Real Life RPG

Real Life RPG

A Story by Chris Rankine

Imagine if our world became a real life RPG. A brief overview from an RPG player


Real Life RPG


Imagine for a moment if the world we live in became a real life RPG (role playing game). If you have ever played an RPG you probably will be able to imagine it.

When we go out we would be drawn in to random battles with various types of monsters and creatures, some easy enough that we could one hit kill them with our weapon. Personally I am going with a sword as my weapon. Other battles would be tough, we would need strategy, using abilities to make us a bit stronger or faster for the duration of the battle, some games refer to this as ‘applying buffs', or use an ability to weaken our enemies defences. Or we could just flee.

After each battle we would be rewarded with EXP (experience points) these build up with each battle resulting in us levelling up, each level gives our base stats a boost, strength, defence, HP (hit points).

We could form ‘parties' with friends or family and level up together. Beats watching crap TV.


Rather than going to the shops for groceries, we would shop for weapon and armour upgrades. Some shops will sell healing items and items that would cure status ailments, some devious enemies may poison you in battle causing your HP to gradually drop until you die. Or they will silence you so you cannot use magic.


Alas, it will obviously never happen. Anyway, just a thought I have had whilst playing through various RPG’s.

Thanks for taking the time to  read.

© 2020 Chris Rankine

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Added on November 21, 2020
Last Updated on November 21, 2020
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Chris Rankine
Chris Rankine

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom