Couplets For a College Weekend

Couplets For a College Weekend

A Poem by Beau Maysey

Written last year, never published. Enjoy :)

The night screams, the sirens howl,
Party foul, party foul,
Faceless dark-veiled walking form,
Headed back to their own dorm.

Distant drunks, screeching shrill,
Tolerance has reached its fill.
Look upon the Kappa Kreatures,
Wriggling swarm of frantic features.

Welcome to the endless night,
Before the world sinks out of sight.
Something borrowed, somewhere Nu,
Bottles emptied, crashed, strewn.

Sober Sally shakes her head,
The wriggling mass she damn well dreads.
Hurricane of drunkedness,
In the morning lies a mess.

Welcome to the edge of the void,
The spastic illuminations are stars destroyed.
Awkwardness, a newfound curse,
Alcohol- a liability, step up, and force.

Red solo cups scattered as shells on the beach,
Blindly, towards music clips, I reach.
Stings of random senses and vulgarities,
I feel as an outsider, among others a rarity.

One man is a shambling zombie,
A sexual drive in loose shorts and ambercrombie.
A silent observer of the end of civilization,
For creation of a nation of sex and sensation.

We can run from this hell-shaped heaven,
Where shots run free and music's level eleven,
Instead of drugs, sex, beer, screams,
We can simply sit on your bed and talk of dreams.

The tankard- drunkards are already dead,
Look to the starscape above instead.
We have a collective mind under the influence,
But the method to get there is such a nuisance.

Can I connect without need of drink?
Even without substance it's hard to think.
We still are all works in progress,
May all you partiers obtain some rest.

[unless of course you're up til 5,
How is anyone still alive...?]

© 2015 Beau Maysey

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This is really interesting. I can't say that I was part of the collegiate drinking scene, but I certainly witnessed enough of it to empathize with the piece. I really liked some of your plays on words: "Kappa Kreatures" and "somewhere Nu" are both super cute - I was waiting for a third Greek letter to complete the fraternity/sorority name. My favorite stanza was definitely the "shambling zombie" one, although I think that "Abercrombie" should probably be capitalized. Like I said, love the subject, but at times the language doesn't seem to 'fit'. I suggest reading the piece out loud to find places where the language or grammar feel too 'fancy' for drunken college parties.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on January 13, 2015
Last Updated on January 13, 2015
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Beau Maysey
Beau Maysey

St. Pete, FL

Hey, I'm Beau, and these little autobiography section always irked me yet I understand their function and significance. I live in St. Pete, go to college at Eckerd College, study creative writing as a.. more..