Adalia's Anger

Adalia's Anger

A Story by Alewis


      I been running for as long as I could remember. I’ve run from the people, the monsters, the pain, loss, and fear. Anything that dared to bring me down I ran from. I was one who was scared of most things. I didn’t know who I was as a person and where I stood in this world. I was heading for that dead end that would keep me from going anywhere. I would end up lost in the middle of nowhere with no direction, without any hope left in me. I’d disappear within the air and watch as people wouldn’t even miss me. They wouldn’t look for me at all. They’d go on with their lives and laugh and do whatever it was that they wanted to. All I would be was a memory.

      With everything that was mentioned it became true. The day I died was the day I turned into a whole different person. I would no longer be that girl who had been nice, but got nothing in return. I turned into a girl who wanted revenge on all who had hurt her.


       I arrived at the party around 9 o’clock at night. The house was crowded with teens. The music was so loud I could hear it two blocks down. I didn’t understand why the neighbors would allow this go on the way it was. When I pulled up, there was furniture being moved out into the front lawn by a couple of drunks. I walked into the house and there were people everywhere. They were crowded within every space of the house. It was so packed that I thought I would’ve suffocated from just being there. I glanced around for those who had invited me here. Beverly, Adam, and Gregory were standing in the near corner of the living room. They were in deep conversation when I walked up to them.

      “Adalia! We’re so glad you could make it.” Beverly said as she pulled me into a massive hug. Beverly and I had never been close. Ever. The same went for Adam and Gregory. They were stuck up a******s who bullied people like me. Next thing I know I’m being invited to this party for no reason.

    “I said I’d be here…” I trailed off. It was beginning to warm up in here.

    “Would you like something to drink?” she asked. I nodded. She gave Adam a look and I watched as he made his way through the crowd towards the kitchen. We stood in silent until Adam came back. He passed me the water and I took a huge swallow out of it. They started chatting with each other seconds later, ignoring me as if I wasn’t there anymore. I shrugged and walked away silently.

I decided to explore the house since I knew no one here. I thought to myself why they had invited me if they were going to just ignore me. I began to feel a little dizzy and wandered into an empty room. I leaned my head against the window and stared outside. My vision was getting blurry around the edges and I couldn’t concentrate. I didn’t hear the foot steps behind, but I felt the burning sensation in my back. I fell on to the floor screaming. I touched where the burning was and felt the blood pouring out. Gregory was standing over me along with Beverly and Adam. I tried to move away, but I was in to much pain. He lifted the knife and stabbed me in the side. I screamed again for help, but the music was too loud. I was losing blood and being attacked and not no one would care. I laid there as he continually stabbed me repeatedly. Beverly and Adam then began to hit me and kick me while I was still down. I was hurting all over and starting to black out. I managed to watch them tie me up and put a bag over my head. I could feel blood everywhere. I was losing consciousness quickly. They lifted me up and carried me outside. I didn’t know where they were going to take me but I heard the sound of a car alarm and felt them throw me in there. That’s when I blacked out…

When I woke up I had no memory of what had happened. I was in a dark room. The pain was gone and so was the blood. I felt light weighted as if it was all a dream. I knew it wasn’t though. I had been murdered. I was stabbed and beat over and over until I could hardly breathe. I was thrown into a river and had sunk to the bottom.

I walked around and searched for an exit. I couldn’t find one. I sighed and leaned against the wall and cried. I was dead. I would no longer able to walk the earth again. I was now even more weak than before. No, maybe this was suppose to happen. As I cried, the only emotion I felt was rage. I knew that if I was to go see how everyone was reacting to my death, it would be silence. I stood up and there was a light shining across from me. I wiped my eyes and moved towards the light. It seemed like forever until I finally reached it.

At the end of the light was a giant grass field. There were flowers everywhere and it was bright outside. In the middle of the field was a female sitting with her eyes closed. I walked up to her and tapped her shoulder. Her eyes fluttered open.

“Ah Adalia. Its so nice to meet you.” she said. Her voice was like bell chimes.

“How do you know my name?” I took a step back from her.

“I know many things like for example, filled with anger and hatred of those who have hurt you in your past life.” I gasped. How did she know that?

“Where am I? What’s happening to me?” I asked.

She smiled, “You are in-between worlds or most know as the afterlife. You are dead.”

“I know I’m dead. I need to go back to earth now.” I snapped.

“You wish to seek revenge on those who did this to you.” It wasn’t exactly a question. I nodded. She stood up and looked me dead in the eye.

“I will allow you to go back. But you will not be in your human form. You will be a ghost who is haunting the souls of your victims.” I knew this and it was what I wanted. There was a line that had been crossed. My life had ended because others felt that it had to for their benefit.

“I understand.” I told her. She put her hand on my forehead and I felt my body tingle. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I was back on earth.

She sent me to Adam’s house first. I was standing in the front staring at him through the window. He was smiling and laughing as if nothing ever happened. I found out I had been dead for two and a half weeks already. There was nothing in memory of me. I was just another person who was gone. Why would people care if one person had died? There was still a billion more in the world. With that thought I walked into the house. I couldn’t be seen which gave me the best advantage in the world. He was home alone. The timing would be perfect to kill him now. I wanted him to feel every last ounce of pain. I followed him to the living room where he sat down on the couch. I concentrated and the lights began to flick on and off. Adam slowly stood up and walked towards the back of the house. I slammed all the doors shut, locking him with me.

“Who’s there?” he called. I slowly formed in front of him. Adam eyes went huge.

“Remember me?” I asked. Adam was shaking at that point.

“You’re not real! We…k-killed you.” he stuttered.

“Then why am I here?” I laughed. “You will pay for what you did.”

He ran through me and I turned around and raised my hand. His body stiffened and I began to swing him around in the room. He was like a rag doll. He hit the chairs, window, lamps, whatever was in the room. I threw him against the ceiling non stop until I heard every last bone in his body crush. It fell to the ground. I walked over and watched as the blood spread across the floor. He was dead…thoroughly. I walked out the house with the most wicked smile on face.


Beverly and Gregory were together at a party across town. Being a ghost gave me a few advantages. If I wanted to look for a specific person all I had to do was think about them and then I’m there. I could move quickly and walk through walls. Most of all I can scare people and enter their bodies with ease. I could make things move whenever I wanted.

The house was just like the last party I had went to before I was killed. There were people everywhere dancing and drinking. I moved through the crowd searching for the both of them. They were sitting in the back corner on a couch laughing. The way people acted about my death was just sorry. No one even knew who had killed me. They didn’t even care to find out who had done this to me. I looked at the ground and felt the anger inside of me begin to form.

Every door and window slammed shut. The music stopped and everyone began to scream and head for the exits, but they were now my victims trapped. Beverly and Gregory stood up and headed for the back. Everything in the house began to float and start spinning around the house. There were screams all over. My grin was filled with pure evil. Electricity was sparking all over causing a fire to start. I left the house and watched as every single person inside started to burn to death.


Its been two months since I’d had murdered my killers. Even with them dead I still didn’t feel complete. I felt as if something was still missing from me. I was back to the where I first awaken as a ghost in the grass field. I sat here thinking about why I couldn’t fully move on and be happy. I was now away from all my problems and could finally be free from all the pain and loss. I was still no one to the outside world, but here I could be alone and happy. I sighed and rested my head into my hands. Where was I to go now?

“You can’t move on until you forgive.” I jumped and turned around to find the lady who I met when I first got here. She hadn’t told me her name.

“Forgive who?” I asked.

“Forgive those who have hurt you in your life.” she said. How could I forgive them.

“How am I suppose to forgive them. Its their fault that I’ve ended up here. They killed me and threw me in the trunk and dropped me of like I was trash.” I snapped.

“You can’t be angry forever. At one point you will be able to forgive all. Just look deep within.” She disappeared before I could ask how. I sighed and closed my eyes and thought about everything I ever been through. My family had treated me like I was nothing. People made me feel worthless. Who was I? I had to forgive them because then I could never truly be happy. I was just a girl who’s life had ended early because she hadn’t been careful. Maybe somehow this was my fault. I knew I shouldn’t have gone to that party. It didn’t feel right to me, but I ignored the feeling. I was going to forgive them for me. I’d gotten my revenge, but how did that make me better than them, it didn’t. I was just as bad. I was going to suck up my pride and forgive.

I opened my eyes and there was a door in front of me. I had my name written on the front of it. I had did as I was told and now I could move on. I touched the door handle and it clicked as I opened . I looked back once more before entering the light…

© 2012 Alewis

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i write stories about supernatural or jusst mabe once a normal setting more..

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