When The World Stands Still

When The World Stands Still

A Poem by Carole

When He speaks, I am awestruck

 Utterly stunned by His presence

 It is in that precise moment…

That...The World Stands Still


Having pictured Him as an Ogre on a throne

With a whip in his hand just waiting for me

To falter so he could whip me back

Into shape


It’s sometimes hard to fathom

That He could care that much

For a lowly human being

Such as me


I use to blame Him for the world condition

And question how an all powerful God

Could allow a world such as ours to

Be in massive disarray


All of the sickness, all of the pain,

All of the killings, sadness, disdain

It made me angry & distraught

It threw me into a quandary


Where were YOU when my father died of cancer?

Where were YOU when my mother took her own life?

So many questions…

A heart laden with strife…


It is then that He revealed a valuable truth

He answered my questions

And it changed my life

It was at that moment That  the World Stood Still…


I saw the fall of the world

The beginning of time

When sin and sickness entered

Our picture perfect paradise like a slithering snake


It started in a lowly garden with Adam & Eve

Lured to the tree of knowledge of good and evil

It is there they partook of the shiny red apple innocently

Beguiled by the serpent-Satan himself


Suddenly their eyes were opened

Naked in the garden


They sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves


They tried to hide themselves


The Creator would not see their nakedness

But their frail attempts failed


The Almighty Powerful Omniscient one

 Knew immediately

 The fall of humanity

 Had made its debut


 His heart was heavy laden with sadness

 And with intense grief

 He knew the world would suffer

 Unless there was redemption


 The God of this World, (Satan) announced his arrival

 The lofty one who comes to kill, to steal from, and to destroy

 All of mankind…

 The very source of sin, and sickness, & pain


 The perpetrator of

  All that we suffer… because of a single apple

  A connoisseur at dodging blame

  And blinding our eyes to himself, the real culprit


  So many lost souls disoriented

  So much personal torment and misery

  In this world in which we live

  Firing arrows at those that are for us and not against us


  God had to do something

  A transformation was in order

  And a strategy set forth

  For the redemption of mankind


 He sent His only son to suffer

 And die

 To bear the pain of the world upon His shoulders

 And so that through Jesus


 All could have life eternal with Him

 In a paradise unknown to earthly imagination

 Beyond comprehension

 But more real than the air that we breathe


 A free gift

 Available to all who ask

 To all who choose to call out to Him

 And ask Him into their hearts

When I cry out to Him

 And ask Him, Why?

 He’s never afraid to answer

 And in those moments,


 That is When…













(Listen to the Brian Welch testimony about why he left the band, Korn

  and many others that struggled with questions causing them to ask

   “Why?”)  The World Stood Still for Them…

















© 2009 Carole

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Featured Review

Wow! Such an amazing testimony and tribute to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! YES!

I used to feel the same. Always had the word "Why" on my lips.....so angry at Him. Then one day I saw the two kingdoms - just as you portray here. And I knew that all the pain I had ever gone through was from "them" and all the beauty and joy and love I'd ever experienced was from Him!!

Rock on Sister!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Very powerful and moving
a lot of anger from this deceitful
and confusing idolized world

Tremendous job Carole

Orlando M

Posted 14 Years Ago

Your poem is fabulous Carole. It is an inspiration to me. And so is Brian Welch's testimony on Iamsecond.com. Wow. After all this time ... to come here again ... and back to your page, and find this. It is perfect and I know God is King and truly in control of my life. Thanks woman.

Posted 14 Years Ago

OH.... I love this!! I like where you began this journey. So often we hear the good side only in poems (or the bad side only)... nice to see the full cycle here. It is funny how we want to blame God...and not. This poem just put a little tickle in my heart, physically. Amazing, just amazing. God Bless~~

Posted 15 Years Ago

So many blame God for the troubles in this world and their own troubles when in truth the problems they have are because of their own bad decision making. The same with the world, man has caused himself a lot of grief yet so many blame God for what they've done. God didn't cause pollution or war, men have done that. Same with crime and many diseases. Bad hygiene and greed aren't not God's fault, yet he gets the blame. So unfair and you've described your feelings on this subject brilliantly.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Yes Carole so many are blaming God for the shape the Earth is in, their sorrows and heart breaks, the scales have not fallen of their eyes yet. So right you are. Most of my life I didn't know that God love's me, little old me. Amazing Grace is the perfect song for my journey. Thank you for the gift and god bless you.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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A thought provoking, inspiring write. "Why?" and "Where were you when..." seem to be common questions hurled at God, especially by those were taught young, to fear Him as in to be afraid of Him rather to be in awe of Him. Some don't seem to hear the answers because in their anger, they fail to listen. It is hard to hear when we are busy yelling. Prayer should be a 2-way conversation in which we need to remember to take time to just be quiet and still in His presence.

Yep, a very thought provoking, inspired write.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Love this. Wow....it is a long read, but you had a lot to say. Absolutely LOVE it. Can't wait to read more of your stuff.


Posted 15 Years Ago

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Today My mind is stilled and soothed after reading this wonderful poem on God...YES, HE is here and will always be there for ALL OF US....
Carole, you have no idea how talented you are...God is speaking to us through you

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Such a spiritual and intelligently written piece. I admire your style in here.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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I have never questioned or doubted but I have challenged and fought to have my own way. It is a losing battle of course; even Jacob lost his wrestling match...but he wouldn't let go of God until he recieved a blessing. There may be a deeper lesson to learn there than simply the fact that he who struggles with God is sure to fail. It is a lesson of determination and preserverance; sometimes we just have to hold on until we recieve our blessing. A great write.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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