Desprate Teenager Pt. 3

Desprate Teenager Pt. 3

A Story by Uniqe In Many Ways

When a girls thinks she is ugly in her eyes.


Why don't I look like her? With her big breasts and her big butt. Why wasnt I made this way. Why dont the guys look at me like they look at her? I try so hard to dress like them and be like them, but he still doesn't see me. Why do I have to me the ugly skinny chick. Sure the breast are big but that isnt good enough in this world. If I dont look like her where will i get in life? Where will i go? Who will I run to when I feel hurt or depressed or used? I cant do this anymore. I have to look this way and I will do anything in the world to get this way!!!





to be continued...

© 2010 Uniqe In Many Ways

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Uniqe In Many Ways
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Why would you want to be like her.. sure she might have big breasts, or a big butt... and dress a certain way.. it surely doesn't mean that she is any better then you.. truth be told... she is probably a big breasted, fat a*s b***h who does what she wants to whom ever she wants.. I hear she was the town pump anyway... =) I liked it..
One spelling error.. "Why do I have to BE the ugly skinny chick"..

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on November 30, 2010
Last Updated on November 30, 2010


Uniqe In Many Ways
Uniqe In Many Ways

Adamsville, AL

hey. My name is akira. I love poetry, singing, playing piano, and jsut being me. Did somestupid s**t in the past but hoping to me better in the future!! I would like my readers to read my writings and.. more..