Blame It On Boredom

Blame It On Boredom

A Poem by BLBrown

My best attempt at creative writing...something unexpected. This is a somewhat humorous poem about turning to writing out of boredom.


Hail to the chat, which partners three writing characteristics,

that are rhyme of two words, their meaning, and combined logistics.

You may think it a bit strange, these words, together I'm greeting,

But I wrote this while bored, so at your own risk, you'll be reading…


“Delicious, Pernicious,”

Those are two words that sound fine together.

One means eating something good, maybe warm,

While the other stands for causing great harm.

Just like swallowing sweet pies of leather!


“Ratified, Satisfied”

Two words, I’m glad to say, make unique trill.

The first, when you’ve a formal agreement,

The next, is attained, reaching contentment.

Just like divorce decrees, just happy still!


“Rendition, Condition”

Are another two words, which flow nicely.

One, an artistic interpretation,

The other, state of a situation.

Just like pretty pots, molded precisely!


“Sanctified, Amplified”

These are words that create really good sounds.

First, within the world, status, virtuous,

While the second means a matter spacious.

Just like a sermon, but head-achy loud!


“Conjunctive, Dysfunction”

These two words are a formidable pair.

Joining things together does the first mean,

While t’other, improper function, is seen.

Just like linking up, family if you dare!


“Candyfloss, Albatross”

I know, these are strange words, hitting the deck.

The first, Brit’s treat, we call “cotton candy,”

And the other, encumbrance, unhandy.

Just like wearing calories, ‘round one’s neck!

"Mitigate, Arbitrate"

These words both have in common legal, defines.

To smooth or to dull, does the first one mean,

And second, is largely to intervene.

Just like appeasing, once middle ground finds.

Exhausted I am, from fitting all of these words together,

Frankly, I'd now rather spend my time in violent weather.

It is such a silly challenge I made, because I was bored,

Sadly, now that I'm done, I'm still bored, and now by you abhorred.

So I'll pick up my laptop, tuck it under arms, go away,

And tweak at this stupid poem, on yet another rainy dark day.

See, friend, this is what happens, when I enter boredom's descent, 

I spin wheels 'til nothing's left, 'cuz I've done run outta talent.



© 2012 BLBrown

Author's Note

Always a greater challenge to write with structure but this was pure fun. This poem uses consistent syllable count a rhyming scheming of lines 1 2 3 3 2 in each stanza, or in other words:
In the first, second to last, and last stanzas all lines are 15 syllables with consecutive rhyme.
The remaining stages, which form the body of the poem are as follows:
Line 1 has 6 syllables and rhymes two words of 3 syllables each.
Line 2 has 10 syllables and rhymes with Line 5.
Line 3 has 10 syllables and rhymes with Line 4.
Line 4 has 10 syllables and rhymes with Line 3.
Line 5 has 10 syllables and rhymes with Line 2.

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:D awesome poem! i like the quirkyness. it's sort of funny and the rhyming is fantastic. good work!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Ah, thanks Legion...I guess this could be considered light Saturday reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it!! Thanks for the review.

Posted 12 Years Ago

LOL a thousand fold. How quirky and lively. You'd probably get a kick out of my pieces "Such Is Life" and "Contradiction In Terms". Kudos to you. Oh, and possibly "Legion Inc. (I'm So Evil)". ;)

Posted 12 Years Ago

Thanks Sirrah...yes, I do weird stuff when I get bored. It was fun to write when I started it, but after about an hour I sort of lost interest and started talking to my cats...a sure sign I was in need of entertainment!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

The silly things we come up with when we are bored. I would consider this valuable creativity! I enjoyed reading this very much. An usual task, and challenge to give one's self. I think you passed your own test :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on April 19, 2012
Last Updated on July 27, 2012
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