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just the beginning


As I lay in my bed I can hear it. Creeping around the house. I hear the tapping as it's steel talon-like claws touch the floor. With my door cracked open just slightly I see it's outline move past the door in such a swift movement that if you blink you'd miss it. When it is in 'normal' form you can tell they are modeled after us. They appear to be just like us. But at night, they patrol us. Making sure we stick to the laws set by Mother. They've been patroling more often because of the heightened anxiety of an attack from the underground rebellion. They are called Borgs and slowly they have been tracking down members of the rebellion one by one, and exterminating them.


Tonight... tonight was different. Their eyes were glowing red, and they were pacing the halls like never before. Instead of waking every hour, I was disturbed every 5 minutes. Until I gave up on sleep completely. I chose to lay there and listen to the rain through my window. I didn't dare get up or turn on the light. I rather feared calling anymore attention to myself than necessary. Suddenly the silence was shattered; screams coming from the court yard peaked my interest enough to go to the window. It's Benny, he's only 16... they found him. For weeks he has been in hiding after a failed assassination attempt on Mother. I watch in horror as they force him to his knees and shoot him once in the back of his head. His dead body left there as a reminder of what could happen.


I soon realize it's not over. One by one the members of the family that kept him in hiding were brought out next to his body. The father and his son were forced to their knees and shot just like Benny. But, the mother and her daughter had to strip down and be chained to one another, then they were taken off. We dont know where they get taken. There are so many rumors and stories as to what they do with the women. Any women that come back from it don't talk about it. They will walk away before they aknowledge it.



....... that's all i have so far.

© 2011 Independent

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Added on May 10, 2011
Last Updated on May 10, 2011



Wilmington, DE

I'm 19, almost 20. I've been writing since 4th grade and it's what I love doing. I'm not putting a lot about myself on here because this isn't about me. it's about writing. Comments are welcome. more..

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