6% HEL! (The Dead Speech)

6% HEL! (The Dead Speech)

A Story by ClockWork GRIMM

A trip into what hell truly is...


SCREAMING... It doesn't stop... The women cry and scream helplessly. The men yell and those who are brave enough yell and try to fight back. I can hear them... It sounds so overwhelming, their cries. So many that I cannot distinguish one voice for very long.

I can hear the running and the patter of feet against rock. Grimly lit by lanterns and lamps, fire is the only thing illuminating this new level of shadows.


I stand on rock... The bare soles of my feet feel sizzling against the stone. Behind me there is nothing but a cave wall... Almost as if I entered a cave and then it sealed me in. I don't know how I got there... Remembering anything feels like a trace of a half forgotten dream.

Dimitri Seth Bloodwyn. That's my name... Dimitri Seth Bloodwyn... It feels like I could've forgotten my name if I hadn't given effort to the contrary.  I can't remember anything other than the most basic of things... I don't know my parents names, where I'm from, or what I look like.... No! It can't be over! I'm not real! I'm not real!

It's so loud. The screaming... I almost wonder if I'm at a Stadium or Concert but I can't hear anything that would say so...  I cover my ears... The sound feels like it's splitting my head!

I walk back towards the wall that must've obviously been the entrance. Maybe it was some sort of cave in or something... The wall is smooth and covered in a layer of patina which proves it has been like that for centuries.

Now I really am SCARED...

Oddly enough, a piece of Ice hangs on the very same wall... What the f**k? The wall is so hot I can't touch it... Why in the f**k is there ice? I look into it and see myself... I'm about 5'9'' and somewhat muscular. I am black and white so I am quite a bit tan and my eyes are solid black. Black hair, about down to my chin, swayed to the side slightly and black fingernails. My clothes are not natural... Nothing but a pair of shorts. They look like something worn centuries ago. Tattered. Worn. Oh no... I think I know where I am... The screaming...

Chills shake my body. I feel stale and dead inside. What a sinking feeling drops through my very core.

I turn and start to walk... A corner lies in front of me and I can see unrecognizable shadows morph and shapeshift in frost of me...  I hold my breath... I think I know where I am... But I really don't want to believe it... Denial is my only option.

I Round The Corner...



Bodies... Squirming. The Screaming is deafening... I see people struggle. Some just give in and accept the pain. People with heart try to fight back but to no avail. Running. The Body heat makes the vast chasm of a cave into a inferno.

Oh my God... I'm... I'm in Hell!!!

Everyone is naked and most are prostrate and helpless. Succumbing to the torment and gruesome torture. Torture from what exactly? Inbred looking things... Humanoid but disfigured and deformed. I cannot begin to describe them. Some are just shadows. Taking Giant bites from people lying on the ground getting trampled without mercy.

Bodies sway and I can distinctly hear a woman screaming,"NO! MY BABY!!! GOD PLEASE JUST LET ME DIE AND KILL ME NOW!" Full grown men run naked, screaming in horror at the animated shadows following them, striking them with lightning.

Crying. That's the only thing audible... But soon as my eyes adjust I can see that this goes on like an endless field full of millions if not billions of people doing the exact same as the people I just saw. I can hear some try to pray but nothing happens. We are the abandoned ones... There is no more hope. God has left us here because he has refused to redeem us.

Suddenly, a woman appears, naked standing in front of me. Her hair is wet with sweat, makeup smeared, and her teeth similiar to a sharks. She is tall and blond with a skinny build. Her body is completely naked, dripping with sweat. It's easy to tell that she's a demon.

She grins and just locks eyes with me. All her attention seems to be on me. In a deep demonic voice she says,"What's the matter baby? You don't want me to f**k you like my b***h now? Now you belong to me and we have an eternity to have fun." She gives a giggle that makes my heart actually hurt.

My eyes widen.

I'm damned... God save me... Because I think he's forgotten about me...

© 2011 ClockWork GRIMM

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I like this an interesting read.

Posted 6 Years Ago

One word: Fantastic.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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ClockWork GRIMM

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