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Many Broken Bottles

Many Broken Bottles

A Poem by Ejiro Favour

when we take a wholistic view at the state of the world sometimes, we begin to wonder if there is or there is not. For many centuries, humans have wondered and are still trying to find answers.

Certainly there is a force out there.
When I listen to the crashing waves and the melodious singing of the birds on a wet summer dawn,
Certainly there should be a force out there.
When I look up to the many shining stars at night as they twinkle like several broken bottles in the sun,
Certainly there is a force out there, a being.
When the softest breeze of spring's air whispers through my hair as I breathe in the sweetness of life,
How can there not be a force out there, a being.

But when I look at the agony of the homeless,
The wars and the stench of the many endless bodies 
As the sounds of bombs continuously ring out like church bells on a warm Sunday morning
I wonder if there is really a force out there
When I see the sigh of death faintly escaping the clenched teeth of a suffering mother and child
If only there is a force out there, a being that would save

Admist the loud chorus of war sounds and collapsing buildings, 
The frail mother reached out to the dying child.
With their fingers tightly interlocking, they drew out that last painful final breath in unison.
In another realm, a joyous mother is clinging to her new born babe as tears of gratitude flow down her eyes
The sun is out and the birds are chirping.
Somewhere in the distance the church bells are ringing as the faint cry of glory can be heard over the distance speakers
How can there not be a force out there, a being that saves.

© 2021 Ejiro Favour

Author's Note

Ejiro Favour
I would love to know what your interpretation of this poem is. Was there any line that caught your attention/spoke to you? How does this body of work apply to you. I am curious to know as I myself abhor many differing beliefs.

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Seems to be both a meditation on the problem of evil, which many philosophers and theologians have labored over, and a personal statement of a non-sectarian faith. The problem seems insoluble, but if there is an answer, it lies within, not out there.

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Ejiro Favour

1 Month Ago

I love how you said "the answer lies within and not out there." Thank you so much for taking out tim.. read more

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1 Review
Added on June 5, 2021
Last Updated on June 5, 2021
Tags: religion, supreme being, belief, agnostic, faith


Ejiro Favour
Ejiro Favour

Houston, TX

I am an English and Literature graduate who fantasize about a world where equality is a bedrock of every human's beliefs and love, the proverbial rod that will split our hearts, making way for empath.. more..