A Story by DeadGuyWalking(Austin)

why not to do it and how to stop thinking about it

In a normal life everyone will lose someone they love; sometimes it by natural causes or sickness. Some of us are not so lucky though some of us watch people die in front of us. Some of us never got a chance to say goodbye or that we love them or even hold them. 
Some people watch their best friends or family members kill themselves.
In my life I've seen my mother, my uncle, and 3 of my close friend kill themselves.
Thankfully for me though I was able to get help from some of my other family members and friends.
If it wasn't for them keeping positive and giving me help even when I didn't know how to ask for it.
The main reason that I never pulled the trigger or jump and let the rope catch me;
to let it put me into a deep sleep where I wont wake.
I kept thinking about how it would heart the ones who love me.
I have been through the loss and I don't want them to feel it because I died.

© 2021 DeadGuyWalking(Austin)

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Your only a year older than I am, and I know the pain of losing someone close to you to suicide. Life isn't easy or simple, yes there are ups and downs, major downs in life but always around the corner no matter how bleak it may look there is always hope. You are strong and brave, be who you are.

Posted 3 Years Ago

You have a big heart, a generous one, someone who went through what You went at a young age and still think of his loved ones and how he doesn't want them to be in pain is truly someone with the biggest heart and soul. still my dear friend, think of yourself before anyone else and that's exactly what your loved ones want You to do, they don't want You to live just because of them, but also to live for You and this I know You are doing it by now.

sending brightest wishes and blessings, so much love 💕

Posted 3 Years Ago

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