I See  No Pride in Slavering Propaganda

I See No Pride in Slavering Propaganda

A Story by bigfootprint

Social media outlets are so saturated with radical leftist propaganda that we have to remind ourselves to consider the satanic source.


It behooves conservative Americans to ignore any media perspective that tells us just why we are wrong in defending human rights from encroachment by subversive government bureaucrats. Everywhere we look these days, like social media outlets, store signs, movies, and daytime TV -- even some church pulpits -- are so saturated with radical leftist propaganda that we have to remind ourselves to consider the satanic source.  Traditional news outlets have always defended the sanctity of human rights and liberties. Until leftist politics crawled of the gutters and onto the American scene, ownership of our nation's press was restricted to domestic proprietors.


Today godless politics shines through the radical spin with every attempt to sway public opinion toward the Marxist globalist perspective, demanding that we kneel to world socialist powers instead of common sense. We  who know our own minds and base our opinions on the elevation of human dignity do not need foreign philosophies and screaming detractors to tell us we are wrong for thinking the way we do.  We know that the harsher the rhetoric blasting from speakers and headlines, the less likely it has any honorable intent.


We have only to look at social festerings to know the leftists have their own agenda. That agenda involves seducing the American populace into surrendering our great vision to foreign domination, becoming subservient to the needs of Third World people trapped in a maze of endless frustration. That image of salvation if as phony as most size 48 double D’s. Their contemptible seducers and handlers see them as slave-like with no energy to go for any resurgence of self-reliance.


We care about those people. Many of us send up prayers to heaven daily that they may see the only power the Marxist have over them is what the people allow them to have. Marxist strategy is simple -- convert the few and conquer the many. We do not listen to their fervid recruits any more than we listen to their masters. We will help them as we can and attempt to smarten them up on how to pull themselves from the mire of criminal overlords and fascist dictators. But, we won’t submit to any compromise of American idealism -- especially we Christian Americans. The rest of the world is not more important than America.  We patriots will expend our last breath in defense of human freedom. We will share our God and our food, but we will not forsake our homeland.


There are constant barrages of oaths and curses from every corner -- opinionated people who are convinced Americans are not smart enough to govern themselves. We heard that from Barak Hussein Obama himself. In that same breath, he sneered that America is no longer a Christian nation and that our country was already lost. If that were true, he would not have spent $20 million for mansions during the short aftermath of his presidency, near the White House and in Martha’s Vineyard. Going into office, he portrayed himself as a near-pauper. He knows his investment is safe, and not because he is more important than any ordinary, self-reliant American (except maybe in his own mind).


The very essence of America, buoyed by the framework of its Constitution, lies in the hearts of brave men and women who know their divinely ordained nation is worth defending at any cost, keeping it safe for its people and newcomers who see the merit of becoming American. When Obama’s handlers were plotting to acquire his citizenship at age 4, accessing for him the fruits of American charity, they might have thought someday he would conquer America in the name of Islamo-fascism.


As it stands under the honorable leadership of President Trump, his only chance at conquering this nation in his normal lifetime is to prove he is a better man and leader than he proved to us with his own presidential service. If our lawmakers betray Trump, arguably the best President in decades, and sell Trump and America out to the George Soros concept of a world totalitarian dictatorship, Obama might be tapped as dictator over the former USA. Or he might be swept out with the rest of the trash following the collapse of the orchestrated radical leftist coup d’état. Then, the radical media will be of little help to him, as its last chance at plausible deniability will be blown. It too will likely be relegated to the dustbins of history �" perhaps by legally enforced divestiture.


Lara Trump has joined in the chorus condemning the radical leftist media. She pointed out the double standard of the press and their cover-up to protect Hunter Biden. She expressed her frustration with the relentless and negative coverage. The once proud mass media had always been the conscience of this nation. As late as the Richard Nixon presidency, the media had sided with America in international confrontations. It was then that the radical left managed to find the combination, pick the lock, and open the door for massive infiltration into the US government by Deep State operatives.


Foreign ownership of the mass media had been banned until somebody decreed himself  smarter than the founding statesmen about the crucial matter of keeping press freedom uncompromised -- and out of foreign hands. Seeing the daily ration of balderdash and bovine offal unloaded on unsuspecting Americans monitoring the ebb and flow of current events leaves a sickening feeling in the stomachs of those of us who called our journalism careers honorable. We, like the unwavering hero Superman, promised ourselves to defend truth, justice, and the American way. We were determined to protect the good in America and root out the bad.  Countless recipients of the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting stand as silent evidence.


Today, the mass media’s propagandists defend the bad seeds and their declared war on innocence, defenders of the faith, and defenders of our streets. Like termites that bore into construction foundation beams, radicalized media owners have replaced truth champions of heroic intent with propaganda mouthpieces that turn talk show scripts and daily news budgets into swill for swine. Their maggots create some negative narrative against their designated enemy, plug in their Marxist hero names as saviors,  and then smooth over their product using more lies and half-truths as mortar to build their towers of betrayal.


We old-timers of the news industry have little regard for the likes of CNN and the TV networks that spew the drivel of Oprah Winfrey-type progressivism. We still feel a duty to expose  the inherent dangers of betraying a nation of honorable Americans and the horde of alien applicants clamoring  to join our ranks. You can bet, if anyone asks our opinion on what’s happening to our nation, our words will smack of honesty and pride. Our advice will not be colored by communist dialectic nor the lies of corrupt media attempting to make great men out of pissants.

© 2019 bigfootprint

Author's Note

I get irate when I hear the defenders of corruption, misappropriations, payoffs, and perversion of the good that is America.

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Added on December 10, 2019
Last Updated on December 10, 2019
Tags: Commentary, Subversive, Controlled media