My Environment

My Environment

A Poem by Bennyb15

This poem is about my feelings on urban life.




Since the age of three it would constantly bother me to see my people continuously struggle and live in poverty. My environments harsh reality has instilled a strong street mentality that has me unaffected by constant shoot outs and fatalities.  We have strived for so long to be looked upon as equals but our communities are becoming lethal because we are robbing and killing our own people. My attitude has manifested from constantly being tested in my environment which is infected with ignorance, violence, and crack.  I hate that its already deemed a fact that if a group of blacks interact that we don’t know how to act or we are dumb and have been left back or we lack manners and tact, when some of us have seen the light and stay on the right track. My environment is occupied with drug dealers, thugs, and killers and the young admire them and put them on pedestals and pillars. I try to fight the stereotype of being nothing but jail bound and not let my environment be the factor of what keeps me held down. It’s difficult to bare witness to my people dependant on government assistance and not care if they are on welfare for there entire existence. We all search for good jobs but we need the education to get them.  Instead of saying we are a victim of this system we need to finish school and expand our brains, change people minds of thinking we are all the same and break the chain of having generations not knowing there is more to the world then there housing complex. It seems like all of a sudden many of us have become glutens for jewelry and other material objects and it’s this mentality that keeps us trapped in the projects.

© 2010 Bennyb15

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awesome creatively written

Posted 8 Years Ago

...this is not the world we thought would be there for us, that we read about in our weekly readers. talking years ago, since i am 58yrs old. how do we change things. i work with homeless and mentally ill. i am an outreach worker, though i don't always feel effective, or able in what i try doing. and this is in a nice northern rural state of vt. so we have it good up here compared to the cities, but even now and here,. nthings are do you get the "middle class" to hear... though maybe the middle class isn't the middle anymore. we are at a turning poiont in our society. I appreciate what you have written. keep writing. yrs rainig

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on January 3, 2010
Last Updated on March 31, 2010
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Manhattan, NY

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A Poem by Bennyb15