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The latest installment in my flagship series...


From white shades brightening in the light... The open glass balcony doors expose themselves as the true opposite to the twin closed doors in the negative of the room... Locked with quieted noise, black flashy clothes, and hushed criticisms. Everything is eerily calm and hushed from a noise level that otherwise would have been loud and disruptive.

The bright lights from the balcony doors hurts my eyes... The white sheets covering everything make it all too bright for me... Like an awesome exposure before the shutdown... As I stand stagnant I feel like I'm floating on the sheets gently levitating in the breeze until everything becomes unsettlingly stagnant.... The air is crisp and has lost taste... With every breath I am biting my piece out of the air and feeling it act as pins and needles in my inferior lungs...

Appearing from nowhere..... A woman...

The vanity mirror she sits at looks of old wood without any scent...  "Hey. What the f**k is this?", I throw out for answering...

She acts as though I'm not there... Just brushing her hair... Her bright red dress hurts my eyes in contrast...

"Can't you hear me? What the hell's going on here? Hey! HEY!!!"

As soon as I let out that last yell her eyes affix to me through the mirror... And a smile affirms her face, appearing as if I were watching her in reverse.

With a sudden shock, she slams her open palms down in front of her. After a moment of silence, in a disturbingly deep and altered voice she says," it's not forgetting that's the trick..."

Screams... Contorting of faces... And an intolerable sound. Almost like digitally distorted screams all in unison. It's almost like an idea is painfully coming to fruition. 

And then... White... And the silence almost makes a sound.

"You've almost found him", a strange gentle voice says, almost like its within my head. Sounds like a young girl... Emanating innocence in every tone. " Who?!", I ask with fear still in my soul. She giggles as if I just said something too absurd to take seriously. Then she calmly pauses and replies, "God, silly..."



© 2015 ClockWork GRIMM

Author's Note

ClockWork GRIMM
Tell me what you're interpretation of what's going on in this and the series as a whole!

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Added on May 18, 2015
Last Updated on May 18, 2015
Tags: hotel Moscow, hotel, scarlet story, Tyler, Fauke, abstract, cyberpunk, god, life, journey, afterlife, death, Grimm, a clockwork grimm


ClockWork GRIMM
ClockWork GRIMM

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I'm a writer by the name of GRIMM and have been a screenwriter, Author, as well as Painter and etc... I use a pseudonym because I have had troubles with people whom were offended by my stories and wor.. more..