Perhaps a Moment Too Late

Perhaps a Moment Too Late

A Poem by Hebe

A moment too late or not soon enough?


A moment too late

I felt the wind change direction

I felt the earth shift

my toes tilted on the edge of the jagged cliff

my red sandals wobbled on  pebbles and gravel 

I stepped back to balance 

a swirling ballerina my toes on the ledge

the wind blew my skirt over my face

I fell over

over the edge

over the red rock

down, down

watching the scenes unfold

green patches and vibrant blooms

tilting there heads watching me float

down, down

slowly capturing time

dreamy, fluffy clouds of texture

reaching twines, fingers grasping

my arms waving in a frantic dance

the trees stretching their branches

offering green leafy cushions for my

plummeting body

I saw me in the blue body of water

I heard the silence between my breaths

I felt euphoric for seconds, moments, eons

the whistling tune of air

I remembered the song, the melody

mommy sing me that song

I am happy

the cold icy water embraces me

and my red sandals bop to the top

I look down and wave to me

as I sore to new heights

with fresh sparkling energy

I'm floating on air

nothing cumbersome remains

all has rejuvenated

I am a breath, I am a rock, I am lamb

 and I see you waiting on the edge

I'm hear I shout as I whirl by

I exhale and swoosh your hat flies

down, down

next to my bopping sandals

I kiss your forehead

and sail, mingle and glide

and the winds of heaven

change direction once again

© 2020 Hebe

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Added on February 2, 2018
Last Updated on July 23, 2020




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