Birth Of An Ang3l

Birth Of An Ang3l

A Poem by BLitZeD

wrote this when i was young like 16-17


To keep it real "G"

 Any n***a can get it,

I be that n***a that you see dog rocking the fitted.

Sitting with a bottle just chilling an sipping, 

I don't give a f**k about you, 

but ya b***h, ya best believe, that i will f*****g hit it.

The coke, the weed, the pills, everybody knows that i will f*****g flip it.

Ask your hommies dog, they'll tell you just how i kick it,

And when it comes to the gat, 

you know imma be the first n***a to load that clip in.

C**k that s**t back, fire one round ,aim just sick with it.

Leave you on the ground twitching,

With your jaw just spitted and ya dome just dripping.

So step the f**k back f****t,

Its p*****s like you that keep my trigger finger itching.


An you know that bullets got so much pull to it your bound to get hit.

One in the front an one to blow your back out a bit, b***h.

 * BLitZ3D * 

Hit the ground so you don't get slumped.

because when you hear that sound, it means the 12 gauges pumped. 

Double barrel get you buried, early funeral.

 F**k it,

Get the students too, 


 Watch them run an hide.

Pray to the sky just to find out your GoD is a lie.

Switch that G to an A and you got a f*****g Angel inside.

Ferocity of a Bangle with stripes.

 50 cal. the velocity's tight.

 Once you in sight, ain't no point for resistance, 

Despite the distance there is no missing the extinction of your existence. 

For instance,

Night terrors caused by night vision make insurgents split second decisions clouded by thought of them envisioning my ballistics incisions coloring there face crimson.

While explosive rounds burn there repulsive frowns up-the-f**k-side-down.

Scramble to keep there insides in,

but burn from the inside out.

Outcomes always vertical,

Bodies buried down 

© 2015 BLitZeD

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Hey BlitZed, fine display of true actions, through word's that are
not quite "accepted by other's" not that they don't understand, just refused to do so. Bars and Multi's are well displayed in this
Engaging piece, way cool! Thanks for the send'

Posted 3 Years Ago

Lovely poem!
Keep it up!!

Posted 3 Years Ago

sounds like a bad a*s rap song !

Posted 3 Years Ago

This was amazing. Powerful. I like how passionate your writing can be. Its gripping to your readers

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Although I hate gun violence, after reading this piece for a while I realize it's a social commentary type write that highlights the thinking behind such mass murder shoot-em-ups like Columbine...what makes those incidents echo for years in our consciousness. Very nicely done! take care...dan

Posted 3 Years Ago

Your writing is really strong and shows the personality of a gladiator.


Posted 3 Years Ago

I have a question... I mean I love how you freestyle write and most of it's really great but why so violent?

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

well this one in particular is the one im most proud of, it is the 1st one i ever wrote, and was edi.. read more

3 Years Ago

some non-violentness for you-- .. read more

3 Years Ago

lol ill read them later thanks
This was a powerful poem. It was filled with your emotions, daringness and brilliance. Keep on writing, for you have some talent but you should work a little bit on the lay-out. For it was a little bit hard to read but your poem is awesome so never stop sharing your thoughts with the world.

Good job :D

Posted 4 Years Ago

That was dope, the god line was crucial. you twisted up your words and came off like a grenade .. I'm not sure which is my favorite YET, but in due I enjoy reading your work, I love words, period..

Posted 4 Years Ago

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New Jersey Devil, FL

i give them the plans i drew up with thoughts methodically calculated and so intricately placed , every outcome was accounted for and algebraically related. f*****g statistically graced, like .. more..

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