A Poem by BristolMaud

Why can't my brains get along!?

The duelers stood at ready,
their backs taught and tense,
the left composed and steady,
the right in maudlin suspense.

Turning to face their fate,
they hinged at the heel,
possessed by frothing hate,
they set the course for their keels.

And OUT shot the mark
that set them sailing in
toward the proving wreckage,
craving that vicious din.

Ready to prove their course -
a truth that abutted just
right upon the other's -
the turf broke under their thrust.

And the seconds stole by
and the unbroken sight 
instilled in their bones
that they were both in the right.

And the space between them
closed in under a vacuum
that between their bodies grew
as their feet landed in tandem.

The two were just censured
enough to break through
the pressure of their venture;
the heat of their throttle ballooned.

But there in the gap
between the atoms that would smash,
less than moments before
their flesh would collapse,

They found in themselves
a dawning composure
that flew in the face
of their earlier disclosures:

They were wasting their time!
They were wasting their breath!
They were equal in truth!
They were matched in every step.

But too late came the climax
and too late came the brakes.
The force of their riot
consummated their mistake.

And there on the field,
smashed in at the pate,
lay my right and left,
who rather warred than collate.

© 2013 BristolMaud

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Author's Note

A freewrite.

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Added on February 20, 2013
Last Updated on February 20, 2013



New York, NY

Bristol: Age 21. 30 credits toward Polisci BA. Recently married. Recently moved to Lower East Side, NY. Unemployed. Well-fed, well-sexed, and well-loved. Looking forward to friends, online and IRL. De.. more..