• The buildings around me fall away into dust
    Since when did we live by "in violence, we trust"?
    People run, screaming, away from the fire
    Born out of hate, and St. Evil's desire.

    In the midst of it all, people lay dying
    Parents lay dead, their children sit, crying
    I look into the sky to see nothing but smoke
    To witness this carnage, I'd much rather choke

    After all's said and done, people will point their blame
    Then we'll enter round two of this much-hated game
    And the rounds will not stop, I assure you that much
    There will always be war, it will never lose touch

    So how much more blood is the world going to bleed
    Before losing all life? Death by hate's greed
    We can all only hope that the world will recover
    But it won't, no not fully. So, we all just take cover.