Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by briget_01

The sound of an annoying buzz echoed through Josh’s ears as it awoke him. He flipped over in his bed, pulling his red sheet over his head. His groan slightly blocked out the noise, but it’s no use. He reached his hand out of his warm blanket cocoon and into the open cold air. His hand found its way to the bedside table, then maneuvered to where his alarm clock should be. After fumbling around for a while, Josh’s fingers pushed down on a button, ending the screeching.

            Tearing his bed sheet off his face, Josh craned his head to the left to face the clock; 5:30, it read. As he reached up to his face to wipe away the sleep from his eyes, his feet kicked away the little sheets that were left on his bed. The mattress creaked as Josh rolled off it. He reached up stretching as he stood up. His bare chest caught a draft of cold air, causing him to wrap his arms around his naked torso.

            Josh’s bare feet trudged across the wood floor across his room, to his bathroom. He looked at his sleepy self, reflecting back at him through the mirror. Attempting to tame his wild blond hair was useless, yet he still tried to flatten the strands as he turned to his shower. Giving up on his hair, Josh slipped out of his boxers, and stepped into the shower.

The pipes squeaked as the water was turned off. Reaching around the corner of the marble shower wall, Josh grabbed a dark blue towel and wrapped it around his waist. He shook his short hair, spraying water around the shower. Josh took one final moment before exiting his shower’s warm protective threshold. Puddles trailed his feet as they made their way to the mirror again. After securing his towel to his hips, Josh trailed his hand across the mirror to wipe off the steam. Reflecting back at him, were dull green eyes. Surprisingly, the bags that were there a few days ago, seemed to have disappeared.

Throughout the summer, Josh was a counselor at a kid’s camp with a few of his other school peers. He had taken the job to make a few extra dollars, and because it seemed fun, it was also a great way to take a few months off his family. It turned out though, his high school let it count as school credit. That’s why most of his peers showed up. Although it was a fun and great experience during the day, night time was a nightmare for Josh. The constant chatter of all his fellow counselors all crammed into a tight wooden cabin made it impossible for him to sleep. After two and a half months of being away, Josh only returned home the day before school started, looking as rugged as ever, bags under the eyes and all.

The hair atop Josh’s head seemed like it would be okay after a while of futzing with it. Ten minutes later, after having no idea what to wear on his first day of school, Josh managed to slap on a pair of salmon shorts and a long sleeved grey shirt that had 3 black buttons on the neck of it. He pulled the sleeves up to his elbows as he began to lace up his vans. As he moved to his right foot, there was a knock at the door.

“Josh, hurry up,” the voice was coming from behind the door, “breakfast is almost ready,” it called. Josh looked up through his eye lashes to see his little sister Naomi. “Tell mom I’ll be down in a minute,” he called as he finished the bow on his shoe. With a quick nod, Naomi’s bright face left the door way.

            With a sigh, Josh leaned off the end of his bed. Although he would never admit it, he didn’t mind school; in fact, he enjoyed it. But that didn’t mean he liked all the homework or tests, or waking up at 5:30 in the morning to get ready for it. He just enjoyed the whole process of learning new things. The only thing he’d ever learned at home were new ways to praise the Lord, and countless ways to be doomed to Hell.

            He took one last look in the mirror and told himself he looked acceptable. Before leaving his room, Josh slung his backpack over his shoulder. The red bag was still light due to the lack of papers stuffed into it. He also grabbed his car keys and phone off his bedside table. Walking down the hall, he passed a line of family photos. The one closest to his bedroom, at the end of the hall, was when he was only ten. He was in between his mom and dad, who were each carrying babies who looked exactly alike. In the dad’s hands was Josh’s brother Noah, and in the mom’s hands was Josh’s sister Naomi.

As he passed all the photos, they all looked the same. The family wore plain white clothing with the same plain white church in the background. The only difference in each picture was the aging of the children. Noah and Naomi began to stand on their own, and Josh grew taller, gaining more facial details as well. The last photo in the hall, only taken a couple months ago, still had the plain white clothing and church, but this time, Josh recognized the teenager standing in the middle. He wore the same goofy smile and green eyes as the man staring at him in the mirror. Although it was no doubt Josh in the picture, it didn’t seem like it. It was almost like another person. Josh and the teenager in the pictures and in the mirrors where different; not the same.  

After a minute, Josh dragged his attention away from the photo and continued down the hall to the tip of the stairs. He jumped down the stairs two at a time, and check his phone for the time. Oh God. I’m late, he thought as he jumped down the remaining stairs. It was 6:08.

He threw his backpack next to the door just before skidding into the kitchen. At the table, seated was his two siblings, and his parents. Each wearing a disappointed look. “Sorry I’m late,” Josh started, “I guess I took-“

“Don’t give excuses,” The stern face of Josh’s father quickly silenced him, “Just take a seat, Son.” Looking down, Josh maneuvered his way to his chair. He quickly took a seat and placed a napkin on his lap. Noah was eagerly staring at the food in front of him, his mouth almost watering. Just as he was about to reach out and take a slice of bacon, his mother spoke up, “Shall we?” She raised her hands from the previous folded position she had them in. She beckoned the rest of the family to do the same. Mr. Martin linked hands with Mrs. Martin and Noah, while Josh reached across the table to clasp hands with Naomi’s. He also held his hand out next to him for Noah. As the two twins held their brother’s hands, Mrs. Martin began speaking, “Bless O Lord,” as she spoke this first word, Josh watched as all in unison his family bowed their heads and closed their eyes. “this food to our use and us to thy service, and keep us ever mindful of the needs of others. In Jesus' Name,” everyone joined her for the last word, “Amen.”

            After grace, Noah launched himself at the bacon, causing the rest of the family to reach for their own food, but more humanly. After a normal Martin family breakfast, filled with small chatter, and a small argument between the twins, Josh stood up, “I should leave soon, if I want to pick up Luke on time.”

“Alright, honey.” His mother stood up with him, and took his plate from his hands, “Have a good day at school.” Her sweet, genuine smile was contagious and caused Josh to smile back.

“What time is dinner?” The smile on Josh’s face quickly disappeared when his father spoke.

“7 O’clock.” Josh answered.

“Exactly. 7:00. Not 7:08. Don’t be late again.” He had a way of making his words sound like daggers, cutting into your mind. Josh quickly nodded and turned to head for the front door.

            As Josh sat in the driver’s seat of his truck, he let out a deep sigh that carried out all the words he wanted to yell at his father. As he was beginning to feel calmer, he put the keys into the car. When the ignition bursted the car to life, he got a text on his phone:

Pick me up @ Sarah’s


“Nice.” Josh breathed out a laugh as he left the driveway of his house.

            He pulled up to a curb in front of a very big brick house. The front door was almost as tall as the first story, and there were grand windows giving a glimpse into the house, where very nice furniture was visible. Josh left the engine idling and honked his horn twice. Moments later a tall, lanky, bald, shirtless teenager crawled out of a basement window. When he saw the old truck in front of the house, he jogged towards it.

            With a click, Josh unlocked the car doors as the boy neared. And with a yank, the boy popped open the car door as he was still sliding on the remainder of his white shirt. He hopped into the car slinging his backpack on his lap.

“Good morning, Luke,” Josh greeted with a smirk.

“Hey dude,” Luke exchanged, “Thanks for picking me up here,” he continued, sounding out of breathe, as he began tying his shoes.

“Yea. No problem” Josh raised both his eyebrows at him.


“Oh nothing,” sang Josh as he pulled the car away from the curb.

            After a couple heartbeats of silence, Josh spoke up again, “so…” he started, “How was Sarah’s house?” he questioned with a smirk.

“It was…” a smile crept across Luke’s face, “good.” He answered.

“How did you score a sleepover the day before school with the principal’s daughter?” Josh looked over at Luke in the passenger seat.

“Well. We wanted to spend the last day of summer together.”

            Josh laughed at that, causing Luke to defend himself, “What? There are actually some perks to have a long term girlfriend!”

“Are you going soft on me??” Josh teased sarcastically.

“Shut up.” Luke scowled. He slid over to the middle seat and shoved Josh’s shoulder, causing the car to swerve into another lane. Josh corrected the truck as he heard car honks directed at him.

“Okay Okay!” Laughed Josh. The relationship Luke and Sarah had, Josh admired. The way they each deeply cared for each other wasn’t obvious, but Josh noticed it. The way Luke would always buy her random gifts whenever they ‘reminded him of her’ or the way Sarah would always come the school’s track meets just to cheer Luke on. It was cute. But Josh would never tell Luke that. It was much more fun to mock him for his perfect high school relationship.

            As the car stalled at a stop light, Luke stroke up another conversation, “How was camp?”

“It was fine. The kids were fun. Oh! And I got a free period because of the credits I earned.”

“Is that all that happened??” Luke leaned over and poked Josh in the side. Swatting his hands away, Josh replied with a confused look. “Sarah told me Nat was there…” Luke began doing this weird thing with his eye brows. They started wiggling up and down like they had a mind of their own. Josh then just rolled his eyes. “So she was there!?”

“She was,” Josh admitted, “but we were just co-counselors together. That’s it.”

“You sure?” Luke continued. Josh just shot him a pointed look. “I don’t know man,” Luke’s eyebrows were still dancing, “a handsome dude, and a pretty chick, and nothing happened?” He sat back in his seat, “I just don’t buy it.” Josh rolled his eyes, yet again. But Luke still continued on, “You sure you two didn’t sneak off to a tent in the woods and-” Luke began swiveling his hips additionally to his weird eyebrow movements. It was now Josh’s turn to shove Luke.

© 2015 briget_01

Author's Note

This is the first chapter in this story (obviously...), so I want to know how good it is. Is it intriguing to the reader? Are you interested in the next chapter?


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This is really good and, as a kid in high school, I find this very relatable. Although, I get up at 5:30 every morning and I can tell you that my parents are almost never up (or they're already at work), but that's beside the point. Your writing is really quite excellent, though there were a few grammar errors here and there, there's not much wrong with your style.
The story feels very real and I can imagine this being an average morning for some high schooler somewhere. I'm interested in what happens next, and I can't wait to read more!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thanks for your comment! It makes me happy that you enjoyed it!

It's a very well written story. It's...great. I liked the feeling of humanity in this story. It's a very believable story. I love the conversations between Josh and the other characters, as it gives that extra bit of realism. It's pretty intriguing, and will make you read the next chapter. The only thing I would put is a bit more character development with Josh and Luke, but overall the story is solid. Keep it up.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thanks for your review! I don't know how many times I rewrote this chapter before posting it, so it .. read more
Ashley Arita

8 Years Ago

Your very welcome!

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