She left again

She left again

A Story by Fallen From Grace

She's leaving again.
I just know it.
I can see it in her eyes and action.
She doesn't love us nor care about us.
We sat in the dinning room awkwardly.
Our father called us down to discuss an important matter.
My father was being a jerk and calling her out.
Telling her to tell us what she was gonna do.
She was ashamed. Looking downwards at the table. Not glancing towards at us.
Her voice became shaky and her eyes started to get watery.
She said,"I'm leaving. We are getting a divorce." My older brother made a joke to lighten up the mood.
We all knew she wouldn't want to stay. We knew it in beginning. This wasn't the first time.
We were surprised that she stayed this long. The longest she ever did. We knew when she started coming home late
and boxes around the house being packed. Especially the subtle questions she kept asking. Would you live with me if I left? Would you miss me? Who would you choose, your mom or dad? She already knew the answer. We would never go with her. She knew she burned the bridges down with us and there was no way to reconstruct the damages she as done. Then she had the audacity to make us put her boxes in the u haul truck. As we finished she left as nothing happened. The next day she was already gone. No goodbyes or anything. She just left and didn't even look back.
I guess we didn't mean anything to her since she was able to do that.

© 2016 Fallen From Grace

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Added on January 31, 2016
Last Updated on January 31, 2016