Prologue and Chapter One

Prologue and Chapter One

A Chapter by C. Anthony Goggin

This is the prologue and chapter one of my fantasy novel, Lamerith. This is the beginning and introduces some of the important characters and gets the journey Amborn must go on started.





     The wind howled through the halls of the savior, whipping up dust and sand and spinning it in intricate patterns. Amborn wrapped his cloak tighter to shut out the chill, staring at the swirling dust he got the impression that if only he looked a bit closer and for a bit longer he might see Ortanu's plan unfold before him. Glancing about he could not help but notice a subdued atmosphere about Pintera. Ever since Zaleth had left, the halls had lost some of their light. Hearing footsteps he turned to see Arach walking towards him.

“You have been summoned to the high chamber Amborn” said Arach in an almost whisper, not wanting to disturb whatever it was that had held his attention for so long. Looking at Amborn, he could not help but wonder why he had been sent to find him, glancing at him from head to toe; all he saw was an aging fool, covered in dust with an unkempt beard. “The lord himself has requested your presence”.

Standing up Amborn winced slightly; had he really been sitting down for so long? Arach noticing his discomfort offered an arm as they set off towards the chamber of gold.

Standing at the entrance to the Golden halls Amborn felt his Lords presence all around him. It felt like a spring morning just before a thunderstorm. “Enter”, the word erupted into his mind with such force and power. It hurt, but in a good way, a heady mixture of pain and overwhelming pleasure at having his Lord, his God speaking to him. Stumbling into the Chamber Amborn was almost blinded with rapture, simply from being in his presence. Dropping to his knee's Amborn barely managed to whisper “What would you have from me Ortanu?”

I am troubled” Amborn heard pulsing in his skull... “I fear that Zaleth has fallen”. Hearing this Amborn started to panic. His dear friend killed? But how, Zaleth was protected by Ortanu’s own will, surely no harm could have come to him. “Lord but how? Surely you yourself protected him?”

Amborn then felt sorrow erupting almost from the walls, and it took all he had not to be overwhelmed. “No Amborn, Not slain... fallen. He has gone the way of the morning star. He has put me from his heart and now claims dominance over the lands of Serapnoir. He already holds the Cities of Lamerith in thrall”. Hearing this news Amborn was filled full of questions. How had Zaleth, one of their brightest fallen? And then there was the question of Serapnoir?  He had heard of no such thing.
   Ortanu, sensing the questions Amborn did not dare ask sighed. “Serapnoir was to be my new World separate from Earth, Amborn. I created it in my image after realizing I had failed man. I had hoped to do better. I thought a world that did not know my touch, my voice, and my will might prosper where a world flooded with false prophets claiming my voice as their own failed. I sent the brightest of you Angels down to watch and guide where it was needed. To help and to lead by example...But I was wrong.”

Amborn could not believe what he had just heard... Zaleth turned to the dark, a new Earth created? “But Lord, why tell me this? What can I do?”

Go Amborn, you are my arch in this, I have watched you. I have seen your soul. Go to Serapnoir, heal what can be healed, save what can be saved and stop Zaleth.” With that Ortanu waved a hand and the divine wind rushed through the Chamber, lifting Amborn and carrying him away...




Chapter One


   Amborn looked around as many different images flashed before his eyes, it had seemed like a lifetime that he had been falling but he fell still. Thoughts still rushed through his mind about Ortanu’s great order. What was he meant to do on this land that he knew nothing about? What of Zaleth? His best friend and the head Angel had fallen. What would this mean to Pintera, land of the Angels? Surely there was something wrong, some piece of information that he had misunderstood, but before he could think of anything he saw blue skies and clouds below him. Soon, he could see the land around him. It reminded him of Earth, its peaceful mountains, and rivers running through the plains. Right as he was marveling in the beauty of it, he thudded down on the ground and he felt his body quiver in pain. Looking around he saw that he was on a very tall mountain, in fact, it was the tallest in sight. Before he got up he took the time to massage his knees which absorbed much of the impact and were quite sore.


Looking about he saw no path down, and decided he would have to climb. The trees were a beautiful green that reminded him of his cabin on Earth. The many different shades of dirt and grass were amazing in their glimmer, and shine. He walked gently for some time before coming to a large drop off and had to find a decent ladder formation of rocks to climb down on. But as he lowered his foot down, the rock underneath it cracked in two sending him down through the air toward the bottom nearly two hundred feet below. He was certain he would land hard and break his back but just before the moment of impact, he stopped. Floating in the air he wondered what could have done such a thing. As he thought about it, he slowly lowered to the ground and was placed down softly and comfortably.


He stood up to examine himself and the area, but found no remarkable reason for his miraculous save. How queer, he thought to himself, does this land of Serapnoir have resistant gravity? He walked along a small clearing, edging towards the small pond below. For nearly seventy years he had been dead, and had never experienced thirst. Now that he felt it again, it came strange but natural to drink the water. It was cold, and as it touched his lips it brought back many memories of his past life. He remembered cold milk, and hot eggs fresh from the stovetop. He remembered going hunting and looking for squirrels with his son. Amborn had not thought of these things in a long time. Not since he was accepted to be an Angel of the Order, and his son turned down had he thought of his life. When becoming an Angel, you are transported to Pintera, land of the Angels away from all of the other spirits. For thirty long years, Amborn had not seen or heard of his son Adam. He wondered what it must be like, to be in Heaven along with the other spirits. Pintera was a wonderful place, and he loved being in the service of Ortanu…but he could not help but wish to be with his family.


He finally reached the bottom of the great mountain, nearly three hours after his arrival at Serapnoir. Past the fields he could see many different lands and rivers. There was a vast lake, with a river heading north. Through a mere whim he decided to follow it, and began his journey to wherever he could find people. The river was long, and narrow, but its water was crystal blue. In it, he could see an assortment of fish and frogs as they swam around and flopped above the water. After a while Amborn was wondering if there was any intelligent life on this new planet until finally he saw something drinking from the river in front of him. It appeared to be a great horse, larger than any he had ever seen; at least fifteen feet tall. As he approached he noticed something very strange about this creature, it did not appear as most normal horses do, its chest bent up into a very peculiar shape. This horse was not a horse at all, it had the body of one…but it had the head of an ape! Amborn stopped dead in his tracks about thirty feet away in hopes of not being noticed. The strange creature finally looked up and stared right at him. Amborn’s knees shook and he fell to the ground as it met him face to face.


“Hello human. I am Derek, who may I ask are you?” Did this horse creature just speak to me? Surely not! But the ape face continued to look at him with wondering eyes, and Amborn built up the courage to answer. “My name…I’m Amborn.” The creature backed up a bit and shook his head, “Never heard of you. Where are you from, Amborn?” To this Amborn did not know how to reply, he could not speak of Heaven, or Ortanu or surely he would be punished. “I am from very far away….what, if you don’t mind my asking, are you?” This for some reason or another caused the creature to laugh. “That’s a good one, “What am I?” very funny.”  “I’m sorry mister, but I honestly have not a clue what you are.” Slowly the creature stopped laughing and began to stare at Amborn blankly, “You don’t?” “Sorry, but no I don’t.” This made the creature frown a bit, “Very odd, most humans know very much about us Gargils.” “Gargils?” “Yes, that is what we are called. We mostly live in a place called the White Oak Forest, but surely you know of the great white wood?” Again Amborn was embarrassed to admit that he knew nothing of these creatures or places.

   “Surely you are not of Lamerith, if you truly know so little.” Derek calmly stated with a chuckle. “Well not exactly.” This finally calmed the creature and the two began conversing about their day and before long Amborn asked if he could tag along with Derek, as he knew the land so much better. “Normally, people are not allowed into our city, but you are not a man of war I can tell…it will be up to the guards to let you in, but I will take you there if you like.” “That is fine…may I come?” The large ape head shook in agreement and after enjoying a few more sips, they headed towards the White Oak Forest.


They had a long way to walk according to Derek, in fact, the White Woods lie on the opposite end of the nation. “There are many fields throughout Lamerith as you can see.” What Derek said was very true, they had crossed nothing but flat fields since they began walking. “So, what is the White Oak Forest? Some sort of city, or a forest?” Amborn asked in the most politely way he could, “It is both. It is the greatest forest known to Serapnoir, its trees are a bright white shade, and the leaves are of a golden color. It is also where the Gargils developed their cities long ago, and it is now our home.” “What happened that made the humans and the Gargils dislike each other?” Derek frowned a little, “Most humans are very resentful of us because of our appearance. They call us “Freaks of Nature”” “Oh…that’s terrible, we had similar problems where I come from.” Somehow, Amborn truly did feel for the beast, as he could tell that, in mind at least, Derek was not so different from him. “We are nearing the Black Lake now, up there.” Derek was pointing at a very large and deep lake with many creeks stemming from it in different directions. “We are roughly half way there now…perhaps we should rest here for the night?” “Yes, that is fine with me, besides it’s nearly dark.”


The night was peaceful and Amborn enjoyed the strange fish that they ate for dinner. “I think I will be off to bed now Derek. Thanks again.” He said as he waved goodnight. His sleep went mostly uninterrupted and he dreamed of many great things, but towards morning he dreamed of something very different. The face of Ortanu was glaring at him, smiling. “My lord, why are you here?” he asked softly. “Do not tell of me. No one can know. Do you hear me?” Amborn shook his head in agreement and the light grew brighter, so much so, that he had to close his eyes. When he opened them again, he found himself on the ground by the lake. He stood up and looked around. His legs were still bothering him from the fall, but he managed to walk over to the shore. Derek was happily fishing for breakfast, which was an interesting sight to see. Being half ape and half horse, he did not fish like most creatures would. Instead he kind of galloped along every once and a while bobbing his head in to attempt to grab one of the many different varieties of fish. “I see you have woken up old man! How about coming and helping me out?” Of course Amborn had no problem with fishing; he had done it many times before without a pole. “Hang on I will get my things.” He yelled, but as he went to turn around a gust of wind blew past him and the water in the lake seemed to recede from the shore leaving at least forty fish to squirm in the sand. “How did you do that?” Amborn asked Derek honestly. “I didn’t do that! Come on now, let’s get some of them.” They happily gathered the fish and walked to the grassy area where their fire was. The lake water slowly came back to rest in its natural position. “That is truly remarkable!” Derek shouted loudly and with great excitement. “Yes…very strange.”


Amborn ate in an almost zombie like state. His mind was on other things. Between his great fall, or lack thereof, and then the lake; he was quite curious how so much luck could come to him. “This is some of the best fish I have ever had, how about you Amborn?” “It’s…very good indeed.” Derek laughed at him, “What’s wrong with you? You’ve been acting strange since I met you.” “Nothing, I’m just a little preoccupied is all. Sorry.” They finished eating and began packing their things to be on their way. “Which way is the White Forest Derek?” Amborn asked in hopes of sounding normal. “North West from here, we will pass by Palamoore on our way.” “What is Palamoore?” Amborn asked, “It is the capitol city of Lamerith! Goodness, I have never met someone as dull as you. What are you doing here if you know so little of the area?” This is what Amborn was afraid he would be asked; after all he had no answer. “Just traveling, wanted to see some new sights I suppose. Like that mountain that I found you near.” Derek shook his head, “Yes, Mount Gibs is the tallest in Serapnoir. Beautiful, but she’s hell to climb.” “Yes, I would imagine so…” Amborn replied in a soft and avoiding voice.


“We are nearly thirty minutes from Palamoore now; we should see its great walls soon.” Derek called out to Amborn who was walking a bit behind due to his bad legs. His blue robe was torn and dirty but he felt clean, and reborn. It was like a second life was given to him, like he had never died. “Here, use this staff.” Derek said as he handed him a great stick. “Thank you, this should help wonderfully. I fell you see, and my knees are giving me trouble.” “No problem, I like walking slow; it gives me time to look at the scenery. Look, there are the walls.” Amborn looked and beheld walls nearly a hundred feet high and all painted silver. They went on for miles and miles, but the size and stature remained true. “I have never seen such a thing. They would stop any intruder!” Amborn said as he marveled at their size. “Not quite, they have been broken through before, but not by many. We Gargils got in once, during the battle of the year 1075.” His voice was grave when he said this, and Amborn knew that there was a hatred for that year in Derek. “The conflict is truly that bad?” “Oh yes…you see, we Gargils are very intelligent creatures and we do not stand for being treated any different. They were using us as slaves and horses of such. So, our great King at the time retaliated and we took our stance on the battlefield. It was fifty years ago, but I remember it so clearly.” Derek’s voice trailed off and he began to walk faster, so Amborn did not ask further questions despite his intrigue.


They arrived at the gates of Palamoore at roughly noon. Derek’s plan was to just pass by quietly and to not be disturbed. Plans however, are made to fail. As they crossed the grassy hill Amborn stared at the tall golden gates and the five guards around it. Two of them came walking towards them with his hand reaching for his sword. “Sir, what are you doing here in Palamoore?” he asked and Derek replied, “We’re not in Palamoore, we are just outside the city, therefore we are simply in Lamerith.” Amborn laughed at this, but the guard must have found it insulting for he looked at Amborn and asked, “Does he belong to you?” This idea made him angry, “Belong to me?” “This Gargil, he belongs to you?” Derek nudged Amborn in the back and he replied, “Err…yes, he’s mine.” “Where are you taking him?” Surely the guard had no right to ask these questions! Amborn thought. “We are just walking, I need the exercise, and I can ride him home if my knees give out.” He finally said with a slight grin, proud of his witty answer. “Well, then be on your way.” And the guard walked away.


“Nice job there human, even I believed you.” Derek said as they happily walked away. “How far are we now?” “Maybe an hour or so, if that.” Amborn nodded and increased his pace, after the amazing walls of Palamoore; he could not wait to see the White Woods. “Derek?” he asked, “Do you think they will let me in? After what the other humans have done to you?” he had been worried about this for a while, and finally it had amounted in his brains enough so that he spoke up. “Amborn…some of them will welcome you gladly, but I fear the elders will be much more hesitant. They remember the old days far too well to just move on like the rest of us. They were literally tortured, hung, and decapitated during the early wars.” Amborn was shocked at how the humans behaved to such remarkable creatures, but he then remembered how things were not so different on Earth. “Where I come from, many things were mistreated as well, just for being different. It even got so bad; that humans were treated badly if they looked different then what was considered normal…” Amborn felt strange talking of Earth when Derek knew nothing of it, and wished he could tell him. Ortanu’s message kept popping in his mind in times like these though, and he quickly shut his mouth. “Sounds like our lands are not so different then.” Derek said softly. “Were you ever treated this way Amborn?” “No or should I say not for the same reasons.” “Oh? What do you mean?” Amborn did not wish to speak of this time in his life, and simply kept walking to which Derek did not seem to mind as he spoke no more.


The fields had turned to trees now and when white trees with golden leaves began appearing in scarce amounts, Amborn figured they were nearing the forest. “Who is your King, Derek? Is he a nice fellow?” “His name is Alector, but most call him Alec. He’s nice enough; I never saw anything wrong with him anyway.”

   Finally a tree line was in sight and they were no more than a hundred yards away. “When we get there, just follow my lead. I will tell them what I know about you, and then we shall wait for their answer.” “I should say nothing?” Amborn asked angrily, “Not until they have said yes or no…then you may blabber as much as you want.” Derek smiled, and it gave Amborn hope that the guards would allow him into the White Oak Forest, which as he could see now; truly was of the most amazing things he could ever dream of. The trees rose up higher than any before, and their white wood shined in the light of the sun. The golden leaves shimmied in the wind and covered the gates completely.


“Who goes there?” the guards shouted. “It is Derek, son of Gratics and fellow Gargil.” He yelled back. “Who is that with you? Why have you brought a human to the forest?” with these words the guard sounded angry and Amborn was feeling his chances slip away. “I must speak with King Alector about him. He is a good man, and he is not of Lamerith.” “How can you be so sure? Can you prove that he is not one of the Palamoore filth?” Amborn was shocked at how much hatred existed for humans as he noticed the face of the guard flinch at even mentioning Palamoore. “I must speak with the King!” Derek shouted. This shouting triggered something as the guards drew their bows and took aim for Amborn. Fifty arrows came soaring through the air at him and he knew all was lost. Derek ran out of the way as the arrows got within five feet of them, and Amborn stood still, still as a board. The arrows stopped, and fell to the ground peacefully. The guards looked at Amborn with open mouths, “You have brought a mage to the White Forest? Why didn’t you say so? Bring him in!” Derek also looked astonished at this, but the gates opened and Amborn felt himself being pushed by Derek, “Go on…” he whispered.

   “I will take you to the King, my name is Terrence.” said a large Gargil as he came down the long stairs from the wall. “Uh…hello Terrence, I’m Amborn.” Slowly Amborn was beginning to feel awkward, as he thought of the title the guard had given him, Mage? I am no mage…am I? Terrence was talking but he paid no attention, his thoughts were too many for such trivial conversations. These weird happenings were starting to amount to something, but a mage? Such things were what you found in fairy tales during Amborn’s former life! But he thought maybe, in this new world of strange things; magic and wizards did exist. Why couldn’t Ortanu have explained more? Helped me with my mission? Amborn felt a bit of anger at this but accepted that there must have been a reason, though he could think of none. As he finished thinking, he looked up to see a large hallowed out tree with golden doors and a large flag next to it. “This way Amborn, the King resides in this tree.” Derek whispered.


King Alector was the tallest of the Gargils that Amborn had saw, and wore a crown of silver and sapphire with a look of dignity and knowledge. “My men tell me that you are a mage…is this true?” he asked in a deep bellowing voice. “I…I’m not sure sir.” Amborn replied in a soft and respectful tone. “That is how the other one responded as well. Zaleth was his name, do you know him?” “Yes! He was my friend, but I hear he is much different now…is that true?” This was the question that ached in Amborn’s heart the most; could it be possible that his friend of so many years truly have become a fallen angel? “Zaleth is certainly not the same as he was when he came here…he was a very kind and caring being, but no longer. He has slain many men and even more Gargils over the course of a few years.” Amborn was struck deep in his heart by this news. The man he thought he knew was always a good friend, and seemed to have the best intentions for humanity. “I am sorry to hear that. He was a very good friend at a time.” The King frowned, “I know your pain well. Come in here, we shall speak more.”


The tree seemed never ending in its size, as they entered a large room resembling a council office, with a long table and many chairs. The King took his seat at the end and Amborn took his place next to him. “I am guessing, as Zaleth before you, you do not know how to use your magic?” Amborn was amazed how these creatures spoke of magic as if it was common. “No, I do not…it mostly happens by accident.” The King shook his head and smiled, “We can help with that, if you want but we must be more careful now, Zaleth has made us weary of helping strangers.” Amborn wanted to jump on the opportunity but calmed himself down. “That would be great sir, but how?” “We cannot show you how to do everything, each wizard has his own range of power, but we can show you how to control it and use it when needed.” This was all a new world to Amborn, and he questioned this offer deeply but decided that it would probably be his only chance and accepted. “Good, it is late now so we will start tomorrow. Does that agree with you?” Naturally Amborn agreed, and left with Derek who offered him a place to sleep in his tree.

© 2011 C. Anthony Goggin

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Author's Note

C. Anthony Goggin
I had to space this out in the text program here and I dont know if the paragraphs are correct.

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Well, very creative. You have an excellent creative mind. I enjoy a spiritual warfare novel. Don't stop writing, read books in your genre and keep an open heart and mind and you will find your success. I do want to hear more from your characters. Your writing did encourage me to continue reading. Good job.

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


Well, very creative. You have an excellent creative mind. I enjoy a spiritual warfare novel. Don't stop writing, read books in your genre and keep an open heart and mind and you will find your success. I do want to hear more from your characters. Your writing did encourage me to continue reading. Good job.

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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C. Anthony Goggin
C. Anthony Goggin

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I am 16 years old, I spent most of my younger years writing short stories that weren't very good but for the past year I have been working on a fantasy novel that I am hoping will be better. more..