World Marxists Slaving Away to Force America to Its Knees

World Marxists Slaving Away to Force America to Its Knees

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Already the media has elevated their new Marxist momma to glorious heights


A Fox News headline reads, "Melania Trump haters attacked First Lady throughout 2018, from mocking accent to slamming Christmas décor." So far, Fox News has remained the only major network airing positive conservative news and commentary. Leading the leftist charge, the controlled media wield the chopping axe as propaganda arm of the hijacked Democratic National Committee. When the media have no real issue to spin against the USA, their handlers create an issue out of thin air in the traditional progressive tactic for starting a row in the opposition. Their latest project is radical leftist darling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., who herself is being created out of nothingness. They will keep pushing her as the real thing until people start to forget that she is part of the Marxist ruse. 

Already the media has elevated their new Marxist momma to glorious heights, allowing her to speak for the U.S. Congress, even though she has not been sworn in yet. The far-left radicals are trying to make Ocasio-Cortez sound very presidential, even letting her spearhead proposed legislation to force the USA to upgrade all habitable structures to conform to the Paris "Global Warming" accords within 10 years. Al Gore’s global warming pitch has long been a proven potboiler, a scam to destroy the American economy and dupe this nation into subservience to the European Socialists. Celestial mechanics has  proven to be the culprit behind the crisis of rising temperatures across the Milky Way, not just on Earth. Still news organizations like Forbes, the TV networks, and the Associated Press, etc., speak of Global Warming in hushed tones as if world subservience is a foregone conclusion.

The Dems are grooming Ocasio-Cortez to become the first American president- dictator, having watched Barak Hussein Obama crash and burn when his cannabis-induced lisp finally convinced the voters that he was a fraud and a charlatan. The far-left outsider has vowed to push her party toward adopting “democratic socialist” policies, including universal health care and free college tuition. Her big camouflaged assault vehicle is a plan to create “Green New Deal” legislation, which would eliminate much of the United States’ fossil-fuel consumption. So far, the wimpy Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Cory Booker, D-N.J., and 40 House Democrats are slavering over her proposal.

We should all be doing our part to go green, Nancy Pelosi told the media �" apparently so long as it doesn’t interfere with her vacation plans. After being caught red-handed squandering fuel by flying thousands of miles to a luxury Hawaiian resort to sit out the government shutdown.  Marxist projects are notoriously constructed to render all opposition  disarmed and hopeless from the outset �" that’s why no God to instill faith and no guns for defense. Trouble with communist projects, the ruling elite and their friends always come first on the eligibility list. Funds and goods are usually depleted before the little people get a whack at anything. Notice that China's  billionaire Communist Party members, like rich people everywhere, drive limos and Lears, traveling the world. The little people walk or ride bicycles, but they do not have Party approval to travel far anyway. Mid-level Party members get to drive cars, even travel abroad sometimes.

Incoming first-termer Ocasio-Cortez is being pushed to center stage of Marxist Democratic strategy, charting the fall of the American Republic to the Marxists -- or the more distasteful New World Order, run by George Soros for the super rich  bankers’ cabal. She is being groomed as a female Obama to take over the presidency, -- or its superseding designation -- for helping bring the USA under the control of the U.N., the World Court, and the European Union, already at the cabal’s pocket.

Her main appeal to the Dems is her Judas goat mentality, which entails her narcissistic love for the glare of the spotlight and eagerness to help drag conservative America kicking and screaming into the communist camp. As a Marxist stooge, she is yet ungroomed to be installed as dictator, but she already toes the Party line, unchallenged by the media as was Obama while in good graces and serving world Communist interests instead of America's.

Should a Marxist dictatorship be installed to replace America’s constitutional government, theory dictates such a regime would usurp all wealth, including all ,pmoes all commodities, and commercial, residential, and industrial property. The Communist Party would take over total control of workers’ personal lives. All marriages and childbirth, along with childhood schooling eligibility, must receive Communist Party approval. As was done in China's Cultural Revolution, all holdouts, capitalists, and proselytizers could be dispatched at the hands of Red Guard kill squads. Life itself falls under Party control. Workers are allowed to sign a waiting list for goods and services according to availability, to be paid for with their small weekly stipend, a weak imitation of western�"size paychecks. All workers are assigned to jobs and to public housing based on availability and need as deemed by the Party elite. Food goods, clothing, and personal items are always in short supply because the Party elite takes a me-first approach on all durable goods and services.

Fox News says Ocasio-Cortez’s draft resolution would create a House select committee responsible for writing the Green New Deal legislation. The free press of earlier eras would have been screaming about how the main goals of her plan includes eliminating all fossil-fuel-powered electricity, closing every coal and natural gas power plant in the country, thus destroying the hundreds of thousands of jobs in all related industries. Even more stunning, all this would occur by 2030, just 10 years after Ocasio-Cortez expects the legislation to be completed. Of course by that time, America’s bustling economy, immigration controls, and transfer of American sovereignty to UN control would long have been tossed aside. Already, the European organizations began moving toward creating a standing army, no doubt pieced together from reassigned American war materiel.

Remember, the lapdog media is the mouthpiece for the radical leftists, who attack everything that makes America look good. At Christmastime, they even attacked President Trump for visiting our troops in the Mideast. With Marxists winning major U.S. offices by hook or crook, they gain more leverage to tighten their grip on Europe and the Mideast. The Russians, arguably still in the communism society mode, just moved heavy aircraft into Venezuela. The prospects for peace, prosperity, and freedom   draw ever closer.

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Author's Note

Marxist leadership many decades ago laid out their finite strategy for all the world to see. Their step-by-step takeover of all the world relies on their proven method: Convert the few and conquer the many -- and kill all the rest.

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Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it over and over again. No one reads Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago anymore... or remembers the Berlin Wall.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

I guess for me, it is a stark thing, just how it all repeats, but looks different in doing so. No do.. read more

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Bossier City, LA

Hi I'm Doug Fowler, age 77, proud American. Perpetual student, newspaper copy editor (retired), poet, novelist, painter, Christian minister, USAF veteran, and pool player. I live alone and like it (bu.. more..