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Menomonie, WI
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I'm Right I'm Right

A Poem by Nomo


A Poem by Nomo

Future Future

A Poem by Nomo

Puppeteer Puppeteer

A Poem by Nomo

Pens and words Pens and words

A Poem by Nomo

Breath Breath

A Poem by Nomo

Daddy Dearest Daddy Dearest

A Poem by Nomo

About Me

If these stories could speak
What would their characters say?
What would they do
Would they wonder why
They are just ink on paper?
Or would they seek something else?
Would they try to escape the book?

I love writing poetry and a few stories here or there.
I apparently love sending multiple reading requests per day or whenever I write so heads up.
I am an artist, I love drawing and some painting.
I don't leave reviews often but if something catches my attention I will leave one. :p

The Divine Comedy

Therefore I think it best for you
to follow me, and I will be your guide
to take you through an eternal place (Hell)

where you will hear despairing cries
and will see the tormented spirits
each of whom proclaims the second death (damnation)

and you will see (in Purgatory) those who are contented
in the fire, because they hope to come
whenever it may be, among the blessed,

to whom, then, if you wish to ascend,
a guide worthier than I will take you:
to her, I will entrust you when I leave,

for that Emperor who reigns up there,
because I was rebellious to His law,
does not want me as a guide to His city.

What is life exactly?


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Posted 1 Week Ago

I love your "Rawr" . . . a rare word that says so much more than most people ever do! *wink! wink!* Fondly, Margie