Lost Forever Soul

Lost Forever Soul

A Poem by George Love

Bullying in a different light


Lost Forever Soul


It did not seem so cruel

That one innocent prank at school.

Every student laughed and smiled,

Even the teacher’s lips parted in smile.

So much attention he got that day,

From that point on, became his way.


Different from others, was that your lot?

Find you he would, and to hide you could not.

His pranks now harsher, and even more cruel.

Darkly sinister as his lips now drool

Anticipating his next great scare

And taking on so no one could dare.


Pain so exquisite did he love to impart

Never caring breaking the heart.

Careful now he stalks this one

Silence falls as sets this sun.

Pounces he does with death in his eye

Knowing the child in his grips would now die.


But not so quickly to ruin his pleasure.

Inflicts now his pain, and does so at leisure,

Her cries now a whimper and this his displeasure

For attention he craves in such great measure

Yet such great pain draws no screams from his toy,

A slight whimper she gives, and not to destroy.


In rage he seeks to bring out her cries,

Yet in silence she suffers his greatest tries.

Each passing blow would shatter this child,

For reason unknown, they go off wild.

Not striking their mark, nor leaving a trace

The light reveals a glowing small face.


Weakened now he from all his travail

As the girl child never gives up a wail.

His strength fading from such strong beatings

Her heart now stronger, and in her believing

Someone cared for her,

And not for his living.


Searched now they through trees and night,

Trails she left from thinnest of light,

Tiny bits of her hair fly left, and fly right

To the pathway true they lead her savior,

Growling now he pounces, screams fill the night,

Not from the child, but from her tormentor.


Blood now trailing, he thrashes so wild.

In its eyes, he sees nothing but child.

Consciousness failing and fading now more

Fate finds him and evens the score.

Was so innocent his one prank at school?

Could lead to a life of a Lost Forever Soul?


George O. Love



© 2010 George Love

Author's Note

George Love
Let me know what you think, as it's been a while since my last work.

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Wow George, beautifully penned, you touched my heart once again. Miss your writing's. I've been away from the café way too long. Deborah krempa.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Gee..scary stuff here George. Very well written.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Torturing others is a disease in this country it is an innate desire to belittle others for our own shortcomings It seems to be a part of our nature

Posted 9 Years Ago

You hear so much more about bulling nowadays..I roazde buses to school all the way until high school and not one bully..to mnay broken homes and neglect of children these days..Or two parents working to make ends meet..life is sad enough without having a parent home who cares..Nice job..Valentien

Posted 9 Years Ago

Growing up, there was a lot of bullying going on for some students including me - but it never got so bad as it does now where the victims end their lives because of it. I don't know what happened between when I was in school and now, but the jokes must have gotten harsher. It's still not a good thing to go through. I wish people instead of being a witness would stand up and be a friend to the victim rather than just watch.

I loved this write, it should be read by all the students in schools now. I think it would shed a little light to how bad bullying can get because I dont think what you hear in school, the news, or the media is enough to stop it. Great write, Love.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Bullying is not voiced easily love yet you have made this a potent and moving read! I love it:)
Powerful thoughts that really stick, if I may use that word, in the reader's mind! All things negative, a slight instance can change a life forever, wise words my friend, wise words!
Awesome work

Posted 9 Years Ago

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George Love
George Love

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