again, through the thicket we go on the "road less taken," right?
In terms of parental love and concern, I can't yet relate, but I can understand considering my parents or even simply to any person I care about. I really like how one can interpret and apply the poem to not just a familial relationship. Humans are intriguing--we don't choose the easy way even when we may see one..repeating mistakes..and yet while we can ruthless we can be so warm~
Thank you for this truly touching and thought provoking piece~

Posted 9 Months Ago

Tate Morgan

9 Months Ago

Thank you Chryiss I was lucky most of the time.I got the greatest luck the day Tate was born
this is beautifully written along with the music and pic.thanks so much i love it, very beautiful.
thanks for entering this into my competition, good luck well done

Posted 1 Year Ago

Tate Morgan

1 Year Ago

Thank you Julie he has over the years defined for me my role as a father
Julie McCarthy (juliespenhere)

1 Year Ago

you are most welcome and a very talented writer thanks for entering look fwd to many more contests w.. read more
We all want to spare our children from making mistakes we have made. Truth is, they have to find their own way in their lives. They have to blaze their own path. Filled with paternal love....such a wonderful write. Lydi**

Posted 1 Year Ago

Tate Morgan

1 Year Ago

Hi Lydia Nice to see you. Hope all is well in your world. may we all have a good day today. Thank yo.. read more
I can't imagine how deep you had to dig to reach for this poem, no matter how far you had dug, it was written very well. The feeling of pain to see your son go through the troubles that he faces every day makes you cry, but remember. Every child has their own dream. Never push them down and force them to do something else just because you as a parent doesn't like it. Push them forward and help them in any way you can without taking control of their life.

Inspirational Poems Contest
--Alina The Cacti

Posted 1 Year Ago

Tate Morgan

1 Year Ago

Hi thank you I wrote this one night thinking of trials my life has seen. It’s funny until you beco.. read more
There are only a few rhyming poems that manage to pull off this kind of a cascading effect. Beautiful!! :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Tate Morgan

4 Years Ago

Thank you please feel free to peruse any of my works you will find all of them are rhyme and meter I.. read more
Ahhh Tate.. I love this poem .. Our children are so precious to us... I have two sons and their my pride and joy and now I have grandchildren.. there is no greater joy than these children.. awesome poetry..

Posted 4 Years Ago

Tate Morgan

4 Years Ago

Thank you deb I am touched you liked this one it is one of my favorites too

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