Watch The Sky - Part 4

Watch The Sky - Part 4

A Story by Chris Rankine

The war between the Ashkarians and the Negrosi rages on, with Earth in the middle of it all. Something has to give.


Watch The Sky

Part 4


The transmission came from a pilot on a flight that was due to land in London in under an hour.

The communication came in a short series of broken dialogue.

“Flight B412 to Lond…wer..emerge….repe…ergency”

“Flight B412,this is James Bradshaw at Control Tower 1. What is your emergency?”

No response

“repeat: flight B412,this is Control Tower 1. What is your emergency?”

No response.

“James, look at this”

James looked around at his colleague Colin, he was staring bemused at his monitor.

At first glance he noticed nothing out of the ordinary, just dots representing planes coming and going. All but one that was.

For one particular dot was not moving at all.


Above a field on the outskirts of London, flight B412 was frozen in mid-air, surrounded by blue light.

What happened next happened before anybody could ever notice.

Unbeknownst to anybody, Humans or Negrosi, the Ashkarians had fired secret weapons of their own, their equivalent of Weapons of mass destruction. What these weapons were we shall never know, but it engulfed the whole planet in flames, Earth from the outside resemble a mammoth fireball.

The Ashkarians had discovered what the Negrosi had been doing on Earth and decided to intervene in order to turn the tide in their favour. And it certainly helped them.

The war continued for years between the two rival planets.


As for Earth, you may be expecting a tale of survivors living in a post apocalyptic world fighting to survive, and rebuild the world they once knew. Sadly, alas, I cannot give that to you. For Earth was destroyed. Every Human, every animal, every mineral, every vegetable. Nothing survived, not even the land the sea or the sky still existed.


Everything that ever was, or ever could be had been wiped out forever.


The End


© 2020 Chris Rankine

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Added on January 21, 2020
Last Updated on January 21, 2020
Tags: planes, aviation, disappearance, mystery


Chris Rankine
Chris Rankine

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom