Pink Ribbons And White Fluff

Pink Ribbons And White Fluff

A Poem by Marie Harrison

A fantasy poem about fighing against breast cancer.


































(Pink Ribbons and White Fluff)


Bright blue skies with

Brilliant white pillows of fluff,

Set the stage that glorious day.


Friends lined the streets

To cheer her on

Her Mom watched

From the comfort

Of her hospital room.


Tatum's heart was filled

With the passion to run.


She set her goals

High that day.

Even the strength

Of ten men might

Not have won

On that day,

The humidity

Was high.


She didn't have

The heart to lose.

She'd have to race

Up her flesh

Engine very high

And then shift it

Swiftly to cruise

In order to win

This zealous race.


Her Mother's blues

From the challenges

Of breast cancer

Gave her the


To run for the

Advancement of

B***s that day.


Her mother had the

Courage to kick the

Booze years ago,

But breast cancer

Was not as easy.


Tatum's chance

For raising the funds

For the advancement

Of breast cancer research 

Was her main focus,

That bright glorious day.


It would be an honor

To help find a cure

For such a ruthless

Disease that women

Succumb to yearly.


Warm streams of tears

Mixed with salty sweat

And tangy Gatorade

Decorated her

Face that evening,

When she was

Presented with a

Check and a bright 

Pink ribbon trophy.


She placed second

In the race, 

But that

Was a start.


The smile on

Her mother's face

Was what really

Filled her heart with

White marshmallow

Fluff that glorious night.






© 2010 Marie Harrison

Author's Note

Marie Harrison
I wrote this last year when my friend was struggling with breast cancer. It's from my imagination. Just being around her inspired my writing.

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Featured Review

A very uplifting and inspiring poem with a touch of sadness in it too.

There isn't very much said about this in the media or elsewhere but men get breast cancer too, it's just a lot harder for them to go get checked if they have a lump, I guess we can understand why.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Awe this was a cute poem. I really liked this poem because it is true some woman are succumbing...and a cure would be lovely. Good job. Thanks for sharing. :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

I'm all for the advancement of b***s...even if I have to run :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

It's beautifully inspired. I loved the determination in the girl, and I thought the last few lines were sweet. Interesting. Keep writing.


Posted 12 Years Ago

I love it and keeep it up I am sorry for your friend

Posted 12 Years Ago

this is seriously amazing, it really makes u think

Posted 12 Years Ago

Some of us take a lot of things for granted like health. Thank you or sharing

Posted 12 Years Ago

inspiration springs from many sources.This one was certainly inspired

Posted 12 Years Ago

A beautiful poem of hope. Cancer have took too many good people from us. We must stay positive and hopeful. I hope your mother is Ok. The battle to end cancer must stay strong till it is a distant memory. A excellent story and poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Great poem! I know someone in my friend's family that has breast cancer.I support them 100 percent!!Anyway thank you for sharing your friend's story in a poem! Very good job!(:

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Marie Harrison
Marie Harrison

Atlanta, GA

Momma told me to get out and enjoy life, so now I'm going to dance. more..


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