My Savior

My Savior

A Poem by Belen Gonzalez

Broken heart being healed



As I walk through the darkness, no one I see,
I don’t know where to go, my heart beings to plea.
Plea, for a savior to fix the wounds and stop the pain,
Because in it there’s a tear, it can no longer sustain.
I once had a love; my love once loved me,
He said our love was forever, for all eternity.
But now my heart is split in two, all that he said was never true,
Just left a trace in my heart of forlorn and blue. And of this love to be untrue.
As I approach the luminance I see a figure so lovely and sweet,
My heart wants to continue but I want to retreat.
I don’t want to be hurt again; my heart can longer take more,
Because of the last untrue love, the wounds are still sore.
That lovely figure suddenly approaches, what perfect figure it is,
From the instant I saw him I knew my heart would soon be his,
I couldn’t let go what I was feeling my heart wouldn’t let go,
Because I knew my heart, he would restore and my wounds sew.
I love you my savior, the reliever of my pains,
My heart can no longer from you abstain.
You are in my heart, a special place you attain,
And the rest of my life and self you reign.


© 2009 Belen Gonzalez

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amen. you have gotten to be a good poet belen.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on March 24, 2009


Belen Gonzalez
Belen Gonzalez

los angeles, CA

Well my name is Belen, and im 16 years young. My poetry is just basicly about me and whats happening. so yeah thats about it ^_^ well if u wanna talk to me just mssg me n i'll talk to u of course :D more..