Lurking Perils and Partisan Politics

Lurking Perils and Partisan Politics

A Story by bigfootprint

Leftists love to weaponize a pivotal public issue -- and find a common enemy to blame it on

FROM PATRIOT NEWS -- "Trump: Southern border closure a possibility due to coronavirus outbreak." The partisan Dems never miss a beat to attack President Trump about COVID-19 or any other lurking peril -- or anything else that runs counter to Marxist tenets. They always condemned American presence in the Mideast war zone, even though BHO helped establish and fund ISIS. At the same time, they wanted to throw open the borders to let in endless refugees to spread voting power, fascism, and Islam, ultimately conquering the USA through replicating like rabbits. Maybe that comprised BHO's grand design.

One dirty tactic of Marxism, progressivism, and socialism is to divide and conquer. The late Gov. Huey Long of Louisiana, a devout progressive, called it starting a row in the opposition. He kept a running record of all the tricks of his grand narrative in a little vest pocket diary.  He always schemed to get even, even if it took forever.  Add to that spreading fear among the people that there is an heinous public problem, just as the Great Depression that left people hungry. They blamed  the Depression on big bankers. He promised a chicken in every pot, but of course that was a PR gimmick. Leftists love to weaponize a pivotal public issue -- and find a common enemy to blame it on. They propagandize you into believing the issue can only be managed by suspending law and order and allowing a wannabe Marxist dictator do all the thinking -- like Ol' Bern wants to do. Renenber, BHO said Americans were too dumb to govern themselves.

Coronavirus is a deadly serious matter, depending on whether you ask the globalists, the leftist Dems, or the medical community. It is the latest election-year viral menaces to emerge with world shaking gravity, even if it turns out to be a glorified common cold. Consensus has been elusive. We haves a long history of disastrous epidemics like Spanish flu, Hong Kong flu, and a slew of tropical  uglies from Africa. White eyes diseases like smallpox, measles, and STDs eviscerated native American populations in frontier days. Those perils were very real.

If coronavirus turns out to be the kind of virus that infects, then subsides to lie dormant in the body like HIV or Anthrax, and finally resurges and kill you, it could bring worldwide population reduction as the prophetic scourge of the century. If not, the medics will contain it fairly quickly. But big or small, the agenda-driven Dems will blame in all on Trump if they can. They already created policies that kill live babies surviving abortion. Imagine the tumult and barefoot dancing if Trump contacted the deadly virus in India and brought it home with him. 

I keep thinking how partisan politicians have always said mankind will self-destruct because of moral failure unleashed through self-reliance, by playing cowboy with guns, or by obsession with some agenda-driven politician to rewrite the Constitution like BHO wanted to do -- elevating himself to lifetime appointment, no doubt. Another scary thing involves the predictions of how George Soros and his fellow comrades would scheme to create worldwide anarchy to weaken faith in American government. Soros could well have been the inspiration for Darth Vader's evil emperor in "Star Wars."

The NWO has always wanted to spread hate, distrust, and fear. They might do that through unleashing some pestilence, or by enabling  mass shootings or rioting in the streets, or other murderous violences designed to generate anarchy. They never quit dreaming, but it is widely accepted that you can't subvert a population that maintains faith in God, love for fellow man, thinks for itself, and keeps a rosy outlook on life. 

They are always detractors and revisionists ready to  step in with promises that only they could restore some semblance of public order -- ironically by calling off their own attack dogs. In any case, one of the scary predictions about End Times invokes the coming of an invading alien space force. Most people have pooh-poohed that concept for centuries. Still, the spread of hologram technology and formidable scientific theory about panspermia, weather manipulation and global warming, and super human capabilities evident in the world's ruins test our gullibility. After all, there is a new suggestion by the atheists that all reality is only a hologram. 

If not reality, this time Deep State subversives might ruin NASA's good name with the latest space mystery. Recent international space station videos available on UFO Hotspot capture swarms of weird unknown craft coming from red worm holes and maintaining orbital presence around Earth. They images could be mere holograms. Or, we can hope they are the kind of space aliens that have no taste for human flesh or hormonal juices. Let's see how the radical left proposes to fix an alien invasion. Perhaps they will ride up Judas-like in the shuttle, hat in hand, begging the aliens to make them their sole negotiators on Earth -- for a big slice of the pie, of course.

We must trust Almighty God to guide Trump and conservative America to do everything humanly possible to preserve health, hope, and prosperity -- despite the continual elevations of public threat from all directions.

© 2020 bigfootprint

Author's Note

Being a retired newsman, I can't shut down my obsession to strike at partisan revolutionists, public perils, and petty politics.

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Added on March 2, 2020
Last Updated on March 2, 2020
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