A Story by Chris Z

I was paralyzed. My once plentiful thoughts came to a stand still. I couldn't believe it, what she just said. I struggled to bring myself from my stillness.

"What.. what did you say?"

She said it again.

Suddenly, thoughts and emotions came rushing in, like a dam had been broken somewhere between where they start and end. I didn't know what to say. My face rapidly adjusted to every emotion as I felt it. I began to think about it and tried to regulate my expressions; it was too hard though. I couldn't keep myself from smiling. I became so nervous and awkward: I couldn't look at her anymore, not with her looking right at me too. I raised my hand to my face, trying to cover the big, stupid smile that wouldn't leave.

My body began to tremble again, like when we were last together, but this time it was different. I was so happy, I felt as though I couldn't take it; I didn't know how to feel, how to act. I couldn't look at her, I couldn't bring myself to say a word. Soon, I found myself gasping for air. I began to consciously think about breathing, taking considerably larger amounts in.

I just had so much I was feeling, so much I wanted to say. I wanted her to know everything: every stir, every flutter, every wonderful little detail that made me feel this way, that made me feel so happy. I wanted her to know that it was okay, her being there and me here. It didn't matter where she was. Weather she was here in my arms or one hundred eighty miles away.. I still loved her. I wanted to tell her all these things, but first I had to bring myself to a syllable. The words would come later.

© 2014 Chris Z

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Added on November 12, 2014
Last Updated on November 12, 2014