Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Kittybell

     scarlet honey! It's time to wake up! You're going to be late for school!" my mother yelled from the kitchen downstairs.

     The sun was bright from the window by my bed. I slowly crawled out of my bed to find taht hideous school uniform. A forest green plain mini skirt with a white polo shirt to match, oh and don't want to forget the forest green long sleeved jacket with the school logo and no pockets. Talk about barforama.

     I stood there a minute to admire, or should i say to loo at it with disgust, before i finally put it on. Of course I have to put black leggingsand some nice black knee-high boots to add style.

     As i stood infront of the mirror admiring my long legs, thin body, average chest, and gorgeous long blond hair, the phone rang. What a way to ruin the mood.

     "Scarlet! It's for you dear!" my mother yelled from the stairs. She was getting impatient like she always does.

     "Who is it?!" I yelled back.

     "It's Roy!"

     "Tell him to ring the door bell or something like a normal person instead of calling fromt he door!" I yelled. Every morning he calls from his cells at the front door just to annoy me, i swear.

     "Hey Scar! We got ten minutes! Get your skinny behind down here before i come up there and get it myself! I don't want to be late agian!" Roy hollored from the bottom of the stairs.

     "Mo-m! Why on EARTH did you let him in?! Oh and why don't you just leave without me Roy?! You've got plenty of friends to walk with!" I yelled as I ran down the stairs.

     "Well ain't it obvious? you are way more entertaining that those girlies. I mean, who else would push me in the creak just to see me get mad?" Roy said with a huge, and I mean HUGE, grin.

     "Other than me? Hmmmm. Let me think. Hillary? Shes pretty, stupid, a flirt, and a cheerleader to boot!" I responded in a snobby voice, heading to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

     "Scarlet , just take you books and money and leave. I am expecting someone. OH, and don't forget to be home by three. I have someone I want you to meet." mom said while pushing me and Roy out the door before i could even grab some toast. How rude!

     Oh yea, before i forget, mom is an actress. Currently known as "Sharry Sho". Don't ask why 'cause I have not a clue. She has short brown hair, and brown eyes. By the way I have blue eyes. She has a way nice body and b***s to go with. In other works, she is one hot mamma!

     Roy on the other hand is one of the most popular guys in high school. He has spikey black hair tipped blond, a hot body, and muscle to back up the talk. He's the basketball star, while I'm the leader of the "Red Butterflies", a gang of six girls. Nice combination huh?

     Me and my gang practically rule the town. Everyone knows me and almost all fear me. fights everynight from gangs tryin to take my place of control. Pft, like they could.

     Back to the story. After we were rudley kicked out by my mother, we started to head to school. WE go to this fancy private school known as Charleston Acedemy. We got preps, richies, jocks, gangsters, wannabes, etc.

     "So have you decided on what club your gonna join? The girls B-ball team could use ya." Roy said.

     "Why ya gotta bug me about that stuff so early in the year? It's ony been one quarter and your already buggin' me." I grumbled.

     "Exactly why I am asking. The headmasters' already mad at you for the gang, don't give him any reasons to expell you." Roy countered, setting the battle.

     "Well he can kiss my butt. Until they get a fighting club for girls I ain't joinin' no club, so HA!" I countered with the killing blow.

     A few minutes later the school gates were in sight and as usual, the headmaster was standing at the gates awaiting my return. The stupid olf geezer needs to die. Every morning he wait at the gates JUST to yell at me. Stupid old geezer, with his long white beard and hair. Think of Dumbledore from harry potter and u got the perfect picture. Just a lot skinnier and uglier.

     "Hey Roy, I'll meet you in class. I'm gonna take the back entrance. I don't wanna deal with the geezer today." I whispered, slipping behind a tree to go the opposite way.

     "Oh! Good idea. I'll come with you. Good exercise." Roy whispered as he started to follow.

     "I think you get enough bein the star of the school and all. Runnin with a basket ball and runnin from goggly eyed girls. Lots of exercise there." I sneered.

     "Not me idiot. The geezer saw us and is headin this way, and pretty fast concidering how old he is. Wow. Speedy old man." Roy whistled in amazement.

     "Aw man! Run! The geezer must be taking vitamins or somethin!" I yelled as I ran for cover.

     "Ha ha! Now this is what I call fun!" Roy yelled from behind.

     "Scarlet Sho! Roy Dunbard! If you. If you don't stop. This minute. You will both be punished. Severly!" The headmaster panted between sentences.

     "How bout we have some extra fun?" I yelled back at Roy as I made a shard turn towards the wall on my left.

     "WHAT?!" Roy yelled in shock as he almost fell trying to make the turn.

     Just a few more feet. I thought. Jut a few more fee and I'll be on the grounds and out of reach. As I neared the wall something caught my eyed to the right under a but tree i did not know the name of. As I looked over to see what it was I applied no brakes to my running and crashed full speed into the wall. Talk about a face plant. As I was getting up i noticed that it wa Dillan Fox sleeping under the tree. Now that was a guy to druel over. Or so they say.

     "Nice face plant Scar! Too bad Dillas was a sleep for the show!" Roy yelled as he caught up to me, bursting out in laughter as he saw the huge bump on my head I was just starting to feel.

     "Ow. Shut your trap Roy. Just help me climb this wall." I growled turning to face the wall.

     "It may be easier to use the tree." a voice whispered in my ear.

     I turned so sharply that i about fell over. The sad thing was, is that Dillan caught me, the loser who whispered in my ear making me jump. Sure he was good to look at but a total rich brat.

     "Ah! Dillan! Thank you for catching that rebel. Now you and Roy may go on to class and I will take miss Sho with me." The headmaster wheezed as he finally caught up to us.

     "Actually Sir, I would like it very much if she didn't get any punishment for this. But if you like, I will escort her to calss." Dillan said in a polite, but comanding tone.

     OMG! tell me this didnt happen! I did not just get bailed out of DT by this brat! I would gladely take DT instead of being bailed!

     "Oh, but of course Dillan. Do as you like." The headmaster studdered and walked back to the front gates.

     As soon as he was out of sight I screamed. "Why the hell did you do that?! I mean seriously! Incase you haven't notice, I enjoy trouble! I can't beli----" My rant was cut off by the most vile thing i could think of. Dillan Fox's lips.

     I was in so much shock i didn't know what to say. 

     "Bout time you shut up." Dillan said in a calm voice. "Roy! shouldn't you be heading to class?"

     "Uh, tell me you didn't do what I think you did. 'Cause if you did you better run. She is not gonna let you live after that." Roy warned, backing away slowly.

     "She'll live. But you won't if you don't beat it." Dillan responded.

     Roy bolted. Leaving no trace of his presence behind.

     As Dillan watched Roy flee I landed a punch into the side of his face, leaving a mark the size of my fist in his cheek. All i could think about was the word REVENGE and of course trying to figure out how to get that revenge.

     Dillan backed away from me holding his hand to his cheek, looking at me with a look of pleasure and pain.

    I turned at stalked away towards the front gate, never skiping a beat even when Dillan yelled for me to meet him behin the gym after school. Something about payment for the bail.


© 2008 Kittybell

Author's Note

Critiques however you wish. I am open to suggestions.

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