Leave your apology after the tone

Leave your apology after the tone

A Poem by beautifulblade

Stereotypical rape poem. Not my story. Possible trigger warning.

You have seventeen unheard messages.

The last time we spoke, 
you said 'sorry.' 

Like a simple apology could
make up for the things 
that you took.

like my pain was erasable 
with a string of words 
clustered together
on a hangman's noose.


You said it was a 'mistake.' 
You walked away when it was 
all said and done, 
and I was left in a puddle 
of mumbled apologies 
and self hatred. 


I wasn't afraid. 
I wasn't angry. 
Simply confused,
and hurt;
I didn't understand 
how you could do this.


No. You don't get to pretend
like it's that easy. 
It doesn't get to be that 
smooth of an escape. 
I'm sorry

I'm not sorry. 

I'm not sorry I was there that night. 
I'm not sorry I was trusting 
and naive. 
I'm not sorry I trusted you 
because I was a woman 
and you were my friend. 

I'm not sorry for that. 

But you will be. 

You have eighteen unheard messages.

You'll be sorry when you
realize that the reason I haven't
answered your calls 
is because the noose 
your words had formed 
around my neck
was tangible against my skin. 

You'll be sorry when you realize 
that your apology cut its way 
across my wrists and that the 
little white bubbles you placed in my drink
brought back one too many memories 
of us getting black out drunk together. 

You're not sorry for taking my body;

You have nineteen unheard messages.

you're sorry for getting caught. 


You mumbled it like you were
uncomfortable in the silence 
that followed. Like it was 
somehow my fault that 
things were awkward. 


It was spoken as an afterthought, 
an 'I'm sorry for your loss' 
automatic response 
like it's what society 
expects you to say.


sorry I drugged you
so you wouldn't remember 
having sex.


sorry I lied about you having
quickies behind the bar 
so you wouldn't ask questions.


sorry I raped you.

No. You're not sorry. Not yet.
But you will be.

You have twenty unheard messages.

© 2016 beautifulblade

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Amazing. Very powerful and beautifully structured.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on July 23, 2016
Last Updated on July 26, 2016
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