Ophelia and Sophie

Ophelia and Sophie

A Story by Alewis

Ophelia is a dark fairy while Sophie is a warewolf.



It’s not every day that I come across a dead body that I didn’t even kill. It was thrown into a creek in the middle of the woods. I moved closer towards the body to get a better look at it. I checked the pockets to look for any sorts of identification. I found a wallet in his back pocket. His name was Greg. Looking at his lifeless body in the ground, you could tell that he had been dismantled in certain areas. His neck was had a gruesome gash across from it where he had been slashed. The gash was cut deep that his head look as if it was going to fall off. His face also had claw-like marks from the hair line down to the chin. Whoever dumped him down here were at least beginner murderers. I could have done so much better. Standing here reminded me of when I was left for dead along time ago. The day I woke up and became a dark fairy had changed me forever.

I was only five years old when they had left me for dead. A group of men had smuggled me from behind when I was wandering through the fields. They had taken me to a crypt. It smelled of feces and carcasses. They threw me on the ground and uncovered my eyes. I had a prefect view of all my kidnappers. There were five of them exactly. I had begged them to let me go and that I wouldn’t have told on them if they did. They all just laughed. I watched as one had taken out a sharp jagged knife. He came closer and stabbed me in the shoulder. They all began to join in, kicking and punching me as if I was a rag doll. When they were finished I could hardly breathe. I was dying and they knew this. I cringed as they lifted me and threw me into the nearest river. I had washed up on a bank in the middle of nowhere. I just knew that I wanted to die. My vision was blurred from all the blood that was covering me from head to toe. I lied against the ground just waiting for my moment to come. Right before I closed my eyes I noticed figures floating towards me. They hovered around me and began mumbling strange words that I didn’t catch. My body began to feel warm and tingle all over. I never had the chance to see who had saved my life….

Next thing I knew when I had awaken, I was a fairy. My wings were black as the night sky could ever be. I paid no attention to anything, but that I was on my own.

I snapped out of my depressing memory and heard more people coming. They were heading towards my direction probably to check up on the body here. I fluttered into the nearest tree and watched from above. They slowly surrounded the body whispering to each other. I heard a growling noise come from a few feet away from the search party. I watched as this dark russet colored creature came out and started tearing the people into shreds. When it was done it made direct eye contact with me.


It was that time again; even if I could change willingly I still had the full moon to worry about. I wouldn’t even call it worrying; it was more of a blessing that I learned to live with. I headed out into the woods to change into my other form. I changed into a wolf by will everyday and went out to the woods or park to find myself a kill. I was a blood thirsty murderer by my own choice and had no remorse for it. I walked deep into the trees and removed my clothes. I hid them behind the nearest tree that was marked with red paint. I took three deep breaths before I bent over and sighed. Each time there was a small amount of pain that lasted only few minutes until it was complete. I felt the pain in my back begin to ripple as my body transformed. I heaved and gripped the ground, my nails digging into the soft muddy muck that lay beneath me. I remembered how the first time I had changed was the worse.

I was attacked by animal out of nowhere. I was walking home after hanging with some friends. The first thing I knew was that I was being followed by someone or something hiding in the trees. I began to walk faster trying to make it back home before it could catch up to me. I stopped and turned around and there was nothing in sight. I took a small deep breath and continued walking. Out of the corner of my eye was when I saw the beast lunge at me. I fell to the ground and was beneath the giant beast. I tried to fight back but it was no use. I felt its claws slash below my rib cage. I screamed the most piercing sound ever. The creature bit my forearm and I knew I was losing blood from the gash in my arm. Moments passed before it was all over. I lay on the ground taking shallow breaths of air. I couldn’t; move but knew I had to get out of there before it came back to strike again.

I managed to stand up on my own and limped all the way back to my stepfather’s house. When he saw me walk through the door, he didn’t rush to my side. Instead he yelled at me and called me disgrace for not being home on time. My mother was nowhere to be heard. My stepfather had thrown me out the house with no place to go. For the next few days I slept by the lake. It was the night of the full moon when my body began to heat up. I was out on my own with no one. My own mother didn’t even come looking for me. I started to hurl out blood from my mouth. The pain was unbearable. I felt as if all the bones in my body were being crushed with a sledge hammer. I knew I was becoming someone else. Once I had finished changing I felt like a whole new person. My vision was clearer and I was smarter. Being this way enhanced every single sense in my body. I wanted blood and nothing else. I was no longer that quiet person who listened to others…

After the first night I change I never went home again. I moved out into a cabin besides the lake. I was never the same again. I decided to kill every last person in my way. I wanted to show them that I was not someone to be toyed with.

I heard a group of people storming through the woods. I let my instincts take over and followed after them. They were near the creek, surrounding something even worse. I didn’t care as I leaped onto each one tearing them to shreds letting their blood flow through my mouth. When I was done there was a different scent in the air. I heard a small movement in the trees and started right into empty space.


Sophie glanced up at the tree knowing someone was hiding there. She circled the tree a few times sniffing the scent that surrounded. Whoever was in the tree had smelled of cinnamon and roses. Sophie snarled at the figure never losing her gaze.

Ophelia just stared and rolled her eyes at the wolf. She knew she wouldn’t be able to leave the tree with the wolf hanging around. She watched as the wolf, slowly backed away from the tree before floating down.

They both stared at each other not making a sound. To anyone else walking through the park at this time would think of Ophelia as a young innocent girl with wings faced to face with a huge brown rugged wolf whose eyes were red as blood.

“How do you expect me to talk to you if you are in that form?” Ophelia asked. Sophie tilted her head up at the sky and ran behind the tree. Her body trembled and she began to turn back to human. She grabbed her dress and boots that were stashed away and walked back to Ophelia.

“Now who or what are you?” Ophelia snapped. Sophie laughed shaking her head. She thought of how this young girl reminded of her when she was younger.

“My name is Sophie. Lets get out of the open and then I’ll answer your questions.” Ophelia questioned this before she slowly nodded and followed after her.

They ended up at Sophie’s cabin on the other side of the park. She lived away from town close to the lake. There was a fence that surrounded the small cabin with spikes on the tips. There were signs that read ‘keep out’ or ‘beware of the dog’. Inside the walls were painted all black, with red splattered marks everywhere. The lighting was dim which made it feel as if they were walking through the night. The house was tidy from the ceiling to the ground. The furniture was all black and the floor was covered with deep red rugs spreading through out the house.

Sophie led Ophelia to the living room and they both sat across from each other.

“So, since we’re all cozy now, what’s your name?” Sophie asked.

“I’m Ophelia.”

“Why do you own wings?” She asked staring at the black fluttering wings behind the young girl.

“I do not own them, they are apart of me. I’m a fairy…a dark fairy. What are you, a dog?” she smirked.

“You have a mouth on you. And owning is the same thing as being apart of since they are yours. Also I’m a werewolf, sort of. I change when I please. Not only on a full moon.” Ophelia didn’t think she could truly trust Sophie. Even though she had answered most of her questions and vice versa. They sat there in silence not making eye contact.

“Why are you in the woods alone?” Sophie asked breaking the silence.

“I…was going to kill someone, but then you showed up and stole them from me!” she shouted startling Sophie who jumped pulling out her dagger.

“Someone got a little hurt. Calm down. I didn’t know you were there. I let my instincts take over and just attacked. By the way you wouldn’t have been able to take them on. You’re just a little girl.” She told her.

Ophelia sat there silently. She was being underestimated because of her looks. She was young on the outside but old at heart. She had years to grow up and become something. She grabbed her small pouch that was hidden in her skirt pocket. Inside was dark fairy dust the color of ashes. She took a small ping of the dust and tossed it on the floor. She silenced Sophie before she could protest.

Just then a small black creature began to form. It was the shape of a mini monkey, with smoldering black gaping holes on its back. Ophelia watched as Sophie’s eyes got huge.

“Make it go away!” she yelled. Ophelia snapped her fingers and the creature vanished.

“Don’t call me a little girl anymore.”

“Done,” Sophie whispered quickly, “Guess there’s more to you that I should know.” They both stared at each other before bursting into laughter.

A few days passed and there was an unusual bond between the two girls and they both new it. There was no coincident that they had run into each other in the woods.

“I don’t like the daylight.” Ophelia told Sophie when they were sitting in the bed room. “It doesn’t hurt me or anything; I just stand out too much. It’s easier to move through the night.”

“I can agree with you on that, but I was attacked during the day.”

“So is that how you can change as you please?”

“I think so or that’s the conclusion I came to.” Ophelia stared out the window. She remembered how she was supposed to be looking for her attackers, but here she was making friends with some person she just met. She could use the extra hand. She stared back at Sophie who was doing the same.

“Sophie will you help me?” She asked.

“With what? You need to be more specific with what you ask.”

“To kill a few people from my past.” Sophie straightened her posture and shrugged her shoulders.

“Sure why not? Do you know where they are?” She asked.

“I’m not sure, but that’s why I was in the woods the other day. I’m looking for them.”

“I know something we can do. All you have to do is leave signs for them.” Sophie said.

“And how do I do that?” Ophelia asked.

“Wow….well I don’t know how you consider yourself evil…., but we need to kill people and leave them around to show that we are looking for them.”

“I am evil, but I’m also eleven and now I see what you mean.” she told Sophie. Sophie giggled. She stood up and walked to her closet and took a wrapped up paper and sat it on the floor.

“This is map of the city…yes I know. Why is there a map of the city? Who knows, but you can take the east side of town while I take the west side.” Ophelia nodded. She knew the east side better than anyone else in this whole town. She could easily leave her markings anywhere she wanted if she had too.

“I think we should start tonight.” Ophelia told her. “I already wasted so much time just sitting around. Sophie nodded and grabbed her steel dagger. It was imprinted with a marking of a stick figure inside a circle. It resembled a body wrapped inside a head. The symbol was also printed on her left shoulder.

Ophelia stood up and glanced at the shoulder and ignored it. She grabbed her dress and boots and changed into them. She was ready to get back on track. They walked outside in front of the house and stared at each other.

“Be careful…” Sophie said before running off into the night leaving Ophelia standing on her own.


Sophie ran off in the opposite direction than me. I flitted my wings and headed off. I was letting my guard down way to fast. I shouldn’t have stayed with Sophie. I should have killed her and continued my quest but I didn’t. I grabbed my young teddy bear out of my pocket and hugged it against my chest. It had one eye poked out and red stains all over its tiny body. I got it on my second kill and never took it out of my sight. I don’t want anyone to know I have it with me.

I flew over the eastern side of town until I came upon an abandoned ware house. There were a group of people dressed in leather hanging around smoking and doing whatever they pleased. I sighed. They made my job so much easier when they left themselves in the open. I slowly shrunk my size and hovered over the group. I grabbed the pouch filled with fairy dust and waved it over their heads. One of them began coughing, choking on their blood that spewed from his mouth. His eyes were blood shot and he fell to the ground. He continued to spit out blood while his nose, eyes, and ears oozed blood from them. I giggled silently as the same began to happen to the rest of the group. There was blood spewing from all directions. When they finally were all dead, I cut all their heads off and hung them on the light post as if they were a chandelier. I then took the spilled blood and wrote a message on the side of the building. I was coming for them and they needed to be ready. I smiled silently to myself and continued my kills.


I felt the wind in my fur as I ran across the town snapping the heads and bones of my victims. I spilled their blood and rolled in it, letting it soak into my fur. I continued this until I was in the center of the park. There was a huge stoned fountain that stood in the center. It was the perfect way for me to leave my marking. I jumped into the fountain and rinsed the blood out. The water slowly turned a deep crimson red. I heard a few people coming my way and changed back into my human form.

I wrapped my long coat around my body and sat on the edge of the fountain. As they came closer, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and it was a man. He was standing there giving me a somber look. His eyes were watering up and he was frowning. He had walked right into my trap.

I grabbed his arm and twisted until it tore from his body. He yelled and fell to the ground. I laughed menacing and walked over to him.

“Did I look like I needed your sympathy?” I growled between my teeth and took my dagger out. I raised it, plunging it into his chest cavity. His whole body jerked forward before going limp. I took the body and moved over towards the fountain. I watched where the water was coming from and stuffed the body in the hole. I watched as the fountain started pouring out blood.

I took the blood from my hand and dragged it across the stone carvings. I moved next the running water and let it spill into my mouth. This was only the first step. I changed back into my wolf and started out for the next target.


Sophie and Ophelia met back with each other at central park where they first met. They told each other of their markings that they left and praised each other. Sophie was covered in blood from head to toe while Ophelia was as clean as a glass window. They walked back to Sophie’s cabin and cleaned themselves up, more so Sophie cleaned up. When she was done she walked back to Ophelia who was sitting on the couch staring out the window.

“How long do you think it will take for them to realize our warnings?” Ophelia asked. Sophie sat down next to her and shook her head.

“It should be soon if we did what we were supposed to do. I’d give it a day or two.” She responded.

“When you were attacked did you ever get a clear look at who did it?” Ophelia asked after a few seconds of silence.

Sophie nodded.

“He was with a group of other guys. I got a glimpse of their faces before one had changed and lunged at me.” She said.

“What did he look like?” Sophie began describing all of their appearances. She mentioned that there were five of them all together. There were four who had watched while she was attacked and that the fifth one was the wolf. Ophelia recognized each description of the men and realized that she and Sophie were attacked by the same group of men. She cut Sophie short and told her of the same group of men that attacked her when she was five.

“You can’t be serious?” Sophie gasped. Ophelia only nodded. There was no other explanation but this one.

“Do you know where they are?” she asked.

“Yes, but I never thought they could stoop that low.” Sophie balled her fist until there was blood dripping from them. Her face turned red and she threw her glass at the wall. She stood up and began pacing back and forth across the room. She has an urge to hit something, anything that was in her way. She glanced at Ophelia and stopped. She didn’t want to hurt so she walked out the house. On her way out she told Ophelia to stay in doors, so she wouldn’t hurt her.


Sophie left me sitting in her living room. She was angry and it was pretty obvious she was going to blow off some steam. I lied my head down and went to sleep. I needed my rest for our upcoming task. I knew she would be back because at this point we needed each other.

I woke up to the smell of smoke. It filled the whole house with that burning scent. I started coughing choking on the dead air. I tried to fly my way out of here, but my wings would not work. They were sticking because of the smoke. I looked out the window and saw a few shadow figures standing outside. I moved my way through the smoke but it was too thick. I passed out on the ground.


I came back the next morning and my house was on fire. I knew Ophelia was still in there and they had ambushed her while I had been ambushed in the woods. They were watching us the whole time. I ran to the house and broke down the door and was immediately engulfed in smoke. I ripped part of my shirt and tied it around my mouth and nose. I glanced around looking for Ophelia who was passed out in the living room. She was on the ground but was not moving. I picked her up and kicked out the nearest window. I jumped out and ran to the lake.

I laid her on my lap and gave her mouth to mouth. She began choking out black dust and her eyes were red and watering. Her wings weren’t their usual fluttering selves. She glanced at me and coughed.

“Thank you for saving my life.” She whispered. Her voice sounded of an old man who had no teeth. I smiled at her and sat her in the water and cleaned her wings. They started sparkling and again and she shook them off. I watched her reach for her small pouch and threw some dust over her. She started glowing this black aura and sprung into the air. She had cleansed herself of the smoke. When she landed next to me she smiled.

“It’s time to get rid of them. I know exactly what we are going to do.” She grinned.


Ophelia explained to Sophie that they were going to burn the whole own alive. The plan was to go to the main building and set bombs all over. There would be gas spilled all over the place and when the time was right they were going to destroy them.

Sophie had let her know that the main building in the center of town where was where the five brothers had stayed. They never came out during the day which was the perfect time to set the bombs. They knew they were going to have to be cautious of every move they made so that their plan wouldn’t go awry.

“We go first thing in the morning. We need to get this done by sun down or else it goes all wrong.” Sophie explained. Ophelia nodded.

“Where do we get these bombs from?” she asked.

Sophie shook her head in disappointment.

“You are going to use your fairy dust to help with everything. My goal is to get you through the building so we can plant the stuff.”

“Oh of course. I’m not thinking straight.” she admitted.

“I won’t allow you to do this unless you get your s**t together. Do you understand?” Sophie snapped.

“There is no need to get hostile with me. Save that for them. But I’m ready to get this over with.” Sophie nodded.

They continued going over all the exits and entrances that needed to be known. By the mid rise they knew exactly what was going to happen.

They made it to the building as soon as the sun was rising. The sky was orange/red and was the most beautiful thing ever. Sophie grabbed her dagger and broke the lock that was on the door. They walked in quietly.

“Sophie stop!” Ophelia whispered frantically. Sophie stopped mid placed and watched as Ophelia poured dust in the air. A bunch of red lasers began to show down the hall.

“They were prepared.” Sophie whispered. She grabbed the mirror from pocket and set it between the laser. The lasers disappeared from the hall and shot straight up. The girls ran through them and into the next room. Ophelia sighed when she there were multiple doors. Sophie pointed towards the bottom. They walked towards the door that led to some stairs and ended up in the basement of the building.

“Watch the exit while I get this ready?” Ophelia asked. Sophie nodded and stood by the door. She grabbed her pouch of dust and sprinkled it all across the room. Small rubber balls began to form into a foam that stuck to the wall and ground. She moved all around the room spreading her dust. When she turned around Sophie was gone. She that she must have heard something and went up the stairs to check it out. Ophelia climbed back up the stairs to search for Sophie who was nowhere in sight. She shrugged and floated to the top floor and planted her dust bombs there also. She then took the gas canister that Sophie had handed to her when they left and sat it on the ground. She moved to the door and waved her hands toward the can. The can burst opened as the gas filled the room. Ophelia rushed out the door and head back to the main hall. Sophie was still gone. She glanced around and noticed a trail of blood heading towards a different door. The door read keep out but was cracked open.

She walked in and followed the trail of blood. She couldn’t tell if it was Sophie’s or not. The blood led her to a dead end where Sophie was laying on the ground. She rushed to her side and shook her up. She was covered in blood all over.
“Sophie? Can you hear me?”
Sophie groaned and sat her head up. Ophelia helped her on her feet.

“Everything is set and done. I managed to get the gas flowing in all the buildings. We need to go.” Sophie nodded and let herself be dragged out the building. She checked her watch and it was noon. They had been in the building for who knows how long.

“I know the perfect view to watch the fireworks.” Sophie took them to the top most hill that watched over the town.

Ophelia snapped her fingers once they were there and the buildings blew up one by one. Smoke rose into the sky quickly filling the air. They stood one by one as they listened to people scream. The biggest building was engulfed in flames and continued to have aftershock explosions happen. The sky began to rain ashes from the burning landscapes and the town.

They stood hand in hand and watched as the town burned to the ground. Ophelia grabbed Sophie’s blood stained hand. Sophie glanced down at her and smiled.

“We did it Ophelia. We destroyed them and showed them that they should have never messed with us.” Ophelia grinned her perfect white smile that stood out even when she was covered in dirt.

“Sophie, will you stay with me?” she asked after a moment of silence. Sophie nodded and squeezed her hand tightly.

“Of course I will. I won’t let you be alone ever again.” They turned around and walked into the darkness, leaving the town a glowing mess.

© 2012 Alewis

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