Whippersnapper 1 - Black Moon Mountain & Whippersnapper 2 - Tourist Season (partial)

Whippersnapper 1 - Black Moon Mountain & Whippersnapper 2 - Tourist Season (partial)

A Screenplay by casablancavic

It's a mix of horror and science fiction. They survived millions of years and now they are looking for a new meal... Whippersnappers...just when you thought it was safe to go into the forest.

                              Vic Formosa
                              Characters created by Vic Formosa

                                          [email protected]


               Lush green forest stretches out as far as the eye can see.
               Trees reaching up to touch the sun.

               Streams and waterfalls adorn the rocky landscape to give way
               to a narrow lane road - barely wide enough for two cars.

               A large shadow flies above the trees, blocking the sun.


               Police cars swarm across the busy streets. Sirens wail,
               lights flash.

               Whatever has happened is big.

               It seems like the entire force is out all chasing each other
               as the cars whip and slice their way through traffic.

               EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD - DAY

               Birds flock in the trees, squirrels and chipmunks gather
               nuts and run about. A MOUNTAIN LION and her CUBS run
               through the bush.

               All of a sudden, the overwhelming sound of RUMBLING.
               Something so heavy that the animals run amok.

               through the peaceful setting.

               Their loud engines signify the destruction of what is all

               A CHAINSAW RIPS through the branches, boring down on a small
               DEER trapped in a man-made snare.

               CRACKKKK - a LARGE TREE falls in-front of the chain-saw
               blade and crushes the deer.

                              S**T!!! What you trying to do?
                              Kill me?
                              Whoever cut that tree is getting
                              an a*s kicking.

               JERRY, late 30's covered in mud and holding a chain-saw,
               tears away the bushes and rushes from the fallen tree over
               to a large tractor.

                              You stupid son of a b***h.

               He drops the saw and climbs aboard the monstrous beast,
               whipping the door open.

               He crawls partially inside and yanks PARKER (26) from the
               seat, throwing him to the mud below.

                              Hey, I didn't know.

                              Well, you're gonna learn.

               Jerry starts kicking Parker as he lies on the ground,
               soaking up the mud.

                              Alright!!! Ok. I'm Sorry.

                              One more time and you're off the
                              site. Get your a*s back to work
                              and keep your Goddamn eyes open.

               Jerry pulls Parker back to his feet and picks up his chain-
               saw, heading to a clear cut location.

               He pulls out a walkie- talkie, speaking inside the

               Parker climbs back into his vehicle and starts to pull away.

                              Guys ....guys ...hey...listen up
                              fellas. In 15 minutes time we're
                              gonna be blowing, so move your
                              trucks back to the set posts. He
                              waves some machinery in various
                              directions. I would like to see
                              the path kept clean of debris,
                              this time.

               The trucks start rolling back, except for a small pickup
               truck, which pulls up beside Jerry.

               Jerry opens the door and gets in the truck and it pulls

                              Jerry, since it's Friday, me and
                              the boys are wondering if we can

                              off a little early today cause we
                              wanna cash our checks and
                              well...aww come on, we'll buy you
                              a drink too.

               Jerry picks up a clipboard stacked with letters and flips
               through them

                              Morgan...are all the charges set?

                              That's what Hoss tells me.

                              Then lets make some noise and then
                              drink to the boys.


               A safe distance from the clearing, all the trucks and
               machinery are stationed at a makeshift camp.

               The crews stand facing a large hillside as HOSS, a man who
               hasn't missed a meal in 15 years walks around with a remote
               control box with switches and glowing lights.

               Hoss checks the dials, looks around at the crew and with a
               nod from Jerry, flips the switches and presses some


               What was once indigenous rock formation is now small chunks,
               the size of a Volkswagen.

               A cloud of dust and dirt covers the sky.

               The crew high-fives each other as Hoss lets another charge

                              Make some room for Captain Ka-boom

                              You the man Hoss. You the man.

               Another slice of the mountain falls as trees and gravel
               clear what took countless generations to build.

                              We'll have this done and good to
                              go in no time.

                              Great, well...the hard part is
                              over...let's see about heading to
                              town and stirring up some trouble

               Hoss, Jerry and the crew pull off their dirty clothes and
               hard-hats as their day is over.


               As the dirt and debris begins to settle, we see a SMALL CAVE
               ENTRANCE close to where the fallen rocks and dirt have

               A small furry animal runs towards the cave, pausing for a
               brief moment to stay in view, then as it takes a step
               inside the cave, it is snatched by something.

               The animal lets out a squeal as if danger, then moments
               later is thrown out of the cave again and lies dead on the
               ground, covered in blood.


               Through various alleys and streets, police cars patrol at an
               abnormal slow pace.

               Abandoned buildings are scoured with uniformed police.

               Shopping mall parking lots are patrolled as patrol vehicles
               slowly drive through the lot.

               The event draws onlookers with curiosity.


               The sun begins to settle, a nice array of reds, blues. The
               perfect sunset. It's a quiet street, but something doesn't
               fit right.

               Out of the shadows, a large figure in a long black overcoat
               rushes to the side of a gray 4-door sedan, sitting idling
               beside a bank.

               The figure jumps in the car and speeds away.

               Moments later, from the side of a bank machine, a YOUNGWOMAN
               chases after the car, with a wad of bills in hand.

                              Hey!!! Hey!!! Stop!!! Bring back
                              my car, you a*****e.

               The woman gets halfway up the block, but the car has cut a
               comer and is out of sight.



               Fax machines spit out new posters of a WANTED man and
               details about him Hands tears the faxes from the machines.
               Fingers post the paper to walls.

               Xerox machines make photocopies of the poster. Posters are
               handed to various police.


               Posters are clipped to dashboards.

               EXT. SUBURBAN HOUSE - DUSK

               Along a street with freshly mowed lawns and carbon copy
               houses, TINA, JENNY, CHRISTY and SARAH (18-20), well to do
               wanna-be cheerleaders with gym bags and make-up purses by
               their sides.

               Giddy as only schoolgirls can be, their tight T-shirts glued
               to their skin as to show who is in competition for the next
               soon to be porn star.

                              I can't believe that we're like
                              finally going to Canon Beach.

                              Well, I can't believe that my
                              uncle let us use the cabin for 2

                              Like, that was sooo cool.

                              It's your 19th birthday. What a
                              party it will be.


               Tina shoots Christy a look.

                              I thought she knew. Sarah looks at
                              her watch.

                              Like I said to myself when I heard
                              that...like no wayyyy. That is
                              just too far out, you know.

               BRANDY comes hobbling up the street, carrying what looks to
               be like a small retail chain packed in numerous handbags.

               She drops her bags and gives each girl an obligatory hug and
               peck on the cheek.

                              Brandy...what happened girl?

                              Oh, my god...like I had to paint
                              my nails and you would not
                              believe it. I couldn't find my
                              Lumene Super Gloss and Quick Dry.

                              Oh no ...so what did you do?

               Sarah grabs Brandy's hand, examining her nails.

                              You didn't..

               All the girls look, with a horrified look on their face.

                              You did!

                              Is that...Maybelline Wet Shine?
                              How could you?

               Brandy shies away. The girls look so disgusted.

                              It was an emergency.

               The girl's jaws drop ...this has to be the worst sin ever
               known to mankind...the wrong type of nail polish.

                              Do these pants go with my shoes?

                              Oh my God, Brandy...those are sooo
                              hot. The girls all drool over
                              Brandy's shoes and pants.

                              I can't believe that we've been
                              waiting for over minutes and they
                              are finally showing up!

               A battered CAMPER pulls onto the cardboard cutout street.
               NOISE emanates from the cabin. Instead of this camper being

               the standard white, it is painted black and made to be the
               ultimate in pimped up traveling campers ...if there ever
               was something like that.

               SEAN, BRETT, LANCE, TROY and ZACK, (�11118-20) who could be
               replaced by any pop boy band in the world are grooving to
               the beat on the radio. If cool was ever delivered by a 32
               foot camper, then this is what it looked like.

               Lance is driving and comes to a screeching halt at the
               driveway where the girls mull about impatiently.

               The camper doors swing open.

                              Was sup ladies?

               Brett sticks his head out the door.

                              Wow, you ho's be looking
                              fi-i-i-ne. Fresh is what I be

                              Straight up.

               Sarah steps closer to the camper.

                              Well you all just gonna stare at
                              our tits or what? We got baggage
                              to load.

                              Forget that girl.i.I don't need me
                              a woman who got baggage. You know
                              what I'm saying?

                              Yeah ...straight up boy. Chicks be
                              all messin with our head and s**t.
                              Who the f**k need that?

                              What you got there? Your entire

                              Well, you know that I can't go out
                              in the same outfit. So, I brought
                              something for every day of the

               Troy and Brett do their buddy hand slap and step out of the

                              Not me man. She wants to be my
                              b***h, she gonna be carrying her
                              suitcase herself. Girl wants to
                              be all independent and s**t.
                              Yeah. My girl...she gonna learn,
                              my time is valuable.

                              Yeah. Word. N***a.

                              Who you calling N***a, you white
                              as rice Honkey?

               Christy drops her bags on Brett's toes.

                              Well then, I guess we ain't going?
                              And if we ain't going, you ain't
                              getting any booty from me or my

                              Like yeah.

                              F**k that...you knows we was just
                              messing girl. We respectful of

                              Then stop talking like you'se all
                              from a gang and s**t, cause I
                              know you'se all grew up in Spring
                              Dale, not 2 miles from the
                              Cineplex, where the only bad a*s
                              s**t you ever did was read a
                              nudie mag and skateboard over
                              picnic benches in the park.

                              S**t girl, you wearing me out
                              already. You crampin my style.

                              Shut the f**k up and put our bags
                              inside. We waited for your ugly
                              asses almost a half-hour.

               Zack skips down the stairs to Jenny and wraps his arms
               around her, picking her up and swapping tongues.

                              Hey Je-Je-Je-Jen-Je-Jenny.

                              Hey baby. You all set for 2 weeks
                              of heaven?

                              I was think-ink-ink-inking that
                              maybe while we were up- -p-p-p
                              there that maybe we

               INT. CAMPER - DUSK - CONTINUOUS

               The girls crawl aboard the camper, which has been customized
               to fit the needs of the pimp living lifestyles of privileged

               Plush carpets, mini fridge, home stereo and cd's to match,
               television, video games, and furniture that blends with it

               Sean hoists the bags inside as the girls squeeze their

               Lance closes the doors and the lights dim.

               The camper zips down the road, music is set to something
               that everybody mixes with and Zack lights a joint, takes a
               deep drag.

                              P-p-p-a*s it a-a-a-round.

               The roach makes it's rounds as bongs light up. The music
               blends with the mellow mood as the smoke fills up the

               INT. ROADSIDE BAR - NIGHT

               Dingy and gray walls, covered with Molson Beer
               advertisements welcome the customer.

               This is the answer to the diehard local alcoholics who have
               no options aside of traveling another 2 hours for a better
               class of beer and maybe some clean tables too.

               The construction workers drink the swill that is labeled
               with the Molson brand as billiard balls roll about the
               tables and darts find their ways into the walls.

               In the comer of the noisy establishment, an old wooden
               console TV displays the late news. Nobody pays attention to

               C.U. ON TELEVISION

               Barely audible and greatly distorted, a NEWS REPORTER
               delivers the daily news, as routine dialogue dances off his
               lips with no emotion, due to years of delivering the same.

                                          NEWS REPORTER
                              In other news ...police are still
                              searching for a man, suspected of
                              brutally killing 5 people outside
                              a cottage in Clark County. The
                              suspect allegedly escaped lawful
                              custody while being transported
                              to the Olympia Jail after a fight
                              broke out between prisoners and
                              prison guards.

               The scene cuts to some choppy camera shots as pictures of
               prison vans, a jail, a courthouse and police are tied in to
               make the unfolding story interesting.

                                          NEWS REPORTER
                              Officials have no comment as to
                              how or why the fight began, but
                              are asking all residents of Clark
                              County and neighboring areas to be
                              on the lookout and to call the
                              police immediately of anything
                              suspicious ..

               A photo of a heavy set man (DAMIAN) is cast onto the screen.

                                          NEWS REPORTER
                              Police believe that he is heavily
                              armed and extremely dangerous and
                              may be headed towards the
                              California border in a stolen
                              gray 4door sedan.

               WHACK! PANNGGGG!!!!

               The picture tube EXPLODES as a billiard ball slams into the
               screen. The crowd jumps in shock as smoke rises from the
               shattered picture tube.

                              That was just great guys. How are
                              we supposed to know who won the

               The BARTENDER pulls the plug from the back of the TV

                              You just bought yourself a
                              television set.

                              Aww, come on. It wasn't my fault.

                              Well if it weren't for you boys
                              comin in every night and passin
                              me your earnings, I would be
                              mighty pissed at ya, but ya all
                              been good 01 boys

                              and well...I'll be closin up in 20
                              minutes or so.

                              Parker, you owe me for this.

               The bartender begins picking up the bottles from the tables.

                              Yeah...whatever...my next cheque.

                              Nice going Parker.

                              So, there gonna be more blastin?

                              Rave to ask Hoss.

               Hoss slams his beer on the counter, alcohol has ensured that
               he lost his ability to rationalize by speaking as loud as he

                              Blasting is what I do...I got a
                              truckload of explosives to keep
                              me happy as long as I need to.

                              So when are these resorts supposed
                              to be finished?

                              Well, as long as I keep getting
                              paid...who cares?

                              Good, maybe I'll finally make some
                              money when the new folk move here.
                              Ya know, I've owned this place for
                              ten years, and if it weren't for
                              folks like you and the passers
                              through - well I reckon that I
                              would have done up and moved to
                              the city.

                              Aww what ya say Jerry? You good to
                              drive or should I?

               Jerry grabs the keys from the table, dangling them in the
               air. Hoss goes to grab them, Jerry yanks them back and
               forth as he teases his friend.

                              Ya'll be careful tonight. Sheriff
                              Greystone's starting his shift in
                              minutes, and he always asks me
                              about you boys.

                              And ya know what you can tell him?

               Renny flips his ring finger in the air.

                              That I don't like his office and
                              if that sorry sad a*s b***h gives
                              me another ticket, I'm gonna level
                              his police station like a house of

               Jerry finishes his beer and motions for the crew to go. As
               they swallow the last drops, they pile out.

               EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD - NIGHT

               The moon is bright. The creepiness of the noises from the
               forest and the ominous sounds of silence bring way to the
               wretched fear of loneliness and solitude that lies deep in
               the woods.

               The SCOWL of a COUGAR/MOUNTAIN LION reverberates in the air.

               A BUSTLING of tree branches as a figure moves between the

               An OWL HOOTS and flutters away.

               Bone chilling GRUNTING is heard as heavy footsteps pace
               restlessly through the underbrush.


               The 4 door sedan pulls into an old and abandoned place of
               eternal rest. Weeds have overgrown the plots and the cement
               structures are decaying.

               By the light of the moon and the lights from the car, the
               car bumper forcefully pushes back a huge burial stone and
               throws it onto the ground.

               MOMENTS LATER

               A WOODEN BOX is pulled from the spot and the dirt is brushed
               off with a single leather glove.

               A hand reaches into the box and pulls out some high-tech
               looking machinery. A scanner, a cross bow, various size
               guns and some grenades.

               INT. CAMPER - NIGHT

               Half the passengers are passed out. Lance is slowly nodding
               off as he struggles to keep his eyes open.

               Jenny is playing a video game of some monster tearing apart
               a small community and she is the hero.

               Brandy is applying makeup to her self as she looks in the
               passenger The camper coasts down the road, slowly shifting
               from side to side. The others are just passing a bong
               around and munching on pizza.


               The pickup truck barrels down the road. Heavy rock music
               pipes from the radio as some workers cling themselves to
               the side of the box while Jerry is driving and Hoss plays
               air- guitar in the passenger seat.

               Hoss cracks open a bottle of liquor, takes a swig and passes
               it to Jerry.

               Another car follows behind, packed with workers and swerving
               back and forth across the road.

               INT. CAMPER - NIGHT

               Brandy shifts in her seat due to the camper traveling across
               the lanes. She leans over and smacks Lance in the face. His
               eyes spring open.

                              What? What?

                              Like stay on the road loser. He
                              steadies the camper and looks at

                              No big thing. I didn't drive off a
                              mountain and nobody got killed.


               Zack steps up to the drivers chair.

                              Wh-whe-wh-whe-where are w-w-w-we?

                              Five miles to nowhere.

                              Where's th-th-th-

                              I don't know...but we're low on

                              Well stop sometime bro, I got to
                              water the trees.

                              Not out here. Hey...did you see
                              any signs of anything?

               Troy opens a map and tries to scan the road, but looks lost
               as his fingers trace all over the mountain range.

                              Yeah, I saw dead people.

                              Smart a*s.

                              How man-n-nn-y
                              more-re-re...h-h-how long will it

                              Yo, I think there's a gas station
                              up aways.

                              Great. I need a break.

                              I can-n-n-n dr-dr-dr-.

                              Hopefully better than you can form

               Troy tries to refold the map, but as all people know ...it's
               damn near impossible and he just ends up crumbling it

                              Lance ...you're so cruel.

                              Hey Jenny...are there any more
                              pizza slices?

               Jenny flips up a box, grabbing a slice, passing it to Sarah
               as she continues playing her game.

                              Yeah, there's a few left.

                              Pass me one too.

               Jenny shakes the game pad violently.

                              S**t...1 just died.


               The pickup truck and the crew of workers in the car are
               racing side by side along the twisting and turning mountain

               Tight comers and steep grades make this a violently fun, but
               treacherous piece of blacktop and loose gravel.

               Jerry guns the gas and rockets like a bat from hell leaving
               a cloud of dirt and loose gravel as the tires skim across
               the dirt. He has disappeared into the night.

               The car following behind is lost in the dense bushes.
               Headlights light up only endless amounts of treetops and

               The man behind the wheel is Parker and he is hell bent on
               catching up with Jerry. He guns the gas and takes a swig of
               his beer.

                              Come on...come on. Faster you
                              piece of garbage.

                              Come on. We've almost got him.

                              Slow down man. The brakes don't
                              work too good.

               The small car twists and turns as the forest gets darker and
               darker. Light bounces off the backwoods, but does not offer
               any assistance in guidance.

               Parker swings the car in a tight curve and it rockets over
               the edge.


               Rumbling down the rocky slopes the car channels it's way
               through thick branches, tearing them from the tree trunks
               and stripping away mirrors and pieces of metal.


               The windshield shatters as the roof crumbles like a tin pop
               can. It lands in a tree, leaving it's engine where the
               backseat should be.

               To call this vehicle salvageable would be a desperate
               attempt at making claim to re-use any portion of this car,
               as it is now a twisted composure of metal and plastic.

               The passengers inside the cabin become part of the frame as
               their bodies are mangled in the twisted wreck.

               Jerry is gone into the darkness, but somewhere below the
               tree, something of magnificent force is racing through the

               The car slips through the foliage and ends up further below,
               still stuck in the tree. The thick branches barely able to
               contain the weight of the car and it's dead passengers.

               A door is partially open and the lifeless hand of a hard
               working man drops out.

               Blood runs down to his fingertips and drops among the
               leaves. Renny has a tree branch lodged in his chest and
               protrudes out the other side.

               His eyes are full of pain as they are on the verge of
               popping out his skull.

                              Ohh s**t.
                              Hey guys ...guys ...

               Renny makes an attempt at opening the door and climbing out.


               He gets a leg out the door and reaches for a branch as he
               inches towards the tree.

               Drip...drip...drip. A small puddle of red is forming on the
               ground, thirty feet below.

               A COUGAR scowls in the distance ...then suddenly as fast as
               lightening, the man is yanked out of the car and dragged
               through the forest as trees, branches and plants break away
               while the body, void of any breath gets tossed and tom about
               the jungle.


               The camper rambles up to the small fuel station. The GAS
               ATTENDANT, sitting in a swinging chair on the lawn,
               listening to blaring music on the Walk-man, while brutally
               destroying a song on guitar as he whacks the strings,
               making no audible tune to the radio.

               The camper stops in-front of the pumps. Lance steps out and
               fidgets with the gas nozzle.

               The Gas Attendant puts the guitar down, heads over to the
               camper. The passengers file out, mulling about the grounds,
               like weary people always do.

                                          GAS ATTENDANT



                                          GAS ATTENDANT
                              Need gas?

                              Howd ya guess?

                                          GAS ATTENDANT

               Lance pops the cover of the tank, slips in the hose and
               grips the nozzle.

                                          GAS ATTENDANT
                              That ain't gonna work.

                              I know how to pump gas.

                                          GAS ATTENDANT
                              Trust me...it ain't gonna work.

                              Wh-wh-what d-d-d-do you mean?

               Gas attendant lights a smoke, takes a deep breath, sets his
               guitar down and grabs a bottle of whiskey, takes a huge
               swig, swishes it around in his mouth and swallows it.

                                          GAS ATTENDANT
                              Well...I don't get enough people
                              out this way...and well..! don't
                              get enough money ...and well.i.I
                              can't buy any gas ...and well, I
                              guess ...I can't sell any gas.

               Sarah tears through the scene.

                              F**k!!! How are we supposed to get
                              to the cabin now?

                              No worries girl. We still have
                              just under a quarter tank, and I
                              got some in a container in the

               Brett steps closer.

                              I thought you filled up when we

                              I did, but...it's a big a*s
                              vehicle ...and it burns big a*s

                              Well maybe we should fart in the

                              Oh my God, Troy, like that is
                              totally not funny.

               Christy begs a smoke from the Gas Attendant.

                              Hey Tina...didn't you say there
                              was a small town around here?

                                          GAS ATTENDANT
                              Yeah...Schreiber. It's up about
                              another 2 hours.

                              I don't feel like pushing the
                              camper tonight.

                                          GAS ATTENDANT
                              No worries. It's just on the other
                              side of the Black Moon Mountain.

                              So...let's go. We can make it with
                              what we have.

                                          GAS ATTENDANT
                              But I don't recommend that you go
                              there tonight...that's all I'm

                              Yeah, why not?

                                          GAS ATTENDANT
                              Trust me when I say this ...

               He shoots them an ominous look.

                              Yeah, like some punk a*s white boy
                              from the sticks is gonna spook me.

                                          GAS ATTENDANT
                              Listen Homie...G. ..bro ...or
                              whatever the f**k ya wanna call
                              yourself. I'm just giving ya a
                              warning...that's all. The 411 on
                              what's dope, yo. So ya all be
                              chillin and down with it - a
                              heads up so that your bling bling
                              hoes and Backstreet Boy wanna-be's
                              can mack out in your fly ride and
                              skim some whack a*s freaky s**t
                              tonight. OK Master P?

                              Man, I should bust this
                              m**********r up.

               Troy gets in the attendant's face, about to drill his fist
               into the man's skull.

               A HUGE PITBULL (Jack Daniels) begins to snarl and runs up
               behind Troy.

               Troy jumps back and falls to the ground as the dog is
               yanking the chain.

                                          GAS ATTENDANT
                              Try it boy...

               Brandy FREAKS out and clings to Sean.

               The Gas Attendant holds the chain back as the dog lunges
               towards them.

                                          GAS ATTENDANT
                              Jack Daniels don't take kind to
                              rich city folk. Now I reckon
                              ya'all got two choices ...move
                              the hell out of my property
                              before Jack here eats an early
                              breakfast and drive on up the
                              road or meet your maker.

               The Gas Attendant reaches for a nearby shotgun.

                                          GAS ATTENDANT
                              I ain't shot my Betsy today and
                              it's high time I do so.

               Sarah pulls Troy away.

                              Come on guys ...let's go. The gang
                              turns to the camper.

                              Can you believe that foo?
                              Disrespecting me like that?

                              You lucky ya got that dog with ya
                              is all I be sayin, ya backlot
                              inbred racist hillbilly, missin
                              tooth, freaky, goofy, greasy
                              haired Andy Griffith lookin,
                              whiskey drinkin, shotgun-totin,
                              low I.Q., Cabbage Patch Kids,
                              punk a*s country hick.

               The Gas Attendant c***s the shotgun and fires into the air.
               Brett pulls the nozzle from the tank, caps the tank and
               they file in.

               INT. CAMPER - NIGHT

               Zack starts up the camper and pulls out of the station.

                              Can we like leave already?

                              Like hurry the f**k up?

                              That dude seriously need to chill.

                              That m**********r need an
                              education past grade five and my
                              fist is gonna Mike Tyson his
                              skinny a*s.

                              Easy Troy.

                              What the f**k man? What I do to
                              him? Nuthin...he's some backwater
                              chump trying to piss me off

                              Yo dude...forget him. We came here
                              to have a good time right?

                              Yeah...and nothing is gonna wreck
                              our night.

                              What an idiot...trying to scare
                              us, like we ain't seen horror
                              movies about kids in the woods.

                              B***h better shut his mouth is all
                              I be sayin.

                              Like yeah...and like what's with
                              his clothes? They are so not

                              Yeah...it's like oh my god...like
                              not even Sears or Wal-mart. If I
                              ever see any of you wearing
                              something like that, I'll disown

                              Yo...check this out. I got us
                              hooked up.

                              Ya been holding out on us all this
                              time? What's the f**k the matter
                              with you?

               Brett opens a small metal container, pulls out a small bag
               of WHITE POWDER and spreads it on a flat surface.

                              Brett, that is like totally what I

                              I done better than that Holmes. I
                              got us some lysergic acid
                              diethylamide too.

               Brett peels open a small wrapped aluminum foil package and
               begins clipping small pieces off

                              Is that...

               Christy yanks a piece and shoves it in her mouth.

                              It's LSD. Acid Tina.

                              Alright. It's gonna be one hell of
                              a wild time.

               They all take a hit as Sarah cuts up some lines and rolls a
               bill, snorting up the value of a stereo system

                              Hey Christy ...try some.

               Christy bends over the flake and hoovers up the equivalent
               of a Gucci purse.

                              Christy...don't be a pig.

               The party has started and is now becoming full swing as
               white is traded through hands.

               INT. / EXT. JERRY'S TRUCK - NIGHT

               Jerry bullets through the road, charged by the blaring
               music. Hoss cracks a can of beer, passing it to Jerry, who
               for one moment takes his eyes off the road.

               Through the windshield, the headlights bounce across the

               A large GRIZZLY BEAR stands in the middle of the road. Jerry
               looks up just in time to make a somewhat calculated decision
               and slam on the brakes.

               The truck skids on the road and plows itself into the side
               of the mountain.

               Hoss sails through the windshield, tearing his limbs as he
               lands headfirst into heavy rock.

               The passengers in the back, well they are now part of the
               rock formation too.

               To actually describe their situation would take a team of
               scientists and a creative department with a thesaurus.

               Jerry smacks his head against the dashboard. Still
               conscious, he struggles to push out the door.

               The bear comes closer. A monster in it's own right. It
               sniffs Jerry, who is undoubtedly pissing his pants to
               maximum degree.

               The bear lets out a fierce GROWL. It's the baron of this
               mountain-side and it knows it. The bear walks around the

               truck, sniffing at the carcasses that lie in various stages
               of death.

               You can almost feel it's claws. There is nothing that can
               scare this beast. The bear comes within inches of Jerry,
               who is a mess to indescribable proportions.

               It stands up and it's paws stretched out, showing it's true
               size...something so undoubtedly huge, only scary as s**t
               could describe it.

               Just as the bear is about to claw down on Jerry, a SCOWL so
               fiercely loud echoes in the vastness. Something so blood
               curdling, even the king-size trophy knows that it is no
               match for whatever is out there. The bear sets off into the

               The SOUND of broken bush, crushed branches. Words only begin
               to describe this feeling.

               Jerry looks up to see the bear run away. A moment passes and
               all is silent.

               Jerry pushes his way out of the mangles sheet metal and
               slumps down onto the ground.

               He crawls to his knees and takes a deep breath, turning
               around only to have total fear in his eyes.

               Fast as a lick, his head is lobbed off. It rolls across the
               road and down an embankment.

               A shadow rushes into the woods and moments later, all is
               peaceful and serene.

               Jerry's body is gone.

               The scene is garishly grisly to say best. The only thing
               that hasn't been destroyed is a small crate of EXPLOSIVES
               in the back of the pick-up. Aside of that, this is a
               nightmare to all proportions.


               The camper thunders over the fragmented blacktop. It's a
               bumpy ride and it's just getting worse.

               INT. CAMPER - NIGHT

                              Awww...wow...the colors are so

                              Yeah, it's like I'm this giant
                              ball of light and I'm just
                              dancing in the

                              air and then there's like this
                              totally awesome spaceship.

                              Squares are bad...but circles are
                              good, they eat squares.

               Their eyes are glazed over.

               Lance is trying to explain the theory of Scooby-Doo

                              So there is this dog...and
                              Shaggy...and the dog Scooby-Doo
                              knows that some nasty s**t is out
                              there from the go. Right?

                              So then why do they always go to
                              different places if they know
                              that ghosts and goblins and
                              monsters are hanging around?

                              Is like whacked, you know. Like if
                              these 5 a******s always was messin
                              with monsters and stuff, why do
                              they still try to solve these
                              stupid mysteries.

                              ...and you know it's always the
                              grounds keeper.

                              But I - I - I would f**k Daph -
                              Daph - Daphne.

                              That chick Velma is like nasty man
                              ... she's some ugly a*s dog. She
                              ain't ever gonna get laid and
                              Freddie ... he must be gay; cause
                              if I was always hangin round with
                              two white chicks who are always
                              jumping me and I ain't giving
                              them my dick...then ya know that
                              he's giving it to Shaggy. They
                              all are gay ... cause there's no
                              way that the girls aren't
                              pregnant yet.

                              Hey, you morons, like quit talking
                              about them like that. It's not
                              nice to make fun of gay people...

                              Yeah...cause Sarah is like a
                              raving closet lezbo and it's not
                              like really cool to be making fun
                              of somebody we know and love who
                              likes to play with the home team.
                              Right Sarah?

               Tina lifts up Sarah's t-shirt, licks Sarah's breasts.

                              It's ok girl...I also like chicks

               Suddenly the lights in the cabin die. The berth turns
               silent. Troy flips on a few switches and has no luck.

                              The battery must be dead.

                              Oh really. So are we.


                              Does anybody have a flashlight?
                              Brandy tosses Sean a purse.

                              There's one in here.

               Sean opens it and pulls out a dresser full of makeup and
               sprays, spilling them on the floor.

                              Damn girl...did you rob the
                              make-up department at the W***e

                              Hey...what ya doing with my purse?

               Sean pulls out something long - about the size of a

                              Found one.
                                     (examining it)
                              Where's the on switch? There's a
                              small buzzing sound.

                              Oh my god! Jenny...it isn't...

               Jenny grabs the thing out of Sean's fingers.

                              You little s**t...Jenny, you're
                              such a w***e. Jenny slaps Brandy
                              across the face with a D***O.


                              Maybe we can see some lezbo

                              You should be so lucky.

                              So did you ever hear that one time
                              about 5 years ago there was like a
                              whole bunch of people who were
                              like really brutally killed out
                              in the woods?

                              Oh, Tina...you know you're no good
                              at story telling.

                              Yeah, besides we ain't gonna
                              believe you.


               POPP!!! A front tire blows.

               INT. CAMPER - NIGHT

               Zack tires to maintain the steering as it yanks it's heavy
               frame side to side.

               This is unexpected and a novice driver can only try anything
               that is possible.

               Zack slams on the brakes. The camper spins around
               180degrees, facing the way they were coming from The crew
               is rattled about the interior cage. However due to their
               state of consciousness, there is no big deal and instead of
               the team being upset, it's merely a laughing matter to
               explode this story into a joke at the next party.

                              S-s-s-son of a b-b-bi-i-.

                              M**********r! !

               Sean, is baked... purple horseshoes; red balloons; blue
               moons; orange and white stars; yellow and orange pots of
               gold; pink, yellow, and blue rainbows.

               This is Electric Lady Land, and everybody but Zack is taking
               a trip with Jimi Hendrix and Purple Haze.

               The crowd begins to laugh. Not only do visions of sugar
               plums dance in their heads, but also the best time in their
               life. All stoned in a world where nothing matters, but maybe
               the Tin Man who can sing and dance.

               Zack turns off the ignition.

                              Zack. ..what happened?

                              We blew a t-t-t-

               The gang begins laughing uncontrollably.

               Sarah lights up ja oint and drags, doing the honorable thing
               and passing it around. This is cool. Hanging with friends,
               getting high.

                              We have to ch-ch-ch-change the
                              t-t-t- wheel.

                              F**k that noise. What time is it?
                              Zack looks at his watch.

                              It's almo-o-o-o-st one. Tina takes
                              a drag and steps up.

                              I have to go pee.

                              Yeah...me too.

               Somehow this is hilarious and everybody breaks out into
               giggles. Tina grabs a box of Kleenex and disappears out the

                              I'm coming too. Hold on.

               Again...comedy at it's finest as the berth is exploded in
               uncontrollable laughter.

                              Wow man...I'm totally fucked up.

               Oh, this is a riot. No comedian stands a chance to that bit
               of creative dialogue.

               They stand up. Heads spinning as they try to maintain
               themselves. Purple flying monkeys must have invaded the
               camper, because they are now just in a world that is made
               up of cartoon characters.

               EXT. FOREST - NIGHT

               Tina rushes out of the camper, almost tripping as she exits.
               It's dark...it's very dark.

               The SOUND of crickets, owls, wind. The scary sounds of

               Sarah steps up behind her. Tina SHRIEKS.

                              B***h, like... Oh my God, you
                              almost killed me.

               Sarah just guffaws. Tina walks away.

                              It's like totally dark out here.


               Tina disappears into the bushes. Sarah stares in amazement
               at the stars.

               Spinning in a circle, with her arms outstretched.

               Spinning...spinning...this is heaven and she is an angel.
               Her eyes beam in astonishment. Her face has seen the most
               amazing things ...or maybe it's just awesome drugs.

               Troy steps out.

                              Hey baby...where you girls been?

                              Troy, do you ever wonder what
                              lives on the other planets?

                              Sarah? You ok?

                              Yeah...I just like wonder
                              sometimes if we are the only ones
                              or if there are like aliens or
                              monsters or something.

                              You gettin all Scooby - Doo on me

               Troy steps closer and stares at the sky with her. She grabs
               his hand as he grasps her tight. Their eyes meet and their
               lips follow.

               What leads from that...well a short walk in the woods will
               only tell.

               INT. CAMPER - NIGHT

               Zack turns on the visor lights and looks at the map. The
               lights are dimming and then go out. There is an overuse of
               power draining the battery.

                              Aww s**t man. That's fucked.

               Jenny lights a lighter and swings it around in the dark. A
               trail or red and orange casts a sinister glow to

                              Jenny...Jenny...Princess Jenny
                              ...you're like freaking me out.

               It's a funny situation and all hell breaks loose.

                              It's totally not funny guys. It's

                              Oooh so scary. Oooh I'm scared.

                              Hum...lighten up Brandy.

               Laughter ensues. The lighter zips around the interior making
               wild streaks.

                              Get it? Huh? Lighten up?

               Zack rips the lighter from Jenny's hands.

                              You all be trippin mad. This is
                              cool s**t.

               Brandy stands up in a rush. Everybody backs away, stunned.

                              What the f**k?

                              Did you hear that?


               The cabin becomes quiet. Everybody is listening for

                              That. Did you hear that? Everybody
                              eyes Brandy.

                              Girl, you freaking me out.

                              She must have bionic hearing or

                              I heard a pin drop in New York
                              City. Laughter ensues.

               Zack digs around the camper.

                              Do we have an-n-n-ny

               Brett creeps up behind Brandy and lays his hands across her
               waist, yanking down her pants.



               Brandy freaks.

               She quickly pulls them up. The rest just break out in

                              Brett. I could kill you. You are
                              such a moron.

                              Nice panties Brandy. You
                              know...black is my favorite

               The light of the flame goes out. Zack flicks the lighter to
               no success.

                              Wow, this is so wicked. Take a
                              look at the sparks.

                              Does anybody else have a lighter?

               They pat themselves down and scuffle across the camper.

                              Troy has one.

               Brett sticks his head out of the door.

                              Troy. Hey Troy. Get your ugly a*s
                              back here. We're lighting up
                              another stick. Come on bud, we
                              need your torch.

               His words fall onto empty ears.

                              We lost Troy ...and where the f**k
                              is ...

                              Tina and Sarah?

                              Well Sarah and Troy ...you don't
                              even have to ask.

               Tina? Maybe she's in the bushes, watching them

               EXT. FOREST - NIGHT

               Tina is deep in the dark. Her hands outstretched as she
               stumbles around the trees, trying to control her footing
               over tree stumps, logs and uneven dirt.

               Mist appears with every breath exhaled. Her eyes are wide,
               almost lifeless as her pupils dart from side to side.

                              Hey...can any of you hear me?

               She spins around. Her world is in a daze. Colors flash
               before her eyes. It's another world and it's closing in on

               Sounds are imploding her head. A RUSTLE of leaves.

               She spins around and falls into a shallow hole. She grabs a
               branch and pulls herself up.

               SCRATCHING and SCRAPING.

               She turns to see a MOUNTAIN LION.

               She stares blankly at it for a moment. The eyes of the
               animal pierce at her. Sharp teeth protrude from it's mouth.

               She stands frozen. The mountain lion steps closer. Tina runs
               like hell.

               Swish, swash...branches rush by her as she swiftly maneuvers
               her way through the ever encompassing forest.

               It's evidently clear she knows the quickest path to nowhere
               and that's exactly where she's headed.

               Over logs, under branches ...if there is a path to be made,
               Tina is burrowing it. The lion is merely only steps behind

               She runs as fast as she could and now she's running into
               another timezone. She looks behind her. The mountain lion
               is snatched up by it's tail and flung about.

               A slice to the rib-cage and the mountain lion lets out a
               deadly growl. No matter what speed and agility it has. The
               lions last meal has just gotten away.

               It's official. Tina is seconds to being the next dinner for
               something that is viciously stripping the carcass of the
               lion to shreds.

               She does what any teenager should do in a situation like
               this. She screams and draws attention to herself.

               EYES as raging as a volcano bear down on her. She steps
               backwards towards a waterfall.

               It's a hundred foot drop into the treacherous raging waters
               and the rocky cliff below.

               She peers over her shoulder. Her feet mere inches from the
               ledge. Trembling with fear and her mind totally fucked up,
               she takes a step back, grabbing onto a branch.

               LONG CLAWS strike against her face, narrowly missing her
               model-like features.

               She slips and drops down the mountain.

               Her body dangles over the waterfall by hanging tightly onto
               the thin branches.

               Her hands slowly slipping from the 115pounds of flesh she

               She breathes heavy. Any amount of shrieking is not helping
               her either. She lodges her foot into a crevice in the rocks
               and holds tight. The branch breaks in two.

               The scary eyes back away and disappear into the dark. Tina
               grabs for the edge of the cliff and slowly pulls herself

               Teetering on the edge of the cliff, she tumbles backwards
               and disappears into the mist below.

               A LOUD CRY fills the forest and the lion is dragged through
               the leaves and out of sight.

               INT./ EXT. CAMPER - NIGHT

               The gang files out. Apparently as brilliant as they are,
               nobody brings any sweaters.

                              It's cold out here.

                              No s**t. It's f****n freezing.

                              Do you think we should look for

                              Are you kidding? You know what
                              happens in the movies when people
                              leave the crowd.

                              Uhm Sean ...that's in the movies
                              and well...they're our friends
                              and well...we ain't got anything
                              else to do.

               Brandy rushes inside and pulls out the box of pizza. She
               slams the doors of the camper closed.

                              I'm gonna eat.

               Sean grabs a slice from the box too.

                              Did you guys ever hear about the
                              monster in the lake?

               The gang look at him There is a rustle of leaves behind them
               Everybody looks around. Nobody sees anything. Then there is
               another rustle of leaves. Everybody remains quiet.

               Brandy looks mortified.

               Moments later a RABBIT comes hopping in-front of their path.

                              See Brandy...that's all there is
                              out here ...rabbits.

                              She's scared of a fuzzy wittle
                              bunny wabbit. Aww Bwandy. Is the
                              Easter bunny wabbit gonna hurt

               4.Whip Persnapper Brandy picks up the rabbit and pets it,
               then it hops out of her arms and into the bushes again.

                              F**k you Brett.

               Now more leaves and branches begin to rustle. This time it's
               heavier and it isn't no bunny rabbit.

               Everybody begins to get closer to each other with each
               rustle ofleaves. Their eyes dart around the darkness. In
               the distance, a WOLF HOWLS.

                              That ain't no Easter Bunny

               The thing in the forest is closer. And it is silently
               closing in on them all.

               Brett tries with all his effort to open the door. But it is
               sealed shut.

                              I'm not staying out here. You are
                              all nuts. I'm going back inside
                              where it's safe.

               A BABY DEER rushes across the road, briefly stops and looks
               their way. Everybody laughs. The deer sprints into the

                              Aww Brett...is Bambi gonna bite
                              your head off? Poor wittle deer.
                              So scary. So fwightening. Poor
                              poor wittle Brett. Maybe cookie
                              monster is corning to tewowize
                              the big bad fowest too.

               Brett lets out a snicker. But now, there is major movement
               in the bushes, and Sarah comes running out screaming.

                              What's the matter?

               Out ofbreath and panting, Sarah drops into Zack's arms.
               She's soaked and covered in mud.

                              Troy. It's Troy. He's ....he's
                              ....he's Everybody is all anxious

                              What happened? What happened to
                              Troy? She pauses for a moment.

                              What happened girl? You're all
                              soaked. Are you hurt?

               Sarah shakes her head negatively. Everybody waits for an
               answer. She stares at them, wondering why.

                              Nothing. He pushed me into a

               Troy steps out of the bushes.

                              I did not. You fell in. I didn't
                              push you. I tried to stop you.

                              Whatever. Just get away.

               Troy reaches out to her with open arms.

                              Aw come on girl. You can't treat
                              me like this. Sarah pushes him

                              Forget it. Don't touch me. Just

               Everybody looks around.

                              Where's Tina?

                              We thought she was with you.

                              With us? Why?

                              Oh f**k, I'm tripping bad. I got
                              to go inside. She turns to the

                              Yeah, me too. It's cold out here.

                              We can't. Brandy locked the door.

                              Oh, yeah...blame me. I'm the cause
                              of everything.

               Troy goes around the side and opens the drivers side door.

                              To think you'se, folks don't stand
                              a chance in the real world.

                              Troy ...you got a lighter?

                              N***a, why you always depending on
                              me to save your skinny punk a*s?
                              Boy can't even open a door and
                              now he wants a torch?

                              Well, I was just gonna light a

                              Why didn't ya say?

               Troy flips Brett his lighter. Brett lights a joint and
               absorbs the flavor of the best weed that a teen can get.

                              So...where is Tina?

               Troy pulls the spliff out of Brett's hands.

                              We thought sh-sh-sh- T-T-Tina was
                              with you.

                              P-p-p-porky P-p-p-pig. you are
                              cracking me up.

                              No, Tina? She be wishin she was
                              with me. Chick so nasty, this
                              brother don't want to touch her
                              with my neighbors dick.

                              S**t...that's cause she don't want
                              a small toothpick dick like yours.

               Lance walks out with a candle.

                              Give me your torch.

               Lance lights the candle, a huge flame the size of a chefs
               knife sprays from the lighter.

                              M**********r you gonna bum the
                              trees down with that.

                              Stop trippin.

               Then there is a LOUD CRACK in the woods. Everybody hears it.

                              What the f**k was that?

                              N***a, how the f**k should I know?

               This time there is more cracking and a strange yowl that
               echoes in the forest.

                              Now that is some freaky s**t
                              man...that ain't right.

                              We have to find Tina.

               Troy rushes inside the camper. Hold on.

               Troy comes running out with a GLOCK nine millimeter handgun
               gripped tightly in his hands.

                              M**********r...what you doing with
                              a piece?

                              N***a, I read Riding Hood. Ain't
                              no way that I'm going to the
                              forest to face a big bad wolf
                              without my Glock..

                              You're one crazy n***a.

                              Yeah, we'll see about that when
                              I'm busting a cap in your a*s.

                              You're too stoned to be shooting
                              that thing.

               Jenny pops her head out of the camper.

                              I'm going with Troy.

                              I think we should all stay here.
                              Jenny hops out the camper.

                              No way I'm staying here.

                              Yeah, J-J-J-Jen. I'mg-g-g-oing
                              with y-y-you.

                              I think we should split up.

                              No way. I saw Scooby-Doo. They
                              split up and all s**t broke
                              loose. When they stuck together
                              nothing happened.

               Besides there's only one gun and nine of us.

               Everybody gathers round the outside.

                              Yeah, see who is crazy now.
                              Everybody depends on me.

               It's time to fight...time for the black man to rise into
               power and be noted for providing and safeguarding all you
               white privileged boys and girls.

               They step deeper into the woods, calling out Tina's name.


               Troy leads the group into the darkness. His gun arm is
               stretched out, and he ducks between the trees like a sniper
               in a bad television show. Lance is holding the candle. All
               of a sudden there is a FLUTTER of wings above them Troy
               fires a shot in the air. An OWL floats across the sky.

                              Tina? Tina can you hear us?

                              Tina! Tina where are you?

                              Tina...if you can hear us, say

               An animal races through the brush. Troy fires another shot.

                              What was it?

                              I think it was Bambi.

               The animal rushes around and makes more noise. Troy blasts
               more shots into the dark.

                              Troy, you're not hitting anything
                              and you're wasting all the ammo.

                              Let's turn around. She's probably
                              near the camper. I bet she's near
                              the road waiting for us.

               They look at each other then turn around again, heading
               back. As Troy was first, now he is last and a few paces
               behind everybody else.

                              Man, I can't handle this. Not
                              tonight. I'm too stoned and too
                              cold and I wish that I was

                              There's not-t-t-t-hing wrong
                              wi-t-t- th the way I drive.

                              Come on girls...enough with the
                              bitching. Lance leads the way.
                              The candle-light begins to dim.

                              S**t. We're gonna get lost here
                              too. The light goes out.

                              Who has the lighter?

                              I do.

                              Give it here. I have something in
                              my purse that I can use.

               She bends down and picks up a thick branch, opens her purse
               and pulls out HAIR-SPRAY. She sprays the branch, dousing it
               with all she has left. Lance lights the torch, the branch
               engulfs in fire.

                              Truly Awesome. I am a God..J make

               A RUSH of branches break above them. Everybody turns to
               look. Troy is being lifted up towards the sky.

                              Help!!!!!!!!!!!! He struggles in
                              the dark.

                              Help me....

               His voice trails into the blackness and the gun falls from
               the sky, landing in-

               front of the gang. It lands with a thud and discharges 3
               shots which find there way through Sean and Brett.

               Sean and Brett drop to the ground. Sean is bleeding from the
               chest. Brett is clutching his way through the trees.

                              Oh my God...what was that?

               Sarah rushes to pick Sean up. Sean begins choking.

                              I'll help you.

               Jenny lifts Sean up from the other side. Brandy picks up the
               gun and fires madly into the night sky.

                              Let's set him on this rock.

               Sean lies across a boulder. Brett continues to grab onto
               things and then with a missed step, slips into a cavern.

               All that is heard is Brett's voice slowly drowning in the


               Brandy lights the burning log over the edge to see Brett at
               the bottom of a foot drop. His face kissing the ground for
               all it's worth as a log impales his chest.

                              F**k!!! I knew this wasn't a good

                              Is he dead?

                              I don't know!

               Jenny reaches over the edge.

                              Brett ...Brett ...Brett.

               No answer comes and none will. Brett is part of the

                              Get the gun. Who has the gun?

                              I do.

                              Then let's get out of here. Give
                              me the gun.


                              Because I know how to use it.

                              Yeah, who says?

                              can't s-s-s-s-see an-n-n-n-thing.
                              It's t-t-t-too dar-k-k-k-k.

                              I can't deal with this. Shut, shut
                              the f**k up ...all of you.

               She pulls the gun from Lance's hands.

                              My dad was a cop. He showed me how
                              to use it.

               As they turn back to Sean, he is now barely breathing.

                              I'm hit in the chest. I think..

               Lance and Zack lift him up and struggle to carry him by his
               legs and feet. His head bobbing up and down towards the

                              Easy you morons ...I'm still

               Sarah lights another branch and gives it to Jenny. Two
               torches guiding through the terrain.

               Sarah points to a small cave.

                              Come on. Let's go there.

               Christy tugs Sarah back as be makes a run for the entrance.

                              That could be a bear or a wolf

                              So what are we gonna do? Leave him
                              here? CRUNCH-CRUNCH.

               The sound of wood and twigs snapping. Whatever is behind
               them is big, strong and very close.

               Christy snaps the safety from the gun. She takes her
               position behind a log as the noise gets louder.

               Zack, Sarah, Brandy, Sean, Jenny, Lance climb into the cave.

               Christy pulls the gun to line up the sights. There is no way
               she can miss now.

               She has dead aim and she is steadfast to take this beast
               down. A BEAR rushes towards them.

               Christy pulls the trigger. There is a SMACKING of BARE
               METAL. The gun is empty.

               Christy tries again. No luck. The bear is in need of
               adventure and maybe a new pair of shoes too. Christy tries
               to run. It grabs her and holds her down.

               A claw to her chest and her new shirt has suddenly become
               out of fashion. Blood sprays across her clothes as her new
               friend is finding ways to move in on this luscious little
               young thing.

               The bear heads towards the cave.

               Sarah waves the flame towards the bear. Brandy tries pulling
               Sarah back inside.

                              Don't. You're gonna piss him off.

                              I think he's already pissed off.
                              Besides ...he hasn't seen me mad

               Sarah jumps out of the cave. She swings the flame wildly at
               the bear who jumps from side to side, avoiding the fire.

               This continues for what seems to be an eternity. The bear
               backs away as she comes nearer and then runs into the dense

                              That's right you scared piece of
                              s**t. Run.

               Sarah bends down to tend to Jenny, who is beyond medical
               repair, at least out here.

               She does her best at holding it in, then lets out as much
               vomit as she can muster.

               The rest of the gang are trying to keep themselves from
               heaving. After stepping away from Jenny, she turns to face
               her friends.

                              You were..wow. Wow. Let's get out
                              of here.

               Sarah wipes her mouth and then steps towards the cave. She
               takes a deep breath and then...


               the only thing left that is a reminder ofher is the falling
               log and a shoe that sails from the darkness.

               INT. CAVE- NIGHT

               Panic is evident and spreads among the members in the cave.

                              What is that?

               Lance creeps his head out.

                              I don't know...but we have to get
                              out of here.

                              I don't want to leave. I'm scared.

                              Me too. But now is not the time to
                              show weakness.

                              F**k you Lance. I just saw my best
                              friends disappear and get killed.
                              F**k you. I am not leaving.

               Lance reaches over and picks up the burning log.

                              Well I'm going and if you want to
                              come, then you can come.

                              Don't you care? Don't you give a
                              s**t about us?

                              Yes. I do, but I am not going to
                              stay here and freeze to death
                              while I can try to make the way
                              back to our camper, which is on a
                              road...where somebody can come by
                              and see us.

               Lance sets another log on fire and tosses it in the cave.

               EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD - NIGHT

               A grey 4 DOOR SEDAN barrels up the roadway. There is no
               speed limit for this driver.

               Through the twisting and turning hairpin turns, DAMIAN (35)
               the husky person who was briefly shown in the news report
               charges up the mountain side. This man means business,
               whatever that may be.

               INT. DAMIAN'S CAR - NIGHT

               A look of weariness stretches across his face. A high-tech
               handgun with a xenon laser sight mounted on the breach lies
               next to him on the seat. Empty burger wrappers and cups
               decorate the interior.

               Damian opens a box containing bullets that resemble small
               nuclear missiles.

               Each one has the power of a small army.

               He checks the gun chamber, popping the clip and drops
               another set of bullets in the clip.

               He flips on the car lights and grabs a map, glancing at it.

               In the backseat, we see all sorts of weaponry. It looks like
               some cartoon style gadgets, but can easily take out a troop
               of whatever is up for the challenge.


               A handful of transport trucks bum diesel while the drivers
               seat themselves inside the diner.

               Another quiet night for SHERIFF GREYSTONE.(42) If the
               pressures of drinking coffee and eating sandwiches is not
               hard enough, he also has to sit inside his patrol car and
               watch the emptiness and the excitement of the occasional
               truck driver who challenges the rough and rocky terrain at
               such an hour.

               Sheriff GREYSTONE pulls away from the diner, fresh cup of
               double-double in his hand.

               Out of the darkness, BRIGHT headlights pierce their way
               through the blackness and no way in hell are they stopping.

               The grey sedan flies by. Sheriff GREYSTONE throws his coffee
               out the window after burning himself.

               He switches on his siren and prepares for battle and maybe a

               Red and blue fills the void. The shrill sound of the wailing
               siren. In a city, this may seem like everyday life...but out
               here, it's a nice change of pace.


               There are two cars, rocketing down a road where nobody
               should be going faster than their grandma can drive.

               Damian makes no attempt at stopping.

               Pedal to the metal and the driving skills of a racing video
               game addict. No turn is too sharp, no move is too hard.

               Another winding turn at pulse racing speed. The cars
               overdrive their headlights.

               Damian slams on the breaks. The car skids and spins and with
               tires tearing apart the road, his car slams into the camper.

               BOOOOMMMM!!! Shattered glass sprays everywhere.

               The car spins around and comes to a resting stop inches from
               the ledge of the mountain.

               Even the best insurance coverage will deny this claim
               Sheriff Greystone arrives moments later, maintaining as
               much control over the car as he can.

               A skid to the right, a skid to the left. Loose gravel ensure
               that this car also has the same claims for the insurance
               agents. Nobody is spared tonight. Red and blue dance off
               the reflected fragments of glass.

               All is silent now. There is no movement from any car.

               EXT. FOREST - NIGHT

               Lance, Jenny and Brandy turn their heads to each other.

                              Did you hear that? That sounded
                              like a patrol car.

                              It sounded like a car accident.

                              It was.

               Lance rushes through the trees.

                              I'm gonna find where that came

                              Don't leave us here Lance. Lance
                              ... Lance turns back.

                              Don't worry ...1'11 be .....

               Lance is picked up in the air. His head facing the ground as
               his arms dangle about wildly swinging the burning log at his

               Up-up up he goes ...until WHACK, his face hits a tree branch
               and slices it to shreds.

               All that's left of his presence is the falling burning log,
               which lands with a thud as it hits the ground.

               Brandy goes to pick it up, but now there are TWO FLYING
               CREATURES. Something that looks like a HUGE VULTURE, but
               MUCH more frightening.

               These are PREHISTORIC DRAGONS, Pterodactyls. With a wingspan
               of feet wide.

               Zack grabs a long branch and swings it wildly.


                                          DIE M**********R! ALL OF YOU!

               The two monsters begin to attack each other. Fighting for
               which one deserves the first meal.

               Zack grabs Brandy by her arm and yanks her out of the

                              We're going...now.

                              What about Sean?

               They look back. Another winged creature is pecking at the
               remains of Sean.

               They look to each other and know that there is no need to
               ask about him again.

               Jenny grabs the burning log and violently swings towards the
               drooling, Cretaceous period demons.

                              This way to the road.

               She starts tearing through the brush. The ear piercing
               shrieks dominate the airwaves.

               Over logs, under bushes, through branches. Whatever chance
               of having these clothes for another day, well even the
               poorest of the poor will find these of no value.

               Every leaf is now a weapon as they bullet through the
               timberland. Shaving cuts look like carefully placed nicks
               and bruises when compared to all the branches that go
               whipping across their bodies.

               Brandy trips over a log. Zack runs back to pick her up.
               Moonlight glimmers between the bushes.

               Shadows loom between the trees.

               They come upon an open area. A rocky slope to a body of
               water. Zack pulls Jenny back a fraction before she is about
               to meet the fast way to the bottom

               EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD - NIGHT

               Damian shakes himself awake. His looks like he's a human
               disco ball as broken glass covers him He tries for the
               door, but it is mashed like a tin can.

               He grabs his gun from the floor and a box of cartridges,
               putting the shells in his overcoat.

               CACCCCKKKKK!! !

               CACCCCKKKKK!! !

               The high pitched shrill of evil squeaks through the air. He
               looks up ...nothing.

               The flickering light of the police car dances off the
               twisted metal.

               CACCCCKKKK!! !

               Another shrill, but nothing in site.

               Damian begins to scout the area. Gun in hand and laser scope
               marking out territory.

               WHOOSH!!! A winged predator above. Damian points to the sky,
               but it is gone.

               SHERIFF GREYSTONE Freeze right where you are.

               Damian moves to turn around. A gunshot blasts through the

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              I said FREEZE!!!

               Damian stays still. Facing away from Sheriff Greystone, his
               gun zeroed in on Damian.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              You take one more move and I'll
                              blast a hole in you the size of

               Damian remains motionless as Sheriff Greystone keeps his gun
               trained on his target.

                              You don't understand.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              I told you to shut the f**k up!

                              Actually, you told me to freeze.

               Sheriff Greystone slowly steps closer and as he nears
               Damian, grabs his nights tick.

               SHERIFF GREYSTONE Put the weapon down...slowly. Damian
               doesn't move.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Try anything brave and you'll find
                              out where Dallas will be.

               Damian slowly releases his gun.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Now, kick it away ...that's
                              Now...on your knees.

               Damian slowly begins to kneel. Sheriff Greystone whacks his
               night-stick against Damian's legs, giving him an easier


               SHERIFF GREYSTONE Shut your mouth boy!

               Sheriff Greystone whacks him again with the nightstick.


                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              That's what you get when you
                              disrespect the law in my

                              You have to listen to me. There
                              are flying dinosaurs.

               Sheriff Greystone laughs with an irritated chuckle. Now he's
               heard everything.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Do I look stupid; a*****e? Do you
                              think I became Sheriff because I
                              was stupid?


                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              What the what?

               Damian begins to turn over. Sheriff fires a shot into the
               ground, kicking up dirt inches from Damian's ear.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              You tone deaf son? I said...stay
                              the hell where I put you and
                              don't you make a Goddamn move.

               Sheriff Greystone buries his knee in Damian's back.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Now, I can still hear the story
                              about the flying dinosaurs from
                              here ...but you stay the f**k
                              down, before I put you down, and
                              this time I won't miss.

               Damian eases off as Sheriff Greystone backs away, gun
               pointed at his back.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Now, I'm gonna back away nice and
                              slow...and you...you're gonna
                              stay just the way you are.
                              Kissing the dirt like it's your
                              new girlfriend.

                              I am telling you the truth.
                              There are flying dinosaurs.
                              Protarchaeopteryx Sheriff starts

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              I guess Santa Claus and the Easter
                              Bunny exist too.

                              I'm serious. I'm a paleontologist.

               Sheriff Greystone begins to undo his handcuffs.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Goodness sakes son. If I wanted to
                              hear fairy tales I would have
                              visited my grand-kids ...if I had

                              Yeah...well you might never have
                              that opportunity.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Oh, I highly doubt that. I think
                              it's you who would miss that
                              chance. As you are looking at a
                              good fifteen years.

               Damian slowly inches his way forward towards his weapons.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              I ran the plates and the car was
                              stolen. Not only that but, your
                              description in my office today
                              leads me to believe that you are
                              a dangerous offender.

               Damian snaps his gun from the ground, rolls and springs up
               to his feet.

                              You have no idea how dangerous.

               Sheriff Greystone sets to fire his gun, but Damian kicks it
               out of his hand and it lands several feet away.

                              Now...it's my turn.

               Damian swiftly aims his laser point blank between Sheriff
               Greystone's eyes.

                              There are things in this world
                              that you don't understand and I
                              don't have time to teach you.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              I'm listening.

                              Good. Then shut your mouth and
                              open your eyes and listen to
                              everything I tell you...or you
                              will find out where Houston goes.
                              Got it? Sheriff Greystone nods his

               Damian backs away.

                              There are flying lizards ...and
                              they are in this area.

               Damian slowly goes to pick up the Sheriffs gun.

                              They were discovered in beds of
                              limestone' near the Bavarian town
                              of Pappenheim in 1861.

               At least one record was made...then. Sheriff Greystone nods
               his head.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Yeah..I understand now.

               Damian picks up the gun, locks the safety and puts it in his

                              Then...whomever was fortunate
                              enough to get a closer look also
                              got too close.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              I see.

                              Are you with me so far?

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Yes...sure, flying monsters in
                              Germany. So mister
                              scientist...why are you trying to
                              kill them? Why aren't you trying
                              to save them and put them in a
                              box and bring them to the mall
                              and show all the little kiddies?
                              Maybe save the Loch Ness Monster

               Damian steps close to Sheriff Greystone and pulls his night-
               stick away.

                              You don't believe me at all...do

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE

                              Some migrated here. Blasting the
                              mountains brought them back out.

               SHERIFF GREYSTONE Oh....kay.

                              And they hid ...over time in the
                              mountains, where population was

                              scarce. They survived on wild
                              animals to feed on.

               Damian makes his way slowly to the grey sedan and pulls out
               some gear, while keeping his weapon trained on Sheriff
               Greys tone.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              But why didn't we see them before?

                              You're a cop. You should know what
                              happens when you seek out the scum
                              They run, they hide but now they
                              have come out again...they want a
                              new menu.

               Damian pulls the crossbow out from the back and hands it to
               Sheriff Greystone.

                              You know how to use one of these?

               Sheriff Greystone nods his head.

                              Then make sure I don't find you
                              aiming it at me.

               Damian turns his back for a moment...waiting to see what
               would happen. Sheriff Greystone takes aim at the back of
               Damian's head.

                              I figured that much.

               Damian spins around and bashes Sheriff Greystone in the face
               with his fist.

               Sheriff Greystone tumbles backwards. Damian catches him.

                              Now...I'm going to give you a
                              second chance.

               EXT. FOREST - NIGHT

               Zack, Jenny and Brandy are at their worst decision in their
               life. Do they jump into the water below or try to outrun
               the flying raptors?

                              What are we gonna do?

                              Pray...pray...really f****n hard.

                              I'm gonna jump. I think we should
                              jump. Jenny stares at Zack in

                              I don't believe it.

                              What? What? What?

               Brandy looks about, not knowing what to expect. Jenny

                              He lost his stutter.

               There is silence now. A deadly silence which can be either a
               good thing or a bad thing, but whatever it is ...even the



               It's just the movement of their eyes asking the
               question...are they gone? They stand motionless, an eternal
               moment in time.

               Then Brandy does a truly awful thing. She exhales.

               ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

               Trees fall to the ground. Dozens of horrific winged serpents
               soar across the sky. Screeching so insanely high.

               Brandy goes to jump off the cliff to the raging waters
               below. She takes a running leap and is now part of space.

               ZOOOM...winged devils scavenge her body, tearing it limb
               from limb.A gruesome site if there ever was one.

               Out of nowhere comes a GUNSHOT.

               The demons retreat into mid-air, flying in circles. Beams of
               light dance throughout the trees.


               Another shot is heard and a winged monster dives toward

               This time a BURNING FLAME is rocketing through the clouds.
               It takes down a demon-

               spawn and ends up smashing into a tree nearby Zack and

               A desperate cry emanates from it's dying vocal cords.

                              I'm leaving !

               No second thought is required.

               As they pass the monster, it strikes it's claws out.

                              I knew I should have stayed home.

                              I can't take this any more...my
                              f*****g head is going to explode.
                              I'm starting to see s**t.

               The acid trip is very intense now and well this ain't making
               things any better.

               Jenny gives a frightful scream unheard by human ears.
               Another dragon creature swishes right beside her. It's eyes
               looking to make her the next meal.


               Sheriff Greystone blasts a high-powered bullet right between
               the eyes of the beast.

               Not a second later, it's head explodes. And you thought you
               had problems.

               Rapid gunfire reverberates in the lushness. Machine-gun
               style. Zack and Jenny race through the trees. Her head is
               still in another dimension...but maybe she fits in

               Something grabs here arm and drags her into the brush.



               There is no words to explain her terror. In-fact terror is
               still too soft of a word.

               She slides down an embankment, gripping at shrubbery as it
               tears away. A flying thing swings by and picks herup by
               it's claws.



               Maybe watching the neighbors kids on a Saturday night isn't
               so bad any longer...compared to the alternative.

               She is now part of the clouds.

               Her screams fill the forest. It's the only thing you can
               hear for miles around.

               EXT. SKY - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS.

               Jenny has a world class view of the mountains and streams.
               Unfortunately, it may be her las t.

               She wriggles and wriggles until finally, the claws of the
               thing release her.

               Her belt breaks away from it's grip and now she is sailing
               downwards towards earth ...just like a sky-jumper...but she
               has worse problems. She doesn't have a parachute.

                              She clips onto a piece of leathery
                              flesh, tearing it partially off an
                              attacking thing.

               Maybe it's fortune or bad luck, but whatever it is, she has
               first hand opportunity to know what it's like hanging
               around the neck of one of these things.

               It swoops around and skimming above the trees.

               And if things couldn't get worse...she is in high demand.
               Fay Wray had it easy with just an enormous ape monster who
               loved her...this chick has 2, but they are looking for
               dinner now.

               Her involuntary airline of choice swings close to the lake.
               She lets go and . .

               JUmps ill.

               EXT. LAKE - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS

               A drop of30 feet is fun, but 100feet is even less fun
               ...especially when the ravaging waters can sweep you into
               another part of next week.

               She lands with a splash as high as a house.

               And sinks below the waves.

               Moments later she appears again...her lifeless body being
               carried away by the strong current.

               EXT. FOREST - NIGHT

               Damian holds his high powered gun in hand. Red beam of light
               dancing across the skyline as vicious attackers bear down
               from various angles.

               KABOOM...a shot rings out. The birds of Hades scatter.

               Zack runs towards Damian.

                              Who the f**k are you?

                              Your new boss.

                              What the hell are those?

                              Unhappy customers.

               Zack looks around in massive confusion. Damian tosses him a
               piece of weaponry.

                              You ever play Space Invaders?

                              Yeah...but I wasn't good at it.

                              Well now you'll be better.

               Zack grabs the weapon and pulls on various features, the
               barrel aiming towards Damian.

               Damian swings the piece of destruction away from him

                              What do I do with it?

                              You don't point it at me.

               Zack fires a random shot in the air. A fireball bursts out
               of the nozzle and buries it's way into the heart and guts
               of purgatory.

               The creature swings about madly and heads straight towards
               Zack. Damian pulls him out of the way as it drops right
               were he was standing.

                              You can't be that bad at Space
                              Invaders. The birds of disaster

               Now that a moment of peace has finally come, it's time for a
               deep breath.

               Sheriff Greystone is under dire urge to say
               something...anything...it's like if he can't say it, he may
               as well blow up.

               His eyes dart around insure of what to do or say.


                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Listen there ahhh stranger. About
                              that little thing ...earlier.
                              Well that was just a

                              Yeah. It usually is.

               They make their way through the dense brush. Sheriff
               Greystone leading the way with his flashlight.

                              What time it is?

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Why do you care at a time like

                              I lost my watch somewhere.

               Sheriff Greystone looks at his watch.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Almost 4am Damian stops in his

                              That doesn't leave us much time.

                              For what?

                              For killing the competition. They
                              hide in the mountains in daytime.

                              Yeah, well I'm out of the alien
                              killing business. I wanna get
                              home and I wanna get home right

               Damian stops him in his path.

                              No can do kid.

                              And why the f**k not? Can you
                              imagine what I've been through
                              tonight? I've seen my buddies
                              ripped to shreds.

               My best friends become some god awful beasts f****n meal.
                              There is no way that I wanna stick
                              to this. I can't take no more. I
                              wanna get the f**k out of here
                              and I wanna get the f**k home.

               Zack rushes out of the bushes, facing the road.

               Damian follows after him, Sheriff Greystone holds him back.

               EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD - NIGHT

               Zack races over to the smashed up camper. Pulls at the door
               and collapses. He begins to cry. Sheriff Greystone heads
               over and picks him up, leading him to a place to sit.

               He goes to his smashed up police car and pulls out the
               sandwich, offering it to Zack.

               Damian steps closer.

                              You can't leave. You're part of

                              Go to hell.

                              I've been there ...on more than
                              one occasion.


               Sheriff Greystone steps in.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Leave the kid alone? He's been
                              through a terrifying ordeal.

                              Yeah, I know. I know what it's
                              like. I faced it many times.

               Zack looks up.

                              I've seen it the first time when I
                              was in Europe, back when my
                              parents were vacationing in the
                              Alps. They went there for a work
                              related vacation..they were
                              biologists doing a study for the
                              University. Some vacation that

               Damian pulls out a tattered and tom photo from his jacket
               ofhis parents, hands it to Zack.

                                          CD. ON PHOTO
                              It's a happy family picture with
                              mom and dad and a 14year old
                              Damian posed in-front of a snow
                              crested mountain.

                              Police and rescue found me 4 days
                              later, wandering the mountain
                              range. Hungry, very confused and
                              stuck in a foreign country where
                              I had no idea of the language.
                              Those things devoured my parents,
                              and well I guess it made my
                              childhood experience a little

               He pulls the photo back, sticking it in his jacket.

                              Some birthday that was. I told
                              them we should have gone to

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Why don't you give the kid a

                              He survived this long ...he's got
                              the guts to go longer.

                              And what makes you think I want
                              to? Damian hands him his rifle.

                              The same thing that makes me think
                              that you know how to use this.

               Zack takes it in his hands, the power of such a weapon in
               his control changes his entire concept of things.

               He wipes his eyes, then flips a switch on the gun, a
               flickering red light at the top of the barrel assures that
               the weapon is loaded and ready for use.

                              They took away your friends.
                              You're gonna take away their
                              entire f*****g race.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              How's that for street justice?

                              So...what are they?

               Damian searches for an easy answer.

                              I call em Whippersnappers.

               SHERIFF GREYSTONE What the f**k does that mean?


                              Pterodactylus. Are-breed of the
                              Pterodactyl flying dinosaur.

                              They killed my parents, my
                              coworkers and...my wife.

               Zack is wildly trying to understand this.

                              What are we gonna do? Damian lets
                              out a sinister smile.

                              Give them a small town welcome.

                              Damian unloads all the gear from
                              the car. Guns are pieced

               Zack straps on some gear. Sheriff Greys tone c***s a
               shotgun. Shells are placed in guns.

               Grenades are clipped on belts. Lasers are spotted for

               Damian polishes a large knife and slips it into a sheath.
               Lastly, Damian tosses them some hamburgers, which they
               consume as they tinker with fmal adjustments.

               EXT. MOUTAIN ROAD - DAWN

               The stars in the sky slowly give way to a breaking light.
               But it is still dark enough to be considered dark..and in
               these mountains ...it's still ten times as bad.

               They walk down the road, armed to the teeth. Flashlights
               providing a shadowing effect.

               Damian holds a scanner, almost like a fish-finder.

                              This way.

               He leads them into the forest again.

               EXT. FOREST - DAWN

               No change from the rest of the forest. It's thick, it's cold
               and tonight...it's hell.

                              What is that?

               Damian scans the area as a series of digital graphs display
               on the screen.

                              It's a geo-thermal polarity

                              What does that thing do?

                              Give you bad news.

               EXT. SWINGING BRIDGE - DAWN

               Through the maze of trees, they come upon a long bridge and
               very carefully step on. 2 inches of timber separate them
               from the ground and raging water far below.

               A gust of wind blows the bridge from side to side. It's a
               long, long shaky walk to the other side.

               The bay sparkles 300 meters below them They grip to the
               handrail tightly as they inch their way across.

               EXT. CLIFF - LATER

               They head towards a large area of rock, stop and look up.
               Damian begins to grip the rock and lodges his foot an open

                              Careful with your footing. This is
                              sharp, so watch yourself.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              We're gonna climb this?

               Damian nods.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              I can't. I can't do it. I'm scared
                              of heights. I won't.

               Damian nods.

                              That's fine. Me and what's his
                              name will go up.
                              What's your name kid?

                              Zack Daniels

                              Damian. Nick Damian.

               They begin to climb the large rocks. Sheriff Greystone looks
               around. He's stuck by himself and he's scared as s**t.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              Hey, you know..J don't want you
                              both to go without me, just in
                              case you might need somebody to
                              hold your gun.

               Sheriff Greystone makes his way up the rocks.

               On a regular camping trip, this would seem hard enough, but
               now carrying artillery for extinction of a civilization,
               it's much more challenging. Moments pass and the sun is
               rising faster.

               There are still stars in the sky, but now we know that in a
               matter of time, the night time is over.

               More rocks and more of a challenge awaits them but there is
               hope...or despair, depending on your point of view.

               A cave opening bares the evidence to the winged monster's

               INT. CAVE - DAWN - CONTINUOUS

               Dead carcasses from various animals lie scattered at the
               entrance, greeting any brave visitor and Jehovah Witness
               magazine distributors.

                              We're here.

               SHERIFF GREYSTONE Oh, great...

               They look around carefully. Damian flips a switch on his
               light. A bright MILLION CANDLE FLASHLIGHT lights their way.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE (CONT'D)
                              That looks like a bear...

                              Why didn't you use that light

                              Draws too much power from the
                              battery ...and in here, it's
                              much, much worse than out there.

               Nobody needs to actually ask why. A questionable look does
               it for them

                              We're invading their home. We're
                              the burglars ...and their alarm
                              system is their entire f****n

               Damian nods a ARE YOUR READY TO KICK A*S look.

               EXT. WATERS EDGE - DAWN

               Jenny wearily makes her way through the rough water to the
               edge of the riverbank. Soaked to the bone, her body looks
               like Mike Tyson used her for a punching bag.

               She skittishly crawls to her feet and makes her way up the
               rocks. Looking around frightfully, twitching from
               delusions, she does the best she can as she treads through
               the woods.

               INT. CAVE - DAWN

               Damian, Zack and Sheriff tread cautiously through the maze
               of hollowed out stone.

               Water runs down the limestone rock forming long streams.
               Slime covers the walls.

               They splash through the ankle deep murky water. Zack sniffs
               the air, almost heaves.

                              What's that awful stench?


                              Mexican food?

               Sheriff Greystone steps into a crevice.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              It's got me....the dinosaur's got
                              my leg.

               He pulls his gun and fires several shots into the turbid
               pool ofwater. The shots awaken hundreds of bats. It's a
               f****n catastrophe as bats fly about everywhere.

               From the left...bats - from the right...bats. They duck and
               swing violently at the winged rodents.

               After the bats eventual disperse, Damian pulls Sheriff
               Greystone from the crack.

                              Don't you ever...ever...ever...

               The trails of limestone become narrow and winding in many

                              Which way?

               SHERIFF GREYSTONE How should I know?

               They slowly creep into a large section of the cave, taking
               tiny footsteps.

               Damian peers over a formed peak of limestone, then quickly
               shuts of the high- powered light.

               A large winged beast jumps right in-front of him.

               Damian pulls a gun, but the raptor snatches it from his
               hands. Sheriff Greystone pumps the shotgun and blasts a
               bowling ball size hole through the wing.

               Now the zone is swarming with nasty hellish looking beasts.

               Everybody opens fire. This is Vietnam times 30.

               Gunfire spews out from every barrel. Every turn brings a new

               Shell casings sail out of the guns littering the floor.
               Pieces of limestone blow apart.

               A reptile crawls behind Sheriff Greystone. It's HUGE and
               hungry. He turns to shoot. The monster snaps off his
               shotgun and swallows it. Sheriff Greystone reaches for a
               grenade and pulls the pin.

               A chunk of limestone blows apart in-front of his face and
               tears open his face.

                              Look out.

               Damian fires throngs of rounds in every direction.

               TING. TING. TING. Casings land all over the ground. Blood
               splatters everywhere.

                                          SHERIFF GREYSTONE
                              S**t...here comes another one!

               Damian pulls a knife as Zack unloads more rounds into the
               beasts and into the million year old stone valley.

               Stone blows everywhere.

               SHRIEKS fill the cavern.

               Zack pulls another clip, loads it into his gun as quick as
               he can. He pulls the clip and takes aim The gun misfires.
               He tries again.

               The gun misfires again. He tosses that aside and grabs a new
               piece of weaponry.

               Two monsters scope in on Zack as he tries to work his new
               tool. Damian pulls his knife and whips it towards a
               monster. It lands in one eye.

               The beast cries in pain and flaps it's wings wildly while
               clawing at anything it can.

               Sheriff Greystone pulls another piece, lets off a few more
               rounds before one flies above him and with a swift
               maneuver, snaps off his arm. Damian and Zack run for cover
               as Sheriff Greystone unleashes ammo with his last few

               EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD - DAWN

               Jenny comes upon the pick-up truck, sees the monstrosity.
               She walks around in a haze, frightened as only one can be.

               She sees the bottle of alcohol and jerks it out, taking a
               huge swig as it bubbles out her mouth and down her shirt.

               Sorting through the dead bodies she finds a CELLULAR PHONE.
               She flips it on and begins punching random numbers in a

                              Please...somebody pickup.
                              Please...anybody. Please...is
                              anybody there? Can anybody hear
                              me? Somebody...

               No signal is available. She tries again and again. No luck.

                              S**t! S**T! S**T!! S**T!!!

               Walking around the truck see eyes a crate with the words
               "DYNAMITE" in big bold letters.

               GUNFIRE ECHOES across the forest.

               She makes her way to the back of the truck and taking a
               piece of steel, cracks open the box of explosives.

               More gunfire ..short rapid bursts.

               Grabbing a handful of sticks, she quickly heads off. Her
               head spins towards the direction of the gunfire.

               EXT. WOODS - DAWN

               She runs through the trees towards the swinging bridge.


               The sun is up.

               Jenny stops at the bridge and peeks down. It's a scary view,
               but she has seen worse.

               She runs across the bridge as fast as she can. Her motion
               sends the bridge swaying back and forth.

               Her foot steps onto rotten slab of wood and it breaks away.

               The wood sails to earth as her leg busts through and she
               slams backwards on the walkway.

               A stick of dynamite falls from her hands and sails towards
               the rocks below.


               The stick sends up a cloud of stone, sticks, water and dust.
               The sound echoes through the land.

               She struggles to make her way up again as another stick
               slips out of her hands.

               It rolls across the wood walkway and she stretches to grab
               it. Her fingers are just inches away ...reaching - barely

               She brushes the stick of dynamite with her finger. It rolls
               back and forth with the movement of the bridge.

               Just as she is about to grab it, It falls over the edge. It
               sails silently in the air...then BOOOMMMM.

               The eruption sends up more dirt and stone, but now it has
               loosened the mounts for the bridge.

               Birds scatter from the trees and cover the sky. The wire of
               the bridge posts begins to unravel.


               Wire snaps.

               Wood breaks. Another piece of history is disappearing right
               below her feet.

               She crawls up and runs ...the soles of her shoes almost on
               melting from fear.

               Every inch of bridge behind her is vanishing.

               There is no looking back.

               Wire whips about as wood floats to the bottom of the picture
               postcard panorama.

               She clears the bridge with a fraction of a second to spare.

               The bridge is gone and she is buried in the bushes as the
               last stretch of wire unwinds and tears a branch only inches
               from her.

               She crawls to her feet, tears off her T-shirt, picks up the
               dynamite and wraps them in the shirt.

               INT. CAVE - CONTINUOUS

               Bullets and grenades tear apart monsters and indigenous
               monumental rock formation.

               Zack and Damian blast away as fast as they can. Nothing
               seems to be stopping these things. They run into another
               area of the cave. There is relentless gunfire.

               Damian yanks a grenade and pulls the pin. He makes his best
               pitch into a cavern as more demon spawn fly towards him.

                              Cover me.

               Zack fires wildly. As one gun unloads after another. A
               flying beast swings low and grabs the grenade in it's
               mouth. Moments later it explodes into a mess of guts and
               blood. Pieces of Jurassic varmint cover the cave walls and
               both of them


               Jenny is climbing the rocks, heading to the entrance. Her T-
               shirt, hanging from her belt loops of her jeans as she
               reaches stone after stone.

               She reaches the entrance and hoists herself over the edge,
               taking the T-shirt off her belt loop and placing it on a

               She pulls a ZIPPO lighter from her pocket and brightens up
               the interior.

               Picking up a dry log, she makes a torch and guides her way

               INT. CAVE - CONTINUOUS

               Walking through the water, she comes across Sheriff
               Greystone...or what is left of him.

               She picks up his shotgun, and carefully leads hers elf into
               the depths of the earth.

               INT. CAVE - GRAND ENTRANCE

               A nest consisting of eggs lies in the corner. She pumps the
               shotgun and blows the eggs to pieces.

               She looks around, sees more nests in the ledges of rock,
               clicks the shotgun and plays target practice with the rest
               of the shots.

               As the nests blow apart, ONE EGG falls into the mud and
               water below, sinking its elf into the mud.

               INT. CAVE - NEAR THE LAIR

               Zack and Damian hear the gunshots. They look to each other.
               But they still have more freaks with wings to attend to.
               Zack unloads his last clip, then pulls his laser gun.

               He takes aim at whatever he can, but every shot is just
               levelling the stalactites into tiny fragments of stone.

                              He looks up. a stalactite drops
                              towards him.

               Damian pushes him out of the way as it crashes down and
               lodges itself into Damian's chest.

               Damian drops to the floor as they continue to fall from the
               cave ceiling. All around him, the cave crystals are tearing
               his body to pieces. A winged monster stops in-front ofhim as
               he lies close to death. It begins to nip at his body.

                              Zack...kill the head one.

               The scope posts it's red beam into the back of the winged
               demon's head. Zack shoots the dinosaur attacking Damian and
               it's head blows off it's neck.

               Jenny comes running into the lair. She tries to shoot at the
               monsters swirling around the cave.

               The shotgun is empty. She look around. Damian yanks his last
               grenade from his vest, rolls it across the cave floor
               towards Jenny.


               Jenny turns her head to see Damian's guts tom out of his
               stomach. She heaves her last meal.

               The grenade bounces down the cave.

               She makes a jump for it. It bounces into a narrow crest. She

                              Jenny!!! You're alive!

               Jenny looks to him. A winged demon zips past her face.

               Zack takes aim and blasts more rock to pieces as he misses
               the bird of Satan.

                              I'm glad you think that.

               Zack pulls the trigger again, the shot tears the wing off
               from it's body. The one winged beast flutters about as it
               claws at Jenny.

               She grabs a stalactite and whips it towards the beast,
               missing. The dinosaur's wing brushes her to the ground.

               She looks down, the grenade only inches away, trapped in a
               narrow crevice.

               The monster bears down on her again. She kicks at it as it
               continues to attack.

               Zack takes another shot as another beast comes up behind
               him. He quickly turns and takes off the head of the one
               behind him. Jenny grabs the monster's head and slams it
               into the cave wall as it's claws grab her body.

               Zack takes one last shot...it takes the demon-bird out of
               commission. The devil- bird lands on Jenny and throws her
               to the ground. She struggles to get the thing off her.

               Zack runs over and pulls her out.

               She gives him a big hug and an ever bigger kiss.

               Their lips lock and it seems like peace has finally come to

               They head back, trudging through the dying flesh.

               Cries of beasts taking their last breath echo in the cave.

               While all is peaceful and their tension has eased...a
               FLUTTER of wings. They freeze.

               Zack turns around. Nothing. They begin to move again.

               Another flutter of wings, this time closer.

               Zack fires into the darkness and shadows. Jenny clings to
               the side of the cave wall.


               Then comes the heavy breathing sound of your worst nightmare
               ...2 inches from your ears.

               They both turn and look.

               This is the Devil itself. A wingspan of over 20 feet and
               eyes that pierce through to your soul.

               They stand there frozen, jaws dropped like bowling balls are
               stitched into their jaws.

               Nobody can say anything.

               The beast opens it's mouth, showing a row of long pointy
               teeth as saliva drips from it's mouth.

               It slowly exchanges looks between Zack and Jenny, deciding
               on it's breakfast.

               It snaps towards Zack. He steps back and drops the Xenon
               laser gun.

               Every step he takes, the demon follows.

               Jenny picks up the laser and fidgets with the trigger. She
               can't get the thing to shoot.

                              Zack becomes part of a healthy
                              breakfast as the beak of this
                              demon grabs his chest and sails
                              into the air.

               Jenny tries and tries again. The winged thing just floats
               around, as it violently shakes Zack, smashing him into the
               walls of the cave.

                              Shoot!! !

                              I can't.

                              SHOOT!!! Jenny shoot the f*****g

               Jenny manages to work the gun. The scope glows bright red
               and a beam marks up the darkness.

               She aims, taking shots but the whippersnapper is maneuvering
               much faster than she can.

               Chunks of rock tear from the cave.

               The winged thing drops Zack and he lands into a deep cavern,
               impaled on a large piercing rock.

                              Come and get me, you m**********r.
                              The thing now is after her.

               She aims the gun at the grenade and pulls the trigger. Hell

               A burst of flames engulfs the cavern. The flying dinosaur
               sails to the bottom of the cave.

               Jenny runs towards the entrance, with the gun strapped
               around her. She jumps as quick as she could as chunks of
               rock fall down around her, hitting her.


               The sun is up ...finally and hopefully it will never go back

               She jumps to the branch 0 f a tree, catching it's leaves as
               her bo dy falls between the branches.

               Her skin is ripped and her clothes are virtually
               non-existent now. She lands with a huge splash into the

                              F**K NO. It's still alive!!!

               The Pterodactyl stands on the edge of the cave, it's wings
               outspread and it is pissed.

               Jenny makes her way to shore, steadies herself and takes aim
               Her arms and fingers bleeding like a fountain.

               She steadies her trigger finger.

                              It's my party and I'll die if!
                              want to.

               She sets her aim, pulls the trigger and a blast shoots from
               the nozzle of the weapon.

               KA-BOOOOOOOOM!!!!! !

               She hits the dynamite wrapped in her T-shirt.

               The mountain side begins to level off and sends fragments of
               it into outer space.

               The beast is DEAD.

               The mountain is crumbling over her as it fills the sky with
               debris. It falls to the ground as she dives into the lake.
               Stone, dirt, wood splashing all around her.

               Moments later Jenny washes ashore. She lies beat on the

                              Next year, I'm going to Disney

               EXT. FOREST - DAY

               The dinosaur egg which survived lands in a pond, covered in
               muddy water, it floats to the edge and nestles its elf in
               the mud.

               Whippersnapper 2 - Tourist Season


               Vic Formosa

               FADE IN:

               EXT. RIVERBANK - DAWN

               JENNY (19) a potential contestant for "Who Wants To Be A
               Bubble-headed Bleach Blond" wearily wakes from lying on the
               edge of a riverbank.

               She opens her eyes and looks around in a haze. Her clothes
               are pieces of shreds, her body is bloody and scraped.

               She is soaked through and wearing only a bra and torn jeans
               and shoes. But she has a gun...not an ordinary handgun, but
               a really big high-tech scary looking thing with a Xenon
               laser scope and it looks like a piece of scientific

               She crawls to her feet, looks around at the lush thick
               forest that encompasses her.

               She is lost. It all seems so surreal and really f*****g
               weird. Her eyes dart around the perimeter of the forest and
               the look of worry stretches itself across her face.

               Where the f**k is she and what is she doing with this gun?

               She holds the gun in her hands and fidgets with the triggers
               and dials, pulling the firing mechanism and releasing the

               ZAPPPP!!! A blast of gunfire spews out from the barrel and
               finds it's way into a tree.

               In a panic, she swings her arm in another direction and more
               gunfire follows.

               She lets out a fearful SCREAM.


                              Panic and mental fear sets in.

               She tries to speak, but can't manage to get a word out.

               Alone, in an unfamiliar setting. Something is not right.

               After gaining proper footing, she maneuvers her way through
               the rocky landscape and towards the trees, leading into a
               dense and dark forest.

               EXT. FOREST - DAWN

               Trees as thick as porridge. There is virtually no sunlight
               coming through the large foliage, and with every step and
               every turn, it seems to be an intense frightening

               Burrowing her way through the bushes, her body spinning in
               circles out of fear and breathing heavy in a panic, she
               comes upon a fallen tree.

               She sets down, gathers herself and takes a deep breath, her
               heavy breathing coming to a normal pace.

               She lies back and closes her eyes for a moment.

               An eerie RATTLE chills the air.

               A second later when she opens her eyes, a TIMBER RATTLESNAKE
               is coiled up and at her feet, it's tongue flipping in and
               out of it's mouth.

               The snake is looking for a dinner date, but Jenny isn't.

               She jumps up, the snake makes a strike, missing her by a
               fraction of an inch.

               She runs and runs and runs as fast as she can, over logs,
               through bushes, into a bank of mud where she falls and is
               caked in brown.

               Across the mud bank is A DINOSAUR EGG. It's shell is
               partially cracked.

               She gets up, mumbles something incoherent and wipes off as
               much mud as she can from her body.

               Trudging back through the trees, she makes her way until she
               comes across a small pile of tree leaves.

               The leaves MOVE as she nears them. OH NO!

               8 rattle snakes slither, their tails all flicking back and
               forth and the scary sound accompanying them.

               She is surrounded on all sides as they eye her.

               She stands motionless for a moment, then takes the gun,
               flips the switch and lets loose - uncontrolled and blasting
               at everything around her.

               Gunfire pelts out and within seconds, the snakes are soon to
               be cowboy boots.

                              Bite me.

               She is now on the alert. Every step is carefully applied
               with precision and tact. Her eyes are focused while the
               barrel remains ready for action.

               EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD - DAWN

               The sun is up and it gives a welcoming to anybody who has
               been through a huge ordeal as she has.

               She wearily makes her way down the lonely road, gun poised.


               A small town, nestled in the mountains. This town is the
               picture postcard.

               It's a resort town and all the tourists here come for the
               fishing and Mary-Anne's home cooked meals.

               EXT. TOWN OF KINGSVILLE - DAY

               Down the winding road, Jenny lumbers. She has walked a good
               40 miles and a good meal can't hurt.

               Nearing the clearing, she discards the gun in some bushes,
               heads towards Mary-Anne's Country Diner.


               Mmmm. The best blueberry cheesecake and cherry pie a person
               can get.

               This is what brings in the tourists, and there is no more
               description needed.

               Customers fill the seats. The waitress busy as orders fill
               the counter by the kitchen.

               Jenny walks in, looks around and heads to the washroom.


               She locks the door, runs the tap and wipes the grime off her
               face, patching herself as good as she can.


               Jenny takes a seat, surfs the menu, then peers up. The look
               from 30 people gazing at her.

               The restaurant is quiet as everybody is focused on the girl
               who looks like a train wreck in a bra.

               KATRINA (26) red flowing hair and the face of a Goddess
               approaches the table.

                              Oh, sweetie. My poor thing. What
                              happened to you?

                              I-I-I don't know.

               Katrina pours a glass of water.

                              What do you mean...you don't know?
                              Are you ok?

               Jenny shrugs her shoulders.

                                          KATRINA (CONT'D)
                              Are you hurt?

               Jenny takes a deep breath.

                              No. Why?

                              You look like you ran into my

                              No, I'm fine I guess...where am I?

               Katrina turns to the customers.

                              Alright, enough of the ogling.
                              Your food is in-front of you.

               The customers slowly turn back to their food and continue
               their conversations.

               Katrina sits.

                              Where am I?

                              What do you mean? Like in here? In
                              this restaurant?

                              No. Where am I? Where are we?

               Katrina senses something is seriously wrong.

                              Town of Kingsville. Are you sure
                              you're ok?

                              Yes....no.....uhm...yeah. I mean
                              no. I don't know.

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