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When COVID was detected at Wuhan province in China, there were mixed reactions, some said that it was an extended byplay of past viruses hailing from the same nation such as birds flu, foot and mouth disease. A lot of the countries just took it for granted but when it hit South Korea and later on had Italy be put in a lock down eventually it became alarming especially when it was United States'turn and just like in the past people wondered why there was failure to contain it within china.... but when numbers keep on growing here in my country with 214 cases and 19 deaths at present, I have to think things over... three things come into my mind, my over indulgent mind... first there is a pattern here with the first and second world wars... if we look back at history we can see that one of the factors which contributed to the imminent first world war was not only the assassination of the Prussian king but rather a virus which happened around the 17th to 18th century which is known as black death followed by small pox outbreak which is again caused by a virus then when second world war was imminent there is the remnants of atomic bombings in Japan which had a virus like with hay fever symptoms being widespread and became epidemic around the world that the result was the hundreds of thousands of death around the different concentration camps which showcased nihilism at the peak. Then if we look after the cold war, the gulf war, civil wars in different countries, countless viruses began to take toll such as Ebola, MERS, SARS, African swine fever and even anthrax... if a pattern evolves around it... then your guess is the same as mine... all of these happen for a reason it can either be a terrorist move or simply a strategy which comes to the second thing in my mind that COVID can be a man made virus which signifies only one thing and that it can be used as a biological warfare strategy to initiate war possibly a third world war since for one reason which is the theory of superpower it is now China vs, United States totally different from the two world wars... now it does not rest on nuclear and atomic weapons but more on biological weapons which could signify only two outcomes---- annihilation or anarchy or perhaps both and the third thing on my mind is that China is now fully awake and is in total control.. it will not rest until it can dominate the entire world and what happened with the rest of the countries around the world especially a third world like mine wherein we survive on a daily basis and with the quarantine and lock down being experienced.. only the fittest can survive in this deadly game.

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This reads like a conspiracy theory & usually I have little tolerance for conspiracy-theory type thinking . . . however, THIS really caught my attention. The problem with most conspiracy theories is that brother is making a case against brother, a personal or political vendetta pitting people against each other. Your theory seems to avoid that pitfall, making it feel less "politically motivated" -- with the easy-to-forget exception of this being aimed squarely at China. We're so conditioned to blame China for all our ills, it's easy to let this minor blame-game flaw slip by. But when based so loosely on history & current events, ANY country could be explained as being the culprit . . . what about the USA setting this up to look like China's fault as perhaps leverage in the global power struggle or as a way to either take Trump down or build him up. That's the problem with conspiracy theories. I love your expose as an entertainment piece, but as a persuasive essay, you are too steeped in generalities with seemingly little "proof"!??! Frankly, I think humans could stand to be "thinned out" some *wink! wink!* JUST KIDDING!!!! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 2 Months Ago

Hi sette, i haven't read a content of your writinh in a long time. How is home quarantine? Sana you're safe and healthy and with your family..

We'll survive this together sette, as Filiponos,as one nation, one world.

Posted 2 Months Ago

Hi Sette! It's been very to very long I've got to read from you. But it's sad that you had to write about a pandemic. I won't really accuse any country but for some people and not all in China, it seems they never cared about the world. After all their carelessness on eating any animal made us face such disaster today. My country's people also mostly live on hand-to-mouth and due to the outbreak of this virus we're living deadly unproductive days.
Hoping and praying we will overcome from this the soonest. Please stay safe and pass my love to your sweet daughter =)

Posted 2 Months Ago

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