The Dimensional Sphere: "The Prophecy of the Twin Kings" Part 1(Sci-Fi, Short-Story, Fantasy)

The Dimensional Sphere: "The Prophecy of the Twin Kings" Part 1(Sci-Fi, Short-Story, Fantasy)

A Story by conshinz

The First, and foundation, for an infinite series of short stories. The Dimensional Sphere explains the meaning of living and plays with the idea of life being repeated in different dimensions.

Chapter 1 

The dark dense clouds seemed to rip violently into scattered plumes like volcanic ash spews from an ancient volcano, on that cold winters day in 2045.

The Earth was seemingly silenced when she said the words: “You dumb mother fuckers, what have you f*****g done to my goddamn p***y you goon-f**k pieces of trash! Get me to the lab, its happening and its ripping my God-damned a*****e all the way up to my f*****g belly button!”

And so the prophecy of the Twin Kings and their Dimensional Sphere began.

These “Dumb Mother Fuckers”, she referred to, were an odd pairing of science and muscle.

Garth is a heavily-freckled, lab-coat-draped, weasel of a man.

Garth stands no taller than 150 centimeters and weighs-in at well under 50 kilograms.

Garth looks to be the age of a young grandfather, but that is always up for debate. Some people say he has been alive forever. Some people say that he invented the moon!

Among the science-community, dimension-wide, Garth is known for his cutting-edge research in particle-physics and proton-acceleration.

Mitch, frequently mistaken for a Yeti, stands over 225 centimeters tall with a brutish square chin that would shadow almost anyone beneath it.

Mitch's beard appears to be painted on with a thick oil-based paint using a 4-inch-wide household paintbrush.

Mitch's eyes, piercingly-black, can put people into full-blown crisis. Combat is his dedicated-to and true specialty among several other talents. Quiet wisdom and intensity accompanied with a muscle-ripped t-shirt, flowered-shorts and a pair of black leather sandals give this tower-of-a-man any appearance he wants to display, besides one that is soft.

Garth nervously replied to her. “OK, oh my god, here we go, oh my god, it’s happening, so much time spent in the lab, so much to do so much to do so much to do.”

“Get your f*****g little-a*s in the goddamn tiny-a*s car you little-s**t! Gorilla, get the damn keys. I’m having some f*****g babies b*****s!” With panic, anger, intensity, pain, worriment, anticipation,
and fatigue she rapidly screamed to Garth and Mitch.

Mitch opened the door and started carrying her out to the classic 1987 Ford Mustang Cobra 5.0 parked outside the little white house, as Garth paced nervously and followed closely behind them. Mitch opened the walkway exit-gate from the white picket-fenced yard surrounding the front stoop of the house. The odd trio headed south quickly to the lab with Mitch behind the wheel, as usual.

The Kings were about to arrive.

As she screamed, she thought about the painful mortal existence she had endured for the last 9 months. She adapted well on Earth. All the experience and guidance provided by the Overlord’s, from such similar dimensions on her quest to this moment, had made her well-prepared and ready to dedicate her only mortal-form to the cleansing of the Infinite Mortal Life Cycle.

“please cry, oh my god, please cry, for damn-sake please cry please cry” Garth pleaded with the motionless twin boys, both sitting there on the lab table covered in their mother’s placenta and birthed fluids.

Mitch put his hand on Garth’s shoulder to comfort his nerves. However, he quickly released his comforting-pat and wiped Garth’s shoulder sweat onto his flowered-shorts.

“Please buddies. Please wake up.” Rarely Mitch spoke, but when he did his deep-baritones rattled your ribs and you f*****g-listened.

She sat in silence, bewildered as time went on.

Slowly her consciousness began to fade and her destiny as a mortal-woman was performed. She was slipping away. Her time as the Dimensional Saint was about to begin. 45 seconds, 46 seconds, 47 seconds.

Suddenly a noise cut through the devilish silence.

Then twin baby boys began to scream! It was more of a pair of war-cry’s that gave shivers down her spine. The Saint’s mortal shell slipped away, releasing her back to the spirit-world above the infinite dimensions.

Over the next 18 years, Garth taught the twins everything there was to know about physics, gravity, dark matter, mathematics, superposition, chemistry and proton-acceleration. Mitch trained the boys to be masters in all forms of martial-arts and made them seasoned-professionals in the art of weapon-control, war-tactics and political-advancement.

The boys feel a deep sense of purpose, even though that purpose has been mysteriously-unrevealed.

The twins have tirelessly-trained and studied as they have grown from young and gifted boys to wise and strong men.

Identical in skill, size and appearance Larz and Panz stand over 200 centimeters tall. Over the years, their blond and wavy hair has grown long and sways near their waists when upbraided. Chiseled from stone by the Overlords, the twin’s are immaculate in every conceivable way.

Stunningly-fit, these men are both so intelligent and uniquely-brilliant that there is no way to possibly relate to other people they come across in the ‘real world’. Mitch and Garth are Larz’s and Panz’s only family, for now.

It was the boy’s 18th birthdays and the sun was shining that afternoon upon Mitch’s and the boy’s heads. The three focused on perfecting the movements of their Tai-Chi while deep in the deciduous forest next to the lab, as they enjoyed the sparkling sun rays through the thick brush of bright-green leaves, trunks and branches.

Garth approached the three men and looked at Mitch. “It’s time Mitch.” Garth said.

Mitch nodded and ushered the boys to the same old perfect Mustang parked outside the lab. Still in perfect condition after all the years-past.

Mitch and Garth drove north to the Science Lab that they had abandoned 18 years ago with the Saint. It was the little white house with the white picket fence.

The time had come. This little white house birthed the Immortal Saint into a mortal woman. It was now time for this little white house to birth the twin’s into Immortal Kings.

This was the home of the Great Dimensional Portal.

Chapter 2 - The Evil That Exists

There is a deep evil infecting Earth, the breeding ground of the infinite-mortal-souls. Taradom, known as the devil in the naive newborn-soul’s religions, is slowly introducing it’s evilness by ever-increasing numbers through the infection of innocent souls at their birth.

No one knows how Taradom became capable of being so invasive from his doomed and empty dimension of purgatory; forced around him buy the Overlord’s so long ago as a sentence.

When infected, the pure soul loses it’s greatness and Taradom evil consumes it’s everything.

Those infected with Taradom's evil at birth look just like any regular human but yield violent, cruel, sinister, and relentlessly-manipulative behavior during their time on Earth until, inevitably, they die and travel to the next dimension of infinite life.

The infected-clones are drawn to politics and evil doings in every single facet that comprises all of the socio-techno-psycho reality that is Earth.

Much the same, pure-souls or uninfected souls travel to the second dimension of infinite-dimensional-mortal-life after they pass away on earth.

The average lifespan of people on Earth used to be over 500 years long, depending on the lifestyle you chose in that first life. It is Taradom’s evil that has shortened the human lifespan to under 100 years.

Taradom’s evil-clones, who are all humans infected by it's evil, have caused every problem that humans face; disease, illness, sickness, birth defects, disabilities, racism, prejudice, sexism.

Taradom’s evil has caused wars, plagues, famines, climate-change, sinister-politics and droughts.

With every evil-clone born on Earth, Taradom’s ever-strengthening-power tightens it’s stranglehold on the purity and love of mankind tighter and more fiercely.

Slowly, Taradom’s evil is infecting all of the infinite dimensions with pure-hate, sending young lives spent tortured throughout their time on Earth to forever-experience those same tortures infinitely, through all the dimensions of infinite life, repeatedly and forever.

The age in which you die during the first stage of life, better known as Earth, is the age that you die in every future dimension your soul experiences for infinite time. Same second, same minute, same hour, same day of the same year. You die.

There are infinite parallel dimensions that we travel through on our way to bliss perfection and before we transform into God.

We all are God eventually.

People used to spend 500 years in each dimension of life. 500 years on Earth. 500 years in the second dimension of life, Zephyr. 500 years in the third dimension of life, Vex. And so-on and so-forth throughout all of the infinite dimensions.

The act of crafting one’s life to attain perfect bliss-existence, over centuries in each dimension, is the meaning of life.

When we have become perfect in every way, living infinite lives in infinite dimensions, we become God.

However the perfection of The Infinite Mortal Life Cycle, presented to us from the Overlord’s, is nearly destroyed.

Mitch, Garth, Larz, Panz and the Immortal Saint must complete the prophecy and end the evil of Taradom before the cycle turns to hell.

Chapter 3 - Life on Zephyr

Humans on Zephyr are forced to the caves. The surface is covered in evil Taradom-Clones, roaming the lands day and night, through all the seasons.

On Zephyr, humans are enlightened to the fact that they are infinite beings, re-living life forever until reaching perfection and becoming God.

It is senseless for Taradom clones to take human-form for illusion and deception on Zephyr. Their mortal shells have been left in the ground on Earth, as Taradom's evil passes through the clone's soul into Zephyr.

On Zephyr, the clones take the form of Taradom itself.

Gruesomely, their seared-flesh spits puss out of infected wounds soaking in maggots and swarming with flies.

Their eyes bleed black ooze that runs down there torn-open torsos and into there rotting-exposed organs.

These ugly beasts roam the surfaces of Zephyr, ragingly-searching for humans to murder. Their natural form brings extreme strength not present in the human-like clones on Earth. On Zephyr, for as long as anyone can remember (besides the Saint and the Overlord’s it's assumed), the clones have ruled the surface.

Taradom rules the Zephyr surface while the humans scavenge in the caves below, waiting for the prophetic kings to finish their training and come save them from their terrible-existence.

For it is also known on Zephyr, and in the rest of all future dimensions, that the Overlord’s immortal saint will birth the immortal kings on Earth.

The twins will train and learn the ways to fight the evil forces of Taradom. The twins will face evil that none can know and none can comprehend. It is with only these twins that the future of the Infinite Dimensions of Life may once again be pure.

The citizens of Zephyr worship their kings and anxiously awaited their arrival.

The Zephyr Congregation Hall is deep inside the Black-comb/Whistler section of the Coastal Mountain Range in Western Canada. If there are people alive in different areas of the world, they are hidden and out-of-contact from this massive cave-system and population.

Over millennia this massive cave-system excavation has been managed by the Immortal Saint. She has helped form the unified population through spiritual-connections with pure-souls. Sometimes she will visit a pure-soul in a dream or just f**k with their heads while they are conscious because she is a little morbid. The Saint embraces the sarcastic.

The Congregation Cave can hold over 2 billion people. It is stunningly-appealing with its 60 foot diameter solid-rock pillars, torch-lit warmth and intricately-designed walls with hieroglyphics as far as the naked-eye can see.

It is here, in the Congregation Cave, where the young souls of Zephyr come to become educated about the pure-and-evil-reality of the world and also about the prophecy of the kings. It was here where re-birthed souls that died on Earth are enlightened to the meaning of life; to perfect yourself in all ways until earning the right to be called God.

Surrounding the massive Congregation Cave are four main suburban cave-cities carved into the encompassing mountain range.

The food and entertainment cave is named Palzo and has thousands of restaurants and businesses to feed and entertain the citizens of the three housing-caves surrounding it titled; Sudress, Chandelle and Meewi.

This underground city is a paradise of captivity that has remained underground for so many centuries that culture is vibrant and different from each neighborhood to the next.

Humans are living free from hidden-evil. This results in a much smaller total population.

In 2045, the population of Earth was almost 9 billion.

The 2.5 billion pure-souls on Earth have been tasked with unknowingly battling 6.5 billion evil-clones who don't even know they are infected with evil..

The fight on Earth has to be political. There is so much evil that Mitch and Garth have to play a dirty game. A dirty game of deception, betrayal and murder. They will have to earn the trust of clones on Earth by becoming political-figures and scientific-celebrities.

Mitch and Garth plan on killing as many clones as f*****g possible on Earth. Larz and Panz will deal with the clones on the surfaces of Zephyr in good time. The Saint will guide the four men on Earth and Zephyr until the prophecy is concluded.

Mitch and Garth will have to transfer Larz and Panz into the second dimension.

Garth excitedly spoke-out. “Well here it is boys!”

Garth giddily-revealed, from beneath a dusty and silky suede blanket, a strange looking elevator-box with sliding-doors and a digitized-screen.

The entire monstrosity is encased in a thick metal outer-box. Atop the box are thousands of tiny spiraled metal tubes, so tiny a needle couldn’t fit through their diameter.

With all the turns and loops these thousands of miniature tubes make, there must be kilometers of molecular-pathway area inside.

As Garth uses anti-matter energy as fuel to accelerate particles to well-past the speed of light, he smashes those same particles together.

With the help of a quantum-computer to identify and define superposition-existence, Garth is able to establish control over entering into all of the dimensions of life.

“Hop in.” Mitch calmly said to the twin kings. “We’re off the Zephyr.”


Stay Clean, Stay Green.


© 2018 conshinz

Author's Note

run-on-sentences for Garth prevalent

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