Written Wanderings

Written Wanderings

A Poem by beautifulblade

For Lillie

My dearest Belle,
It's been far too long since I've written, far too long since I promised you a letter of meaningful importance and significance to show you how it is that I love you. I'm sorry.. I wish my words were enough to make everything better. I wish I knew magic like we do at Angelina's, so I could erase away the tears and the harsh memories you keep tucked behind a screen. Maybe, if I ever turn to a life of crime I could smuggle you like medicine across the border, and then kidnap you with cuddles strong enough to make you smile. Would you like that, one day? We will laugh and reminisce about online drama we created - like getting banned from hospitals and mothering children who are just too much for this reality. Maybe it's a good thing our scenes stay within the unseen confines of The Cloud, kept safe behind web browsers and chat rooms where they cannot touch this world.. but sometimes I wish that they would.
you are the lily flower that I have longed for, the one I yearn to protect and grow up like a sunflower that reaches the horizon. There is no limit to what you are made for, no end goal in mind aside from joy. A dandelion, sprouting where people least expect, stretch your arms around your army of meme followers and creators until you realize the strength that is your own. We lift you up, make sacrifices to the written magic of roleplay in your name so you can maybe, for once, hear how you are loved. We love you. We hear you. We see you. 
I see you. 
Like Prim, I shall mother you as my child no matter how chaotic life may seem. Perhaps, one day, you will understand the pride I take in calling you my own. It may not make sense, but it's there. You have taught me more that you could know, from lessons of speaking up and making fun and letting go. Our roles might not make sense and the dynamic's kinda strange, but I promise not to let go until you soar. You call out the battle cry for Bella's Hug Providers and they're there, faithfully lining up like soldiers preparing for war. 
And war they will, myself included. If virtual hugs don't suffice, I will do what I can to sneak you from one home into another, though the process may be long. Oh how I wish I could see your green eyes gleam on the other side of the border, but my passport is expired and believe me, that's a pain. Though for you, it's a pain I would endure if you needed. 
Ma fille,
I will paint my words onto opal skies for you. Please never doubt how much I care.
With love,
your gardening mom.
Perhaps one day we will cross countries for another, but until then, our characters will meet in the stream of solitude and bustling life known as Discord, creating headcanons worthy of your laugh. I do so hope to make you smile. We are family, circled around each other. Please know there are no corners here.

© 2020 beautifulblade

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Added on January 16, 2020
Last Updated on January 16, 2020




My name is Mariah Lichty. I'm 20 years old and have been writing for around six years. more..