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I thought everythin was great!! But once again i see how u couldn't care about me sense u are like the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!! And u are in love with someon else!!! I don't want to keep being depressed but i can't just get over u.!! And i realize now that i could never get u to like me.!! Especially considering the circumstances it seems like I'm setting myself up for something terrible!! This will break me.. seeing how its going so far already kills me!! Today hurt me but what can i do? And again life has shown me that when i fail to act, someone else will take those whom i care about!!! Story of my life!!! Besides that agony,, it was a good day!!!! :-(( i just want to tell u so bad but u probably don't see me the way i see u...but u were right!! I can't just let u go but now u let wat u talked about having for me go..even tho u never told me u liked me, somehow i knew..i felt those looks and longed for the eye contact but now......no hope!! :/ .

*inner cries*
I know it makes no difference but i want u to know, u were never just a friend to me..even now!! I noticed those looks which stole everybit of insecurity away...one special look u gave me when i played.. i felt it!! I love that u are always happy around me..i figured that was good.. i never believed that anyone could ever fall for me..but somehow, u did...altho u nor i ever spoke of these feelings, i loved talking to u like if u knew how i felt!! One hug that made me feel warm...the sad look on ur face when i left.. made me feel cold!! :-( but i fell for u long ago..trusted u wouldn't break me even tho u spoke of someone else.. i never cried in the exterior but i wept inside!! Another half of me maintained hope and kept me happy...but now there's is no hope for u and me...i failed to act and lost my chance!! Cute way we talk in person and txt. . If there was still hope ide love to know but i guess i have to let u go sense it wouldn't be right to like u while ur wiff him...u doubt urself and i tell u its okay but i wish u would choose me..too late for that. I care about u enough to wish u happiness with anyone..but my heart still wants u.!! This is my life's tease!! I hate myself for not having said anything but i still want to tell u..and i can't help but wonder that if i did tell u, what u would say, if u would care, and if it would change anything? V-V :'(((."why can't i stop thinking about u?" Something I've felt for along time!! U trust me and that makes me happy! But my feelings for u,no matter how strong they are, and ur feelings to me, if remaining, are nothing when i see u with him!! I honestly don't think he cares as much as i do..he went on with life.. leaving u behind in pain and insertanty... :-(( i hate seeing u in pain but i love that u trusted me enough to comfort u!! If only.. v.v
Mood: save me from my misery!! :
Music: the song u sing so well

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Author's Note

something someone wrote me and... i just cant stop crying

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the message is clear.. i haven't had a real close friendship with a guy but I know the situation from what i read and what i watch... and at those times whenever i'm in front of a book or a tv my heart feels heavy that i want to cry...guys sometimes are insensitive but we cant blame it all on them... the girl in that story should wait... because she never knew whether her love story will end good or bad (:

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8 Years Ago

thanks !!

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names athena. middle names dayana, so ppl end up calling me day, dai, die-die, etc. So, feel free to call me Dayana ^_^ lawlz itz teh name i use 4 mi fbook nd vampirefreakz O.e so if u want, u can fri.. more..

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A Chapter by frozensakura