It's Dark Ages Damnation if America Falters

It's Dark Ages Damnation if America Falters

A Story by bigfootprint

What terrifying fate awaits just over the hill?

    So much focus on political correctness these days begins to look like a forced remodeling of society with a feint toward Mad Max's anarchy within a generation. Feudalism or even a slave economy may lurk just over the horizon.
    The propaganda media beat the drums daily in praise of cultural erosion, Stone Age ethics, devalued human life, loss of religious and family values, etc. If the one-worlders dominate the 2020 election process, our fate may be sealed. Ancient prophecies speak of End Times salvation, but who knows what complexion that rescue might take. 
    By choosing the wrong heroes and advisers, mankind could throw away a thousand years of societal evolution. We have seen the rise of abortion-keyed birth control, shopping list test tube conception, adoption of foreign cultural norms, the erosion of educational pride, and traditional family nurturing. The best of same-sex marriage is that declining conception rates promise fewer abortion murders. 
    Sadly, we must deal with declining fertility of the American male in the wake of Amazonian fembot demotion of cowering men as non-essential. The courts have been protective of such a trend, moving hand in hand with departure from self-determination and rugged individualism. Large segments of society will drift away from self-support and personal responsibility, toward a slave mentality. 
   With government substituting for the traditional male father figure, it would be a short leap to imagine what evil totalitarian morphology these trends could hatch. Already tolerance for Islam is allowing a restructuring of public school curriculum, shaping our youth with a fascist mindset, accepting of psychological suppression. Soon could come the erasure of all public tolerance for  Christianity.  
    The practice of sex slavery and plural marriage will likely lose its negative aura as the desire for less stressful subsistence and the spectre of starvation erase the stigma of communal living. The radical left strive to shift America's political focus away from human rights and dignity toward abject acceptance of total government domination. 
    Its value to our future conquerors rests in its crafty mind control re-enforcement. Exaggerated cries of foul echo from every corner -- without substantiation, of course. If America doesn't shun radical onslaught and come to its senses, a return to the Dark Ages will loom on the near horizon.

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Author's Note

I have watched the rise and fall of America's nationalistic spirit for many decades. Today's wall of screaming anarchists might call such a patriotic spirit the worst form of immorality. They are known for rabidly attacking any idea that does not match their dialectic.

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Added on June 12, 2019
Last Updated on June 12, 2019
Tags: Sociology, Immorality, Choices