It wasn't worth it

It wasn't worth it

A Poem by Rob Luciano

Ya'll eventually gonna get tired of hearing about the same chick over and over.


I have relinquished you

In favor of diamond-studded trees

And gold plated slabs of pavement

It wasn’t worth it


I have traversed different parts of the globe

I have stood before the Adonis and Goliaths

Of Manhattan

Reaching for something they will never attain

Beyond the heavens


And I have stood before

The gentile cascades of virgin lands

 Pure and uncorrupted


Mine eyes have feasted on the finer marvels

That mankind has ever known

Yet all I could think about

Was sharing them with you


For what do I dream of wealth?

If every time I lay my head upon a cloud

My soul leaves my flesh

And returns for you?


For what then?

Did I release you into another’s arm’s

Transfixed by translucent lights

I now realize that despite all this

It wasn’t worth it.

© 2008 Rob Luciano

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I remember being very fond of this when I first read it.

S**t I still am amazed by your ability to get such raw feelings, REAL feelings, down on the screen.

I'm still learning how to do this in my own tactless, utterly f****n graceless way.


Hawksmoor...From The Bleed.

Posted 14 Years Ago

this was really sad. i liked the way it was written, very imaginative. one of my favorite lines was "...if every time i lay my head upon a cloud my soul leaves my flesh and returns for you?" because it was very abstract and creative. nice piece.

Posted 14 Years Ago

For what do I dream of wealth?

If every time I lay my head upon a cloud

My soul leaves my flesh

And returns for you?

Dude, it sounds to me like this woman was your Idea of Heaven, but as you hint at in the poem, is Heaven really Heaven without emotional captivation or personal purpose?

I have something of an idea of what this sort of thing feels like, but then again, I've never been deeply in love with anyone who ever returned it, so, you know, I'm of a limited knowledge on this sort of thing.

The one thing I can say?

My friend, Heaven has variations, as far as I'm concerned.

Many different Sides.

I've no doubt at all that you'll round a corner on day when you're not expecting it and run into one of these Sides.

Then the cloud and your position on it won't seem pointless at all.

Trust me.

Nice one.

Hawksmoor...From The Bleed.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Thanks for sharing this great work. But, it WAS worth it, my friend because you learned something from that love that you had and lost. You learned how to pen these beautiful emotions and words to express how you feel about that someone. To me, that is worth it. I read your profile and for the record, I think you have great talent. Good luck with the stories. That is something I am not brave enough to attemp. I hope you'll stop by and read some of my work. TC

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Rob Luciano
Rob Luciano

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