shall we forgive the moon?

shall we forgive the moon?

A Poem by Latifa


The moon is a traitor.
His love is scarce.
He’s not loyal like the sun.
His greetings are not courteous as her’s,
nor lasting.
He abandons us in our hour of need,
leaving us with feeble sparks of stars,
to look after us.
I guess the sight of us nightly bores him
after a while.
It drains his lurid luminance,
so he hides
In sight.
Looking elsewhere,
contemplating in the somber threads of space,
like a monk in isolation.
being grateful,
he's not a human.

But it’s in the gloom
Where wickedness  sits on her throne
Spreading her vile arms,
to touch the dead
and the living.  
Shall we excuse the moon then,
for looking elsewhere!
Will the sun bear,
what he witnesses nightly?

It’s in the gloom
Where virtue lays in sepulcher,
gazing at
the dingy vacancy of souls,
ready to die.
shall we excuse the moon then,
for looking elsewhere!

© 2016 Latifa

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You have made some genuine complaints against the moon. Not sure if any action will be taken. Lovely piece though :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

its beautifully written, woww

Posted 4 Years Ago

Love this. it's a beautiful and interesting metaphor.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Send me more RR's, I love reading your poetry.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

thank you :)
The gloom, I remember it's cause, poor souls captured in sticky gloom. When the darkest part of night gathered around us I would touch souls, sparking my humanity; they in turn felt the empathy of hope.

You are one fine writer Latifa!


Posted 5 Years Ago

Fine poem, and like the way you use the masculine form in describing the moon, this has some great lines, this is all well put together !

Posted 5 Years Ago

I love that first line!
Keep on writing!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

So richly dark and extravagant like the night when the moon awakens. You feed us from the aching wonder of these shadows in search of the sun's life and all the contrasts in between.

Posted 5 Years Ago

An excellent one the moon sure is a traitor but with its shine it gets better and shows Some but leaves some for later and when the full moon rises its shine gets greater perhaps its best to leave traitor so the heart gets better because its the only thing that matters.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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What a delightful and well constructed work! The perspective is captivating with concepts never considered. Extremely wel done. Besides all that, how I envy you being in Oran. I remember well Pasha's Tomb. I miss it all.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

thank you for your kind review :)

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oran, oran, Algeria

"the cave you fear the enter, holds the treasure you seek" Joseph cambell this quote is my thriving recipe for dwelling in the enchanting castle of words, more..


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