A Story by Brooklyn

I'm sort of scared about what is happening to me. My stories used to have mainly happy endings--


Day one

They say I’m insane. Just because I hissed at a boy who stepped on my tail. Well, of course I hissed. I’m a cat.

“No, no,” they said. “You’re a human.” No. I’m a cat.

“What is your name?” they asked.


They sighed.

How could I be insane? Cats can’t be crazy. ”meow,” I said to prove it to them. They shook their head.

“What should we do?” one asked another. See if she gets better the other answered after a moment.

“Do you know how to write?” the first asked me, holding out a pen and a notebook.

“Meow,” I answer. He doesn’t seem to understand so I take the notebook and write Jimmies on the inside cover. My name so it won’t be lost or confused for something else.

I want you to write in it everyday. Okay…Jimmies?”

“Meow,” I answer.


Day two

They came for me again today. They had put me in a white room yesterday and had given me food. I couldn’t eat it because it wasn’t cat food. Now they have come for me again.

“Do you still think your name is Jimmies?” The first doctor asked me.

I shake my head. “No.”

“Then what is your name?” the first asked.

So many questions. “Marina Wilson. I am eight years old.”

They blinked at me. Doctor number two typed something into his laptop. “Marina Wilson is dead.”

I shake my head confused. I’m not dead. “I am right here. Living.” I write Marina Wilson under where I have written Jimmies.

They exchanged looks. “You can go back to your room now.”

I stick my tongue out at him on the way by.  


Day three

I am not Jimmies. I am human. I’m also am not Marina Wilson, though I did know her. More than most. I am her older sister, Cove.

“She is also dead,” they tell me.

“No, I escaped.”

“Escaped from what?” Doctor number.

“She will kill me if I tell you.”

They try to convince me That I am safe here.  

I’m worried about myself, however conceded that sounds. How could I have thought I was a cat? Maybe it’s my grief at my little sister’s death. I’ve heard that It does strange things to people. Maybe I will get better.

I write my real name under where I wrote the cat’s name and my sister’s name.

“How old are you?” Doctor number two asks.

“pas t legal drinking age,” I tell them with a smirk. “So how about some whiskey?” They give me a looks that says nice try, but don’t seem surprised. I’ve always had a drinking problem. Susan and Damien would fly off the wall if they knew. It’s not like they can judge me, though. Underage drinking is an old Wilson tradition.

“Who are they?” the doctors asked.

 “My older sister and her perfect, charming, amazing boyfriend.” I say flatly. “Susan is my guardian. I would like to add that he really isn’t that perfect. Perfect guys never cheat and he did. Several times. With me. He told me that he loved me.”

“How old is he?” they asked.



Day four

I don’t even know a Susan. Or a Cove. I heard about Marina but have never seen her in my life. I have never had a cat named Jingles and I’m definitely human. And I especially never did it with a guy named Damien.

I am not a s**t.

I don’t betray family.

And I am not planning on getting prego at the age of fourteen.

I want to be valedictorian people.

All that other stuff I must have written while dreaming or something. But it seems so real.

“Who are you today?” Dr. Arnald asks.

“I am Sara Young. I have always been Sara Young. I am not crazy, I have a 4.0 GPA. And I demand to see a lawyer.”

 No one responds. “Did you hear me?! I demand to see a lawyer. You have no right to hold me hear against my own will. I am missing school, people!”

“The problem is, Ms. Young, we don’t think you are entirely stable. Just three days ago you thought you were a cat.”

“A Joke,” I lie.

“Then you are the best actress I have ever met.” I glare at him. “The thing is, we cannot let you go until we know honestly who you are. And if you are okay to be released. At the moment, we don’t think that it is good for the population for you to be let out.”

They have me sign my name under all the others in the inside cover of the notebook.

Anger builds up inside of me. I knee him in the nuts. Then I run.

I am caught at the door and am sent into my room. This time it is locked behind me.


Day five

“My name is Peter. Peter Cottontail.”

They roll their eyes. “Hoping down the bunny trail?” Dr. Jack asks.


There is a moment of silence. “Actually my name is Henry Walden.” I admit.



“But you’re a girl.”

“Are you taking loony pills?” I say outraged.

“No but you are the one that is certifiably insane.” Yeah, I reread my entries this morning. He had a point. I mean, a cat? And then three girls? How about: no.

He shows me a reflection of myself in the mirror. Jesus, I am a girl.

“But I’m Henry Walden. I went with Sara Young to the…” I drop off.


“Well, we were supposed to go on a date.”

“And? What happened?”

“I don’t really know. All I remember is that we never actually went o n the date. We left and something happened.”

 “Like you and Sara’s deaths?” Asks Arnald who had been typing furiously into Google this whole time.

“Does it look like I’m dead?”

“Does it look like you’re a guy?”

So I add my name.


Day six

They tell me who I am. Laura Scott.

The name seems right, unlike the other names I’ve used. Unlike the other people who I have been for the last five days.

I went missing a week before they found me wandering in the forest.

Why was I wandering in the forest? Something is very, very wrong. But all I remember is two names. Mine and someone else’s. I don’t know who. The name is Zelia Ransford.


Day seven

I remember who Zelia is. She is my bestfreak. I mean my bestfriend. We met in the seventh grade and became really close after that. She admitted to me that she was a bit strange in eighth grade. I still don’t know what she meant by that.

I answered by saying that I was weird too.

After that we didn’t call each other our bestfriend. It was always bestfreak.


Day eight

I remember something happened in sophomore year. Something that changed Zelia’s life. It’s not really my secret to tell, but I have to write it down. I have to.

Zelia got pregnant. We were only fifteen.

The Guy’s name was Damien. He was a good guy, really. Or so I thought until I read Cove’s journal entry. Or…my journal entry. I know I shouldn’t believe that entry, but somehow I do.

Anyway, he had wanted to stick around, be a father. But Zelia opted for an abortion. He was heartbroken about the baby and left her. She hated him after that.

And I being her besrfreak, had to hate him, too.


Day nine

I fell in love. With Damien’s bestfriend, Marcus. It wasn’t by choice and it really had nothing to do with Damien himself, but Zelia regarded it as betrayal.

She made it very clear that it was either him or her.


Day ten

I chose him.


Day eleven

I remember where I heard the name Jimmies used for a cat before. Jimmies was my cat.

About a month after I had unfriended Zelia I found her. Dead. Tied to her body was a note saying, “You chose wrong.” It was in Zelia’s handwriting.


Day twelve

The second name in the book was Marina’s. I babysat her. By this point I was disturbed and a little scared. But it wasn’t until Marina was murdered that I was terrified.

Her oldest sister had found her. Their parents had already died. Her oldest sister had found writing on the wall over her. In here blood. It said “wrong choice”

I broke up with Marcus, but didn’t tell him why. And I befriended Zelia again.

But it didn’t help. By this point the only living relative that Susan had left was Cove. Susan was dating Damien at this point and Zalia still loved him.

So she shot Cove through the head.


Day thirteen

Sara and henry were walking to the movies when they hear the gun shot. They ran in to see Zalia with the gun and Cove’s body.

They tried to get away.

They tried to call 911.

Sara died first, Zalia told me that later in horrific detail. Then Henry, crying over Sara. “It was because he cried I killed him,” she said. “I could have probably frightened him into silence but he showed weakness. And that’s not allowed.”

She chopped off their heads and put them in a cooler. She showed them to me. I ran.


Day Fourteen

I look at the inside cover of the notebook. I finally realized that I forgot to write my real name there. Laura Scott, I sign. I smile, maybe I really am safe from her here.

“Laura,” a voice says calling my attention.

I look up and see her.

“Tell Marcus I say hi,” she says. Then she swings an ax.         

© 2012 Brooklyn

Author's Note

--now everybody gets killed. And there are axes.

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I Kinda liked it. My style, nicely portrayed with all the insanity. Although maybe you could've done more wth the ending. But who cares you're the can do what you want that's the beauty of it!
So yeah, really good story, nicely done.
Although you really need to start proof reading. You called Jimmies Jingles once and forgot to number one of the doctors...among other things. Take your time and read your own beautiful helps

Posted 6 Years Ago

AWESOME! that was a great story, I loved it! ^_^ keep it up brooklyn!

Posted 7 Years Ago

People dying by the hands of a lunatic over nothing? That was way cool and totally awesome!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Holy crap! It's freaking awesome! But I'm a little scared now... hahah :P

Posted 7 Years Ago

This was intriguing and the whole time I didn't know what was going to happen next. i like the ending, the whole story really. good job:D

Posted 7 Years Ago

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